Thursday, August 16, 2018

My 10 favorite Sleepthief songs

Today when I got home, I checked my mailbox and saw that my copy of the new Sleepthief album Mortal Longing was waiting for me. That made me quite happy. Here is a trailer of the new album which comes out tomorrow. The album is so good. It is giving Chandelier (Autumn) a serious run for its money for top contender for my annual best of list for 2018.

I thought in honor of the new album, I would share with my readers, my ten favorite Sleepthief songs. I honestly can't remember how I discovered Sleepthief. Sleepthief's music is in the same vein of Lunascape, Solar Twins, Delerium circa Poem and the first Conjure One album. Ironically Lunascapes' Kyoko Baertsoen and Solar Twins' Joanna Stevens are featured on Justin's albums. The music is a good fusion of new age and electronic music. The music is mellow but I can still listen to it at work and not feel sleepy. LOL! It might have been through Myspace days which is how I discovered Sleepthief but I can't remember because I have been a fan for so many years. All I know is I am excited for a new album which I have been eagerly anticipating since I contributed to Justin's crowdfunding campaign for the album.

Anyways without further ado, here are my ten favorite songs from Sleepthief. The ten songs I chose comes from Sleepthief's first two albums The Dawnseeker and Labyrinthe Heart. The albums can be found on CDBaby and Amazon. They can also be streamed on just about every streaming platform there is too.

01. Eurydice

02. Here I Confess

03. Just Say It

04. Skimming Stones

05. Send Me An Angel

06. World Gone Crazy

07. Nightjar

08. Ariadne (The Dividing Sea)

09. Entre Ciel Et Mer

10. Fire King

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Earworm of the week

Not sure if I would consider this track an earworm but I have been listening to it quite a bit for the past day or two, and that is most certainly a good thing. I wouldn't do that for a song I wouldn't like. "Sailor" is the first single off Valerie Renay's debut solo album Your Own Shadow which comes out on September 7th. Valerie is one half of the dark electro-pop duo Noblesse Oblige. "Sailor" is quite a contrast to what I have heard with Noblesse Oblige. The music is darker, edgier, and definitely rough around the edges. The music isn't as slick and polished and that is okay with me. I think it is good to go in a different direction for artists when they go solo.  I love this track and very excited to hear Valerie's solo album in its entirety.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

New music of the week

For this week's Album of the Week pick, I decided to go with the new EPs by Solitary Experiments (German EBM band) and MNYMNS (Texas synthpop duo). I have been a fan of Solitary Experiments for several years now and MNYMNS for a few years. I was pleased to see that both bands had new music out when I was perusing the home page of my Spotify account and saw  their releases under new releases for me last Friday. I decided to feature both bands' releases since they aren't very lon.

Crash and Burn consists of three remixes of the title track, two remixes of "I Am", and an instrumental track titled "ANACHRON" which is very reminiscent of VNV Nation (and believe it or not it is my favorite track). The EP is classic Solitary Experiments. If you love the sounds of VNV Nation, one can never go wrong with Solitary Experiments. They remind me of VNV Nation, Ruined Conflict, and Assemblage 23. The remixes are great especially the Ashbury Heights remix of "Crash and Burn". Would have loved a remix of "ANACHRON" but I do love the A23 remix of "I Am".

Bind is a three song EP by the Houston, TX synthpop band featuring Jessica Wahlquist and Lacey Youngblood, with Jacob Childs on drums. It is probably my favorite of the two releases. I have been listening to it over and over again. Love the slick, polished vocals and the subtle EDM influences that seeps through their music especially on "Fiction".

Here is a great article with Jessica in the Dallas Observer  if you want to learn more about her and her band. (

Where to buy their music:

Monday, August 13, 2018

Playlist of the week

Over the weekend I decided to re-do my best of 2018 (so far) playlist. I felt like it was bloated and it needed to be trimmed down to just one favorite song from my favorite 2018 releases. I also felt some of the songs weren't that great. It wasn't an easy task for me to do but I did it. Of course I plan on updating it when the new releases from Helix, Ashbury Heights, and Sleepthief officially comes out. 2018 definitely has been a fantastic year for music IMO. Heard a lot of fantastic post-punk music this year which does include my favorite band Autumn but I also discovered some new bands (new to me) like ACTORS, Death Bells, and Laura Carbone. who all put out some great albums this year.  2018 also have been a great year for synthpop. Melotron just released a new album Fur Alles which I have been enjoying for the past few days. The new album goes nicely with the new releases by Solitary Experiments, Unity One, Nordika, and De/Vision.

Songs to check out:
"At Summer's End" by Autumn
"Crash and Burn" by Solitary Experiments
"Iron Age" by Blume
"Polar-Ihs" by Kirlian Camera w/Eskil Simonsson
"Distance" by MNYNMS
"Half of You" by Dessa
"Face Meets Glass" by ACTORS
"Kick the Habit" by Kelli McCarthy

Where you can buy some of the music featured here:

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Weekly office playlist

This weekend has gone by way too quickly. Here is this week's list of music I plan on listening to at work.

