Friday, July 29, 2016

My 100 favorite albums from the past decade

It has been a few years since I last posted a list. At the time I ran out of ideas, that and it took a lot of work. Last weekend I was inspired to create another list. For this new list, it consists of 100 of my favorite albums from the past decade. I almost forgot how much fun there was when putting together these lists. Sure it was a lot of work but the time and energy invested in it was immensely satisfying to this blogger.

I should note with this list, I specifically made sure I would not have more than one album by an artist. Choosing which albums from certain artists like Delta Rae or VNV Nation was challenging for me but I eventually made the right decision.

100. Ryan Adams: 1989
99. Juno Reactor: The Golden Sun of the Great East
98. Adele: 25
97. Garbage: Not Your Kind of People
96. Mr. Kitty: Life
95. Ari Mason: Creatures
94. Lush: Blind Spot
93. Empyrean Asunder: Serpent
92. Lana Del Rey: Honeymoon
91. Grendel: Timewave Zero
90. In Strict Confidence: Utopia
89. Balligomingo: Under An Endless Sky
88. MergingMoon: Kamikakushi
87. Diffuzion: Body Code
86. Joy Williams: Venus
85. Within Temptation: Hydra
84. The Frozen Autumn: Chirality
83. Chelsea Wolfe: Pain is Beauty
82. Avarice in Audio: Shine and Burn
81. Emika: Drei
80. Brandi Carlile: The Story
79. Tracy Chapman: Greatest Hits
78. Helalyn Flowers: White Me In/Black Me Out
77. Bat For Lashes: The Bride
76. Purity Ring: Another Eternity
75. Psyborg Corp: The Mechanial Renaissance
74. Covenant: Leaving Babylon
73. SPC ECO: Dark Matter
72. Youth Code: An Overture
71. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Motion Picture Soundtrack
70. Nightwish: Endless Forms Most Beautiful
69. Xandrium: Sacrificium
68. Schoolcraft: Rushing Through the Sky
67.Tarja Turunen: Ave Maria En Plein Air
66. Tristania; Darkest White
65. Stray: Abuse by Proxy
64.  Anette Olzon - Shine
63. Schoolcraft: Rushing Through the Sky
62. Softwave: Together Alone
61. Purple Fog Side: Breathe In
61. Dual Density: Soul Ecstasy
59. Phantogram: Voices
58. Chvrches: Every Open Eye
57. Conjure One: Holoscenic
56. P!nk: Truth About Love
55. Pegasus Asteroid: The Fog
54. Sabaton: Heroes
53. Chandeen: Forever and Ever
52. FKA Twigs: LP1
51. Feathers: If All Now Here
50. Nitro/Noise: Total Nihilism
49. Ayria: Hearts For Bullets
48. Invocation Array: A Color For Fiction
47. Mondtraume: Empty
46. Future Perfect: Dirty Little Secrets
45. Frozen Plasma: Dekadenz
44. Dave Gahan and Soulsavers: Angels and Ghosts
43. Ego Likeness: Breedless
42. The Break Up: Synthesis
41. Aby Wolf and Grant Cutler: Wolf Lords
40. Solitary Experiments: Phenomena
39. Code 64: Departure
38. Grimes: Art Angels
37. The Luna Sequence: Fearful Shepherds Hunt Their Sheep
36. Kirlian Camera: Nightglory
35. The Jezabels: Synthia
34. School of Seven Bells: VII
33. Dum Dum Girls: Only in Dreams
32. P.O.S: We Don't Even Live Here
31. Angel Haze: Dirty Gold
30. Dessa: Parts of Speech
29. Psalm One: The Death of Frequent Flyer
28. Hungry Lucy: Pulse of the Earth
27. Suicide Commando: Implements of Hell
26. Exitmusic: Passage
25. Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix volume 1
24. Blutengel: Tranenherz
23. Psalm One: The Death of Frequent Flyer
22. Ashbury Heights: Three Cheers for the Newlydead
21. Necessary Response: Blood Spills Not Far From the Wound
20. Unter Null: Moving On
19. The Civil Wars: Barton Hollow
18. Psy'Aviah: The Xenogamous Endeavour
17. Kitten: Heaven or Somewhere in Between
16. Ayria: Hearts For Bullets
15. Marsheaux: Lumineux Noir
14. Sensuous Enemy: Parity
13. Cylab: Cut and Coil
12. VNV Nation: Of Faith, Power, and Glory
11. Lights: Midnight Machines
10. CHROM: Synthetic Movement
09. Arch Enemy: War Eternal
08. Goldfrapp: The Tales of Us
07. Departures soundtrack
06. Delta Rae: Carry the Fire
05. Hanzel und Gretyl: 2012 Zwanzig Zwolf
04. Moonlight Cove: Hearts of the World
03. Blume: Autumn Ruins
02. Sleepthief: The Dawnseeker
01. Let The Right One In Motion Picture Soundtrack

