Saturday, February 28, 2015

Albums I am currently listening to

Angels and Agony: Monument

I just received my copy of the new Angels and Agony album yesterday in the mail. It is excellent. I have already heard it via Spotify but I ordered myself a physical copy of the album because I really liked what I heard. It is great to see the guys in Angels and Agony return to the scene. They put out some excellent futurepop music reminiscent of Solitary Experiments, one of my favorite bands in the past few years. Monument is super catchy. If you like bands such as Solitary Experiments and Assemblage 23, you definitely would like Angels and Agony.

Sleepthief: The Dawnseeker (extended version)

I had received the new extended version of Sleepthief's first album The Dawnseeker last weekend. I have missed owning this album so I was really pleased when Justin announced last year that he would re-release his first album. I was not disappointed. I recommend this album for fans of Conjure One, Balligomingo, and Delerium.

Today I went to uptown to the Cheapo Discs location to see if I could find any some L7 music (which I did but not the albums I wanted). I ended up leaving the store with some '90s electronica music which was good enough for me. I have been on a serious '90s kick for some time now. And before I got into industrial and synthpop music, I was a diehard techno fan in the late '90s/early '00s. The cds I bought today really goes back to my early roots in electronic music. Here are my new music purchases:

Hackers 2 soundtrack

I have always loved the first two Hackers soundtracks, the second is my personal favorite.


ESCM is one of my personal favorite albums in the dance genre. IMA was good but I always preferred ESCM. Unfortunately after ESCM, BT's music went to hell in a hand basket for me. Too many outside influences started to show up in BT's music post-ESCM. For me, ESCM epitomized trance music.

Prodigy: The Fat of the Land

It is really good to hear some Prodigy. I think it has been at least ten years since I last heard this album. I think the music sounds better now than when I first heard it in the late '90s.

Okay this next album came out in 2000 but it was still at a time before I seriously got into industrial and synthpop.

Paul Van Dyk: Out There and Back

Out There and Back is my favorite trance album ever. Heck! Paul Van Dyk is still the only dj whose music I will listen to although not very often. Unlike many of his peers, Paul hasn't sold out or let the quality in his music diminish. As much as I like a lot of his recent works, Out There and Back is my personal favorite album from him.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Lords of Acid with Angelspit, Radical G! and Thought Thieves

Throwback Thursday time! Tonight I decided to re-share my photos and videos from the last time Lords of Acid came to town back in 2011. They were touring with Angelspit and Radical G!.

goth_maven's Lords of Acid concert 2011 album on Photobucket

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Old and new favorite songs

Old Favorite Songs:

Sero.Overdose: Missing

Angels and Agony: Euphoria

Namnambulu: Memories

I have been on a big futurepop kick for the past few days and especially songs from several years ago. Since hearing the new Angels and Agony album Monument not long ago, I decided to dig back into their archives and listen to their earlier music. They remind me of another excellent futurepop band Solitary Experiments.

I used to have a Sero. Overdose cd but to be honest I found it to be a hit or miss with me. One of the few songs I loved on the album was "Missing". Super catchy song.

One of these days I need to add some Namnambulu to my music collection. I have listened to a lot of their music online and absolutely love all the songs that I have heard. I have never heard a song by the group that I did not like. "Memories" is one of my personal favorite songs by the band because it was the first Namnambulu song that I had ever heard.

New Favorite Songs:

Angels and Agony: Monument

Covenant: Not to Be Here Synchronize

I am so thrilled to see Angels and Agony back on the electro scene. They have been sorely missed by me. I started listening to them after discovering Apoptygma Berzerk and VNV Nation. Their new album is fantastic. The title track to their new album is a terrific track off the album. I definitely recommend checking it out.

I have been listening to a lot of Covenant lately because of their upcoming show. I have decided to give their most recent album Leaving Babylon a second chance (wasn't crazy about it the first time around). It is okay but certainly not my favorite Covenant album but I do love the song "Not to Be Here" a beautiful ballad.

Really digging the new song "Synchronize". I certainly plan on checking out the new MiB album when it comes out.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

My 10 Favorite Seabound Songs

Last night I posted my 10 favorite Covenant songs in honor of their upcoming show at Amsterdam Bar and Hall in April (Seabound w/Architect(Daniel Myer of Haujobb) in Saint Paul), tonight I thought I would give Seabound the same treatment.

01. Hooked

02. The Promise

03. Watching Over You

04. Black Feathers (Requiem)

05. Poisonous Friend

06. Sapphire

07. Murder

08. Breathe

09. October Song

10. Without You

Monday, February 23, 2015

My Top 10 Covenant songs

For some odd reason tonight I couldn't embed my latest playlist on to my blog. I couldn't get the link of my playlist to convert the link for me. Hopefully it isn't a permanent issue and just a temporary technical issue with Spotify. Tonight's playlist was going to be all about Covenant (as a means to help promote the upcoming Covenant show in Saint Paul put on by Kilted Farmer Koncerts). Instead I decided to post my 10 favorite Covenant songs.

01. The World is Growing Loud

02. Brave New World

03. Dead Stars

04. Call the Ships to Port

05. Ignorance and Bliss

06. The Beauty and Grace

07. Like Tears in Rain

08. Judge of My Domain

09. Bullet

10. Feedback

And in case you are wondering who else is playing with Covenant that night, local band AS/OFand The Labrynth which which features Sara Stewart [Ayria/The Break Up] and Michael Wimer [Ayria/Information Society/VNV Nation].