Sunday, October 21, 2018

Weekly office playlist

Another weekend has come and gone. I was pretty busy. Spent some time with my mom yesterday, and then later went to the Promidal show last night at Club Underground, I probably won't upload the videos that I recorded until next weekend. I am listening to the new album Magnum Tenebrosum, go give it a listen ASAP!  Today I went to see the new Halloween film that was really good and a lot of fun to watch, and made a quick stop at MIA to see some Egyptian sculptures that were installed in the museum on Friday. Now it is back to not looking forward to another work week. Here is some of the music I plan on listening to this week.


Saturday, October 20, 2018

Albums and playlists I am currently listening to

My musical tastes this week has been all over the place this week. Listened to some Niyaz (Azam Ali's band) to some Swedish pop from Little Jinder. I recently discovered the sounds of Birds of Chicago and Kaelen Mikla. This has been a very good week in music for me.



Friday, October 19, 2018

My current favorite songs of the week

TGIF! I hope everyone had a great week! This week I discovered a great new darkwave/post-punk band  from Iceland called Kaelan Mikla. I had been seeing ads for their upcoming album Nott eftir nott on Facebook so I finally checked out a couple of songs that is available for streaming on their bandcamp page. I loved what I had heard and pre-ordered a copy of the album after work. This is the sort of music I have been enjoying as of lately (and unfortunately less of  EBM by the likes of VNV Nation, De/Vision, Grendel, and Panic Lift just to name a few which the Ground Zero crowd loves). I am really looking forward to hearing the new album. I will have to listen to the band's other albums whenever I get a chance to this weekend.

I have listened to the new VNV Nation album a few more times this week. I like it but with my taste in music shifting towards the post-punk/darkwave sounds, the music does not get my blood pumping like the way bands such as Kaelan Mikla, Holygram, Principe Valiente, Box and the Twin does. The first time I heard "When is the Future" when it was unleashed upon the world last week, the song left me feeling meh about the track but the more I listened to the song, the more the song grew on me. It has definitely become one of my favorite songs from the album.

Love the soundtrack to the new Halloween film (which I will see on Sunday). It is classic John Carpenter. I love that John gave the theme song a modern sound but without taking away the memorable and chilling melodies that makes the song a favorite of mine at this time of year.

Death Valley Girls has a new album out Darkness Rains. I loved it and I only listened to it once this week. My current favorite track is "Disaster( Is What We're After)". Go check it out. It is fantastic. I hope the band does a headlining tour and comes back to Minneapolis. They were fantastic live when they toured with L7.

Another band I discovered this week is Birds of Chicago, a husband and wife duo from  Chicago and Montreal. I found them through Spotify via Chastity Brown's Spotify page. I am not a huge fan of roots-rock/Americana music but I think I do dig the sounds of Brandi Carlile, Chastity Brown, and now Birds of Chicago. Every now and then I do need a breather from all the dark, edgier music that I listen to, and Birds of Chicago's music provides me that freedom from the music I normally listen to at work. I only have listened to their new album Love in Wartime so I can't really compare this album with their previous albums. I am sure I will like them.

Thanks to City Pages and their annual list of Picked to Click (2018), I have two bands featured on this playlist: Gully Boys and Scunchies. I have only had the chance to listen to their albums once but judging by what I had heard I dug their sounds. I have included a song from each band on my playlist. Go check them out!

Songs to check out:
"Halloween Theme" by John Carpenter (from the 2018 Halloween film)
"When is the Future" by VNV Nation
"Love in Wartime" by Birds of Chicago
"Disaster (Is What We're After)" by Death Valley Girls
"A Faction" by Holygram
"Hvernig kemst eg upp?" by Kaelan Mikla

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday time! Today I was listening to my Spotify playlist of my top 100 songs I listened to in 2017 (according to Spotify). Most, if not all of these songs were came from my Random Mix playlists. It will be interesting what my listening habits will look like for 2018.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

10 favorite dreampop songs

So for most of this week, I have been listening to my dreampop playlist on the way to work. It is such a perfect soundtrack for my early morning commute at five am. I thought I would share my top 10 favorite dreampop songs (at the moment).

01. Fazerdaze: Lucky Girl

02. Tamaryn: Love Fade

03. Lush: 500 (Shake Baby Shake)

04. Belly: Gepetto

05. Them Are Us Too: Amends

06. Takashi Miyaki: Out of My Head

07. Cocteau Twins: Oomingmak

08. Spc Eco: Ray of Sun

09. The Fauns: 4 AM

10. Azure Ray: Sleep

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Album of the week

For this week's Album of the Week, I decided to go back in time as well as dig deep into my CD collection. I decided to go with one of my favorite synthpop bands  Future Perfect and their debut album Dirty Little Secrets. I discovered this band on YouTube when I came across their music video for "Hunter". At the time Rebecca Owens was handling all the lead vocals when Dirty Little Secrets came out but on the group's follow up albums, the husband and wife duo now shares lead vocals.

With all the new music that has flooded the market in the last couple of years, Dirty Little Secrets has unfortunately been neglected of lately. Today I have been making up for it with a couple of listens at the office. Dirty Little Secrets is still an amazing album and does not sound dated after 9 years since its release. I like that I can hear subtle hints of Depeche Mode and OMD through out the album but overall the sound is very much current and modern. If you haven't heard of this band, let alone this album, please check them out. Dirty Little Secrets is one of my favorite synthpop albums of all time.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Playlist of the week

With the new VNV Nation Noire just released, I quickly put together a VNV Nation playlist over the weekend. I listend to Noire a few more times since its release, the music has started growing but it still isn't up there with AutomaticEmpires, and Of Faith, Power, and Glory, my top three favorite VNV Nation albums. FYI...the band is coming to town in December, here is a link to the Facebook event []. I already bought my ticket for the show. I am particularly psyched about seeing VNV Nation and Holygram live.

Songs to check out:
"Space and Time"
"Nova (Largo)"
"Still Waters"
"All Our Sins"