Playlist of the Week

Last week I discovered the Vietnamese ska band Jaigon Orchestra and alternative rock band Anesthetic Youth on Spotify and/or through Unite Asia. These discoveries inspired me to start a playlist of metal and rock (alternative, hard, indie, punk) music from the country I originated from. I felt Vietnam's music scene needed to be given its own mix just like I have with the Japanese metal scene. With the help of the website Unite Asia, I did a deep dive into finding Vietnamese metal/hardcore/rock bands for a playlist. I am pretty sure some of the bands on my playlist aren't around any more but that's okay. I want to show that despite what people might think of the government, the country does have a healthy, robust music scene and people there likes music and joy.

Just like with my journey into the metal scene in the continent of Asia, this trip down the proverbial rabbit hole has been a joy. I have found some really interesting bands. My current favorite bands are the ska band Jaigon Orchestra, alternative rock band Anesthetic Youth, deathcore band Diarsia, and thrash metal band Sagometal.

Unfortunately I read on Instagram Anesthetic Youth is on an indefinite hiatus which is a shame but they will continue releasing music that the band has recorded before they went their ways. I do hope the band will eventually get back together. I dug their modern rock sound. I am glad I discovered their music though. Their album Echoes has been getting daily play from me. 

Songs to Check Out:
"Cong Bang Cho Nguoi Buon" by Jaigon Orchestra 
"Bloodmoon" by Diarsia
"The Mountain of Eternal Winter" by Elcrost
"Love Won't Tear Us Apart" by Anesthetic Youth
"II. Disintegration" by Leukotomy
"Viet Nam Oai Hung" by Mun Go
"Tieu ngao giang ho" by Sagometal


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