Saturday, November 28, 2020

Music I have been listening to 11/22 - 11/28

This week I have been listening to a lot of symphonic metal. I recently discovered Krypteria and And Then She Came (a renamed Krypteria). I was on Youtube a couple of nights ago and came across Krypteria and saw that their lead singer Ji-Ln Cho was Asian (German/Korean descent). This is the first time I have seen an Asian woman in a symphonic metal band. I really love what I have been hearing from Krypteria/And Then She Came. Right now In Media Res is my favorite album. I also noticed on Spotify Leaves' Eyes has a new album out called The Last Viking. I haven't been all that impressed with Leaves' Eyes over the years especially after they kicked Liv Kristine out of the band. I went into The Last Viking with no expectations but to my pleasant surprise I found myself enjoying it immensely.



Friday, November 27, 2020

My Current Favorite Songs of the Week

Happy Friday! Here is this week's playlist. Listened to a lot of symphonic metal at the end of the week.  BTW...I am still in the doghouse on Facebook. I won't be back on Facebook until 12/5.  I am not sorry why I got sent there (I went after some racists and told them to eat shit after they made some derogatory comments about Indigenous people). BTW...Anyone who reads this blog regularly and is a MAGAt, please go fuck yourself! I despise that fat orange fuck and anyone in the dark underground scene who supports him. Sorry not sorry.

Songs to Check Out:
"Marching on Versailles" by Ad Infinitum
"Dark Love Empress" by Leaves' Eyes
"Quae Laetitia" by Krypteria
"Stay" by BTS
"Shine On Supernova" by And She Came
"Welcome, Apocalypse" by Assemblage 23

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Albums Of The Week

I really had a difficult time choosing which album would make it for my weekly Album Of The Week post so I decided to post 3 of my current favorite albums at the moment: 1) Margo Price's Perfectly Imperfect (Live at The Ryman), 2) Nena's Licht, 3) BTS' BE. 

I first discovered Margo Price on Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown a few years ago. I totally dug her brand of country music. Her music isn't country-pop which is why I hate country music nowadays (as do many people), and is deeply rooted in traditional country music (up until her third album which she decided to go in another direction). Margo recently dropped a live album. I totally regret not seeing Margo live at First Avenue pre-pandemic so this live album is a nice alternative. Hopefully I can go see her live later down the road when there is a vaccine and it is safe to go to concerts (and for bands to tour). 

A couple of weeks ago, I discovered that Nena ("99 Luftballoons" fame) recently released a new album called Licht. Great pop album! 

It's funny. I was not really big on BTS but after hearing "Dynamite" on their Tiny Desk performance, the song has really grown on me. That lead me to listen to their other albums and in no time I have become a fan of their music. Their new album BE is easily my favorite album by the KPop band. As a gen'xer I will never be used to the shorter length in albums nowadays. BE falls just under 30 minutes just like BLACKPINK's The Album.  

Monday, November 23, 2020

Playlist of the Week

I decided to take a break from my 500 list I have been composing since last month. It is not an easy task, and last week I just didn't feel inspired and decided to take a breather. Instead I decided to do my playlist of the week segment. Over the weekend, I decided to create a new playlist of my favorite Mary Chapin Carpenter songs. I have been a fan of MCC for a couple of decades now. I always found her music to be very comforting to listen to, and now during this pandemic her music is like a warm, fuzzy blanket to me.