Updated playlist

I recently decided to update my Vietnam metal/rock playlist to The Modern Sounds of Vietnam. I found it extremely restrictive to keep my mix to just metal and rock music. I definitely will continue to update my playlist featuring metal and rock bands for sure but I also wanted my mix to include artists like Monie Evie and Limebocx whose music is more electronic sounding. Besides, when people including myself listen to in shuffle mode, it will be nice to hear music that isn't metal or rock inbetween songs. 

My intentions with this mix remains the same and that is to show that the music scene in Vietnam is uniquely their own, and is deserving to heard as much as the scenes in China, South Korea, and Japan.

I should mention that my interest in the Vietnamese music scene is because I am from Vietnam. I was born in My Tho, Vietnam in 1974. I came to America in 1975 as a Vietnamese adoptee as part of Operation Babylift. As someone who loves music so much, I wanted to delve into the modern music scene of my country of origins. I want to know the soundsof the people in Vietnam is creating, and so far I am really digging the various sounds I have been listening to through Spotify. 

Songs to Check Out:
"Love Won't Tear Us Apart" by Anesthetic Youth
"Bloodmoon" by Diarsia
"II. Disintegration" by Leukotomy
"Nhu Mi" by Jaigon Orchestra
"O Mai" by Mona Evie
"Dung Hoa" by Limebocx, My Huong Violin


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