Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Album of the Week

I have been waiting for this album to drop, and it finally did last Friday. It is Arch Enemy's new album Deceivers. I have been excited about this album since the band started releasing singles from it earlier this year. I believe "Deceiver, Deceiver" was the first track the band unleashed on the public. I liked the song but it was not until "House of Mirrors" convinced me to pre-order the album in April or May. I was meh when Will to Power came out in 2017 so I was initially wary when I heard about Deceiver. I should also note I recently listened to Will to Power for the first time in 2-3 years, and it has grown on me quite a bit. 

As for Deceiver, I absolutely love it as much as War Eternal, my personal favorite Arch Enemy album. I have noticed the album is more accessible and melodic than on previous albums. Hardcore fans may not appreciate the band's more streamlined sound but I love it.  "The Watcher" is one of my favorite tracks off the album. Super catchy.  Another great track is "Handshake with Hell". Alissa White-Gluz mixes things up including clean vocals with her traditional harsh vocals. The song is a banger for this fan. There is not one track on the album I did not like. It is such a fun album to listen to while I work.

Monday, August 15, 2022

Playlist of the Week

Last week, I created a playlist of songs from all the bands I had seen in 2022 (so far, I have 3 more shows for the year I plan on attending). The artists and bands on this mix consists of Rina Sawayama, Beast in Black, Nightwish, The Linda Lindas, Jensen McRae, and Muna. I saw Nightwish w/Beast in Black at The Fillmore but the rest of the artists/bands I saw at First Avenue.

I had a great time at most of the shows, Rina Sawayama was the only show which I didn't have any fun. I was surrounded by maskless people in a sold out show,and made the mistake of not getting closer towards the stage. My favorite concert I have seen was Japanese Breakfast with The Linda Lindas although I absolutely loved Muna w/Jensen McCrae. Muna really sounds incredible live. They really brought the energy to First Avenue. 

My next concerts are in the fall. I am seeing Wardruna, Band-Maid, and Flor De Toloache. I am going to Chicago for the Japanese rock band Band-Maid. Super psyched about that show and to get the hell out of town for a few days.

Songs to Check Out:
"Paprika" by Japanese Breakfast
"What I Want" by Muna
"Good Legs" by Jensen McRae
"Oh!" by The Linda Lindas
"Elan" by Nightwish
"One Night in Tokyo" by Beast in Black

Sunday, August 14, 2022

Weekly Working From Home Playlist

It's my favorite time of the day...Sunday afternoon. Definitely in a metal mood this week especially when I just got my CD copy for Deceivers by Arch Enemy in the mail today. There is some music that isn't in the metal genre like "Tranenherz" by Blutengel, "Cuckoo" by Curve, and "Violet Age" by Night Sins. 

2-3 weeks ago, I discovered that all the ambient/darkwave albums by Delerium is now on Spotify for streaming. I am so excited about it. I had a few albums from their ambient/darkwave days but had to sell because I was strapped for cash.

Amaranthe: Maximalism

Arch Enemy: War Eternal

Battle Beast: Battle Beast

Blutengel: Tranenherz

Burning Witches: The Witch of the North

Chthonic: Bu-Tik

Curve: Cuckoo

Delerium: Faces, Forms, and Illusions

Gabriel and The Apocalypse: Alpha Bionic

Moonlight Haze: Animus

Night Sins: Violet Age

Oceans of Slumber: Aetherial

Omelas: Dawn

Onmyo-Za: Inyo-Shugyoku

Show-Ya: Showdown

Suicide Commando: Goddrestruktor

Sungoddess; Zangai

Surma: The Light Within

Undead Corporation: J.O.I.N.T

Saturday, August 13, 2022

Music I Am Currently Listening to



Friday, August 12, 2022

My Current Favorite Songs of the Week

TGIF! Here is this week's mix. I have a good mix of heavy metal, EBM, and everything not metal and EBM. Enjoy!

Songs to Check Out:
"Poisoned Arrow" by Arch Enemy
"Nights in White Satin"(Moody Blues cover) by Oceans of Slumber  
"Kind of Girl" by Muna
"Myth" by System Syn
"Bang Bang Bang" by Solemn
"Stranger Danger" by Ayria
"Heretic" by Semblant

Thursday, August 11, 2022

2022 releases I have heard so far (August update)

 I thought now would be another good time to update my list of 2022 releases I have heard. Since my June update, I have listened to close to 2 dozen new releases. I won't name the albums but there were some disappointing releases I have heard on this list but fortunately they are outnumbered by the amazing albums I have heard this year (so far). 

A-Lin: Link

A Crowd of Rebellion: ABANDONSYSTEM_(Your Voice Edition)

Alice Glass: Prey//IV

Apink: Horn

Ayria: This is My Battle Cry

Barrie: Barbara

Battle Beast: Circus of Doom

The Birthday Massacre: Fascination

Bloodywood: Rakshak

Bridear: Aegis of Athena

BTS: Proof

Camlann: Train to 86th Street

Cat Powers: Covers

Chasity Brown: Sing to the Walls

Collapse: Black Sheep is Still Dreaming

Collide: Notes From the Universe

Conjure One: Innovation Zero

Dreamcatcher: Apocalypse: Save Us

Eric Nam: There and Back

Fate Gear: Killers in the Sky

Faun: Pagan


Floor Jansen: Live in Amsterdam

Florence and The Machine: Dance Fever

Go With Strangers: Finding Ikigai

Graveyard Club: Moonflower

Hatchie: Giving the World Away

Hikaru Utada: Bad Mode

Hikaru Utada: Hikaru Utada Live Session From Air Studios

Hocico: HyperViolent

Hrishikesh Hirway: Rooms I Used To Call My Own

Ibaraki: Rashomon

Imperial Circus Dead Decadence: Mogari/Imperial Circus Dead Decadence

Introtyl: Adfectus

JVNA: Hope in Chaos (Remixes)

Kard: 5th Mini Album 'Re'

Kat Leon/Jo Blankenburg: The World is Waiting

Kate Havnevik: Lightship

Kostnateni: Ohen hori Tam, Kdle Padl

Kvyle: Ambition

The Linda Linda's: Growing Up

Little Jinder: Salta Diamanter

Lizzo: Special

Lucius: Second Nature

Mai Yajima: Metamorphose

Mardelas: Infinite Trinity

Metric: Formentera

MistoriA: ADAM

Mitski: Laurel Hell

Miwa: Sparkle

Mondtraume: The Unknown Path

Monsta X: Shape of Love

Moonlight Haze: Animus

Muna: Muna

Nao Kawamura: Elemental Pop

Night Sins: Violet Age

Nini Music: Legends

Nocturna: Daughters of the Night

NoSo: Stay Proud of Me

Nova Twins: Supernova

Oceans of Slumber: Starlight and Ash

Omelas: Dawn

Oreskaband: Bohemia

Poison Garden: Army of Dreamers

Polica: Madness

Purity Ring: Graves

re:lapse - re:lapse II ep

rezz: Spiral

Rolling Quartz: Fighting

Sabaton: The War to End All Wars

Sabaton: The Symphony to End All Wars

Saisega: The Sun

Sasami: Squeeze

Scala and Kolacny: Gloaming

Semblant: Vermillion Eclipse

SheWolf: SheWolf

Solemn: Revolution

Solitary Experiments: Every Now and Then EP

Sym1: All That You Want

Tears For Fears: The Tipping Point

Tears of Tragedy: And

TWICE: Celebrate

Undead Corporation: Fake EP

Undead Corporation: J.O.I.N.T

Unlucky Morpheus: Evolution

Various Artists: Turning Red soundtrack

Veiled in Scarlet: Reincarnation

Visions of Atlantis: Pirates

Viviankrist + risaripa: FUYU

Wardruna: Kvitravn - First Flight of the White Raven

Whale Done!: Lost in Translation

White Lies: As I Try Not to Fall

Windrunner: Tan

X Marks the Pedwalk: New/End

Zola Jesus: Arkhon