Actors: It Will Come to You

Aiboforcen: Sense and Nonsense

Alice Glass: Alice Glass

Angels and Agony: Monument

Arch Enemy: War Eternal

Arch Enemy: As the Stages Burn (Live at Wacken 2016)

Autumn: Chandelier

Box and The Twins: Everywhere I Go Is Silence

Brothertiger: Brothertiger Plays Tears For Fears Songs From the Big Chair

Brothertiger: Future Splendors

Chandeen: Blood Red Skies

Chandeen:Forever and Ever

Code 64: Departure

Daily Planet: The Tide

Daily Planet: Play Rewind Repeat

Daily Planet: Two

Endless Shame: Elevator

Hanzel und Gretyl: Satanik Germanik

Helalyn Flowers: Nyctophilia

Kelli McCarthy: Ex Tempore

Lisa Gerrard and Davidkuckhermann: Hiraeth

Lorelei Dreaming: Banshee

Mari Kattman: Hover

Mari Kattman: Stay Up

Melotron: Fur alle


Mono Inc.: Welcome to Hell

Neuroticfish: A Sign of Life

Sirenia: Nine Destinies And a Downfall

Sirenia: At Sixes and Sevens

Sirenia: An Elixir For Existence

Solitary Experiments: Crash and Burn

Spectra Paris: Retromachine Betty

Unity One: Awakening

Unity One: Awakening (instrumentals)

Universal Poplab: Seeds

V/A: Crazy Rich Asians soundtrack

V/A: We Love Synthpop

V/A: We Love Synthpop vol.2

The Best of 2018 (so far)

Ever Dream (The Best of Nightwish, Tarja, Anette, and Floor)

My Post-Punk Playlist

Futurepop playlist

Random Mix

Random Mix II

Random Mix III

Random Mix IV

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Albums and playlists I am currently listening to

As always been listening to my standby faves by the likes of Autumn, Hanzel und Gretyl, Blume, Helalyn Flowers, Sleepthief, and Kirlian Camera who all have put out some fantastic music this year. I can hardly wait for the new albums by Helix (Tom Shear's new project with Mari Kattman who has released two solo albums and have collaborated with Yves for his Psy'Aviah project) Ashbury Heights. You can check out samples of the new Helix album on their SoundCloud page. The music sounds amazing.

Friday (i.e yesterday) was a very good day, some new music dropped and I had no idea about it until I saw them on my Spotify app on my tablet. Solitary Experiments released their new EP Crash and Burn and MNYNMS with their EP Bind. Both I absolutely adore and recommend for my readers to check them out. There is an instrumental track on Crash and Burn called "ANACHRON" that reminds me so much of VNV Nation. I also discovered some new bands Daily Planet (Swedish synthpop) and Actors (post-punk band from Vancouver, B.C). Both bands sounds great but I am really loving the sounds of Daily Planet in particular. They remind me a bit of my other favorite Swedish synthpop band Moonlight Cove.

I recently decided to start over from scratch on my best of 2018 (so far) playlist. I felt it was getting bloated by adding more than one song from my favorite 2018 albums.  I also have been re-editing my Random Mix playlists too just to break up the monotony.



Friday, August 10, 2018

My current favorite songs of the week

TGIF! For a four day work week, it sure felt more like the usual five day work week. This week's playlist consists of a lot of new music as well as new bands I just discovered this week. I also got some old faves by Peter Murphy, The Foreign Resort, Nightwish, Aiboforcen, and Tiny Deaths. Of course I had to include tracks from my favorite albums released this year by Autumn, Hanzel und Gretyl, and Helalyn Flowers.

Solitary Experiments has a new EP called Crash and Burn. You know what this means? That the band is working on a new album. Yay! There are some really great tracks and remixes on the EP.

The new Chandeen EP Rogue is slowly growing on me. I still miss the jingly guitar riffs from the previous releases. Not ideal music to listen to at work but pretty nice to listen to at home after a long day at work. The music is very mellow and crosses into jazz territory.

I really hope that one day Nightwish will have all their albums from the Tarja era (besides Once) on Spotify especially Angels Fall First . Love the title track and hearing Tarja's voice .

If you haven't heard of the Texas synthpop band MNYNMS, please check them. I have been a fan of their work for some time now. They recently released a new EP called Bind.

Songs to check out:
"Face Meets Glass" by Actors
"Tide"  by Tiny Deaths
"Crash and Burn" by Solitary Experiments
"Distance" by MNYNMS
"Fragile" by Daily Planet
"Marlene Dietrich's Favorite Poem" by Peter Murphy