Honorable Mentions: 
The Internet: Ego Death
Chamaeleon: Evil is Good
Hydrah: Hold
Emmon: Aon
Iotronica: Of Moons And Stars
Zola Jesus: Taiga

Thursday, July 28, 2016

My Current Favorite Songs

I have been listening to a lot of excellent music lately, some on Spotify, some from my personal collection. Really digging the new cds I bought last weekend by Aby Wolf, Bat For Lashes and Tegan and Sara. I will let this week's playlist of my current favorite songs speak for themselves.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Guilty Pleasures of the Week: My top 10 favorite GP songs

10. Bruce Springsteen: Streets of Philadelphia

09. Chicago: Hard Habit to Break

08. Lady Gaga: Hair

07. David Cook: Come Back to Me

06. P!nk: Bad Influence

05. Stan Bush: The Touch

04. Selena: Dreaming of You

03. Real McCoy: Sleeping With An Angel

02. Air Supply: All Out of Love

01. Sophie B Hawkins: As I Lay Me Down

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Album Of The Week: Call The Rocks by Aby Wolf

This past weekend, I went to the Electric Fetus for some new music. I picked up albums by Aby Wolf (local artist), Tegan and Sara, and Bat For Lashes. When I was perusing the new releases section, I came across the new EP Call the Rocks by Aby Wolf. I didn't even know she had new music out. That was the first CD I grabbed while I was at my favorite record store. The EP is about 17 minutes of pur electropop bliss. Ex-Lookbook member Grant Cutler (who worked with Aby on the Wolf Lords album which I absolutely adore) produces the five song EP. If you are familiar with Grant's work, you can definitely hear his work in Aby's music. Since the EP goes by so quickly, I have been listening to it a few times a day. I absolutely love it and would recommend checking it out.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Weekly Playlist for 07.25.16 - 07.31.16

For this week's playlist, I created a new playlist of my favorite electropop songs after being inspired by the the sounds of Aby Wolf and Tegan and Sara today.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Office Playlist for the Week

Monday is right around the corner. Fortunately I actually bought some new music for the first time in over a month. I know I am bad about it but I do have a trip to Chicago in September for two concerts in one weekend to save $$$. Also I have been streaming music so much I have completely neglected my cd collection so I am going to try to listen to more of my cds at work but I will still stream music from my tablet to mix things up.

Aby Wolf: Call the Rocks

Amethystium: Isabliss

Ryan Adams: 1989

Bat for Lashes: The Bride

Beyonce: Lemonade

Brandi Carlile: The Story

Tracy Chapman: Greatest Hits

CHROM: Peak and Decay

Cinderella Effect: Pearls

Delta Rae: After It All

Dessa; Parts of Speech

Emika; Drei

Future Perfect: Dirty Little Secrets

Grimes: Art Angels

The Jezabels: Synthia

Juno Reactor: The Golden Sun of the Great East

Lana Del Rey: Honeymoon

LIGHTS: Midnight Machines

Lush: Blind Spot

Ari Mason: Creatures

MNYNMS: Rites of Passage

Moby: 18

Muna: The Loudspeaker

Neon Bunny: Stay Gold

Shakespeare Sister: Hormonally Yours

Tegan and Sara: Love You to Death

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I Love the '90s

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