Monday, July 16, 2018

Playlist of the week

Over the weekend, I put together a few new playlists to listen to at work. One of the playlists I created is music by Box and The Twins, one of my new favorite bands I discovered recently while putting together my My Post-Punk Playlist. I have been listening a lot to their 2016 album Everywhere I Go is Silence album. If any of my readers dig the sound of Sixth June, Zanias, Linera Aspeara, or Boy Harsher, I most certainly recommend checking out Box and The Twins.

Songs to check out:
"Perfume Well"
"Pastel Days"
"This Place Called Nowhere"
"Western Horizon"

Where to buy their music:

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Weekly office playlist

The weekend went by way too quickly for my taste. Here is what I plan on listening to this week at work. After hearing the new Aiboforcen album, I definitely plan on listening to some of their older music and Regenerator's music.  I created a few new playlists of Mercury's Antennae,  Them Are Us Too, and Box and The Twins, my favorite new bands I started listening to this year. I am particularly fond of Them Are Us Too, it is tragic what happened to Cash Askew two years ago in that horrible fire in Oakland, CA.

Aiboforcen: Kafarnaum

Aiboforcen: Sons Palliatifs

Aiboforcen: Sense and Nonsense

Assemblage 23: Storm

Astronomique: Sharp Divide

Bat For Lashes: The Bride

Blume: Autumn Ruins

Boy Harsher: Yr Body is Nothing

Cesium 137: Rise to Conquer

Cocteau Twins: Garlands

Conjure One: Holoscenic

A Covenant of Thorns: Requiem

Death Bells: Standing at the Edge of the World

Diary of Dreams: Elegies in Darkness

Emika: Drei

Exit Eden: Rhapsodies in Black

Forever Grey: Alabaster Chamber

Hanzel und Gretyl: Satanik Germanik

Helalyn Flowers: Nyctophilia

In This Moment: Beautiful Tragedy

Invocation Array: A Color For Fiction

Iris: Hydra

Kate Havenevik: Melankton

The Kills: Ash and Ice

Lush: Split

Mercury's Antennae: Beneath the Serene

Moby: Play

Pictureplane: Dark Rift

PIG: Risen

Principe Valiente: Oceans

Regenerator: War

Regenerator: Soulseeker

Solemn Meant Walks: Solemn Meant Walks

The Stargazer Lilies: We Are the Dreamers

This Cold Night: We of Like Minds

Various Artists: The Darkside of Tbtci

Vixen: Live Fire

Youth Code: An Overture

My Post Punk Playlist

Box and The Twins playlist

Them Are Us Too playlist

Mercury's Antennae playlist

My favorite songs of 2018 (so far)

'90s Electronica

Gothic rock/Darkwave

My favorite Cosmic Armchair songs

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Albums and playlists I am currently listening to

Here is what I have been listening to all this week. I have been tweaking my Random Mix playlists. Going to try to keep them updated with current favorite songs (new and old alike). Listened to a lot of old and new music this week.

Been on an Autumn kick this past week. I have been listening to their three albums all week. I would have to rank their albums in this order from my very fave to my least fave: ChandelierThe Hating TreeReturn to the Breath. Time has really tempered the band and I can hear it in their new album. I really recommend listening to all three albums in one work day. It is really interesting to hear the band grow and mature through out the years.

I am a big Goldfrapp fan and been a fan since Felt Mountain first came out but Silver Eye was a massive disappointment when I first heard it  last year. When the deluxe edition came out recently, I decided to give it a listen. Unfortunately nothing has changed. I just don't like the album. I like the version of "Ocean" with Dave Gahan on vocals but the album as a whole didn't appeal to me.

2018 is shaping to be a great year for Alfa Matrix records. They have put out some killer releases this year from the likes of Aiboforcen, Helalyn Flowers, and Junksista. I am particularly fond of the new Aiboforcen and Helalyn Flowers albums. I wasn't even aware of the new Aiboforcen album until I saw a mention for it on Facebook. That proved to be a great investment.

I am glad I picked up Psalm One's P.O.L.Y (Psalm One Loves You) when I went to see her two weekends ago. While the album does not rise to the greatness of The Death of Frequent Flyer , it is a great rap album. There are some solid good tunes, Psalm One is so grossly underrated and is so overlooked in the rap scene.



Friday, July 13, 2018

My current favorite songs of the week

Happy Friday! I thought this week would never end. It didn't help that most of the week it was hot and humid outside. I am posting this early because I have a Lynx game to go to tonight. Got a good mix of old and new music. Still loving the new albums by Aiboforcen, Helalyn Flowers, and Hanzel und Gretyl.

I have been on an Autumn kick this week hence the three tracks I have included from each of their three albums. "Beginnings" is probably my favorite of the three tracks I have included on this week's playlist. It is so energetic and positive, the song always brightens up my mood.

Got some tracks by some of my new favorite post punk artists/bands like Box and The Twins, VV and The Void, and Laura Carbone, along with old fave The Foreign Resort.

Songs to check out:
"Prisms" by Hvmmingbyrd
"Architects of Death" by Amelia Arsenic
"Innocent" by Laura Carbone
"Guilty Eyes" by Aiboforcen
"Weisseswald" by Hanzel und Gretyl

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Throwback Thursday

It is Thursday, I decided to do Throwback Thursday tonight on this hot, rainy summer night. I decided to go back to the Chelsea Wolfe/Youth Code show. That was a fantastic live show at The Turf Club. That was the first live show I saw for the first time in months since I lost my father over the past summer. It felt good to be out but I can't pretend it was easy to try to move on and learn to live with the grief.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

My top 10 favorite songs of 2018 (so far)

I just realized that I did not post my ten favorite songs of 2018 (so far) last month, around the time I did my ten favorite albums of 2018 (so far). I thought I did but I didn't when I went through my blog posts and saw that I didn't post a list some of my favorite songs that has come out this year now that half of the year has past.

01. Autumn: At Summer's End

02. Blume: Iron Age

03. Kirlian Camera: Polar-Ihs (featuring Eskil Simonsson)

04. Aiboforcen: Ritual Control

05. Them Are Us Too: Floor

06. VV And the Void: God Machine

07. Unity One: Join the Light

08. Chvrches: Really Gone

09. Dessa: Half of You

10. Psy'Aviah: Lost At Sea

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Album of the week: Sense and Nonsense by Aiboforcen

Sense and Nonsense is one of those albums that took me surprise. Last month I discovered that Aiboforcen had released a new album. I listened to it and was hooked right away. I ended up buying a copy of the album from Alfa Matrix (just the regular version, not the deluxe edition). If you are not familiar with the group, Aiboforcen is Benoit Blanchart and Regenerator's Patrice Synthea. I became a fan when Dedale came out several years ago.

I was pleasantly surprised by the large amount of collaborations featured on the album. I have become a big fan of Mari Kattman through her collaborations with Psy'Aviah as well as her solo work. Mari is featured on a couple of tracks on the album "Tears" and "In My Arms". I also love "Guilty Eyes" which features Mondtraume's Damasius on lead vocals. I like that the album has a good balance of clean and harsh vocals. The album is solid from start to finish. There was not one track that I did not like.