Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Album of the Week

Last Friday, I finally got around to checking out fellow Highwomen member Natalie Hemby's 2017 debut album Puxico. I have been meaning to since I love The Highwomen debut album which was one of my favorite albums in 2019. Didn't have any expectations going into the album so I was really pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoy this album. When it comes to country music, I tend to favor older music from Loretta Lynn up until the early '90s HOWEVER I will make the exception for Brandi Carlile, Yola, The Highwomen, Tanya Tucker (her new album is fantastic), and now Natalie Hemby. Puxico has both an old school and new school country vibe with some folk and pop thrown into the mix. I really love Natalie's polished vocals. She has a very soothing voice to listen to. The production value of the album which is not polished and very raw. As far as my favorite songs are concerned, "Grand Restoration", "Ferris Wheel", and "Return" are my personal favorite songs but the entire album is great.

Monday, January 20, 2020

Playlist of the Week

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to totally start over on my Random Mix 2.0. I just wasn't happy with the first makeover on my Random Mix playlist. I have been adjusting it slightly since I put it together but I am overall content with it. I still have a lot of my personal favorite song mixed with some new songs or new favorite songs.

Songs to check out:

"P((o))WR" by Lady Midnight
"White Flag" by Nemesea
"Madusa Complex" by Yugen Blakrok
"Grand Resoration" by Natalie Hemby
"All I Need" by Roniit
"Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" by Yola (Elton John cover)

Sunday, January 19, 2020

First concerts of the new year

This week I attended my first two concerts for 2020. On Wednesday night, I went to the Fine Line to see British country soul singer Yola with Amythyst Kiah, a singer/songwriter from Tennessee who is part of the Our Native Daughters project. Here are the photos from the two concerts. Of the two shows, the Yola/Amythyst Kiah show was the better of the two with an audience that wasn't total shitheads.

On Saturday night, I went back to the Fine Line to see North Mississippi Allstars with Southern Avenue. Because I missed Southern Avenue over the summer, I was really at the show for the band. I liked NMA but after 90 minutes, their music just sounded more of the same to me. Also some of their fanbase are racist garbage (and that is all I have to say on that issue).

Friday, January 17, 2020

My Current Favorite Songs of the Week

TGIF! Here is this week's playlist. There are some older tracks but for the most part the music is pretty recent.

I think it was this week or maybe last week I found out that Chvrches will be in town this summer with Halsey so I decided to listen to the new Halsey album Manic today. I liked it but then the longer the album went on, the more the music just sounded the same and eventually I stopped listening to it. The album is way too long and repetitive. Halsey is an okay pop singer but I really don't get her popularity. She is meh to me.  In the end I decided to skip the Halsey concert. I rather see Chvrches as a headlining act, not as a supporting act.

While on the subject of pop music, Echosmith recently released a new album called The Lonely Generation. I definitely liked the music on that album more so than the music on Manic by Halsey.  Really love the ballad "Everyone Cries" which is included on this week's playlist.

The other night I was at the Yola show at the Fine Line (with Amythyst Kiah). It was phenomenal. Both Yola and Amythyst Kiah put on fantastic sets. My favorite moