Albums of the Week

I decided for this week's Album of the Week, to go with a couple of albums by bands I discovered through my favorite music website Unite Asia.

Last week I came across an article about the Chinese based thrash metal band Anathematise on the website Unite Asia Death Thrash Metal Band Anathematise release debut album. I immediately ordered a physical copy on their label's Bandcamp page Awakening Records. 

The second album is Untopia by the Japanese band Kruelty, people can read about the band Death/doom metal influenced hardcore act Kruelty back with new album . I would say their music is a mix of metal (death and doom) and hardcore. 

I love both albums. The music on both albums are aggressive AF and completely in your face. I love kawaii and symphonic metal but sometimes I just need some metal that is more old school, and raw and unpolished like in the vein of the death/thrash metal. I get that fix with Anathematise and Kruelty.


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