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10 songs I must hear

10 songs I never,ever,ever need to hear again

Android Lust - Crater Vol.1

My 20 favorite albums that can withstand the test of time

Albums I am currently listening to

CDs for sale on ebay

Die Krupps -Risikofaktor

Albums I am eagerly anticipating at the moment

Albums I am currently listening to

Angels on Acid Unholyone and Mesh Born to Lie

Blutengel - You Walk Away

Twin Cities Electropunk Volume 7

KMFDM - Ave Maria [new song]

Playlist of the Month - January 2013

Project Pitchfork - Black [snippets]

I:Scintilla interview with Aztalan Turf Podcast

Lord of the Lost - See You Soon (Official clip)

Updated concert list

Teaser clips for the new KMFDM and Informatik albums

Duck Duck Punch - RGB

5 Artists and bands whose music I really need to add to my collection

Hurts - The Road (audio)

CDs up for sale on Ebay

Some upcoming shows in the new year

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