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My Current Favorite Songs of the Week

Happy Friday! Here is this week's mix. My taste in music this week was all over the place, and I am damn proud of it! Listening to just one genre is boring AF! ๐Ÿ˜Š Finally got around to checking T-Pain's On Top of the Covers album this week. I rarely listen to hip hop nowadays but I had to hear it because of NPR's All Songs Considered episode from last week. It is a fun covers album. I really enjoyed it from top to finish. Not a Journey fan but T-Pain's cover is "Don't Stop Believin'" is a ton of fun to listen to, as is the rest of the album.  Been listening a lot to "Pattonkan" by Chthonic, a new song the legendary Taiwanese black metal band recently dropped. Classic Chthonic. I hope this means the band is working on a new album (ditto with Serenity in Murder whose song "Matrix" is on this week's mix again because I love it so much).  One of my new favorite metal bands that I just discovered is the Vietnamese Black metal band Le

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