Closing my Twitter account

 So this weekend, Sunday to be exact, the 2 factor authentication policy goes into effect. Last month on Twitter, I said I would delete my account when that policy takes effect. I am definitely will be deleting my Twitter account as of Saturday night or Sunday morning. Not only is this policy the reason I am finally calling it the day on Twitter for good but also the platform has become a complete cesspool. 

Last night pushed me over the edge when someone questioned whether Asians were POC or not. I recognize the API/AAPI community is far from perfect and certainly has issues of racism and colorism among itself however I refuse to be told that I am white or question whether Asians are POC. This is not up for debate. Before that, ex-White Stripes drummer Meg White's credibility was questioned by some has been misogynistic neckbeard. The entire platform is toxic as hell because of that garbage human being Elon Musk, and not good for my mental health.

I won't lie, I will miss Twitter but I need to get off that site for good. I feel like my mental health has been affected the stuff I read in my newsfeed. 

For anyone curious, here is where people can find me elsewhere on the internet:

Erica Anderson (personal FB account)

The Twin Cities Underground FB account

eanderson74 at Post

My Instagram account

My Spotify Account (for those interested in seeing what I am listening to)

My YouTube Channel (this is mostly for footage of shows I go to)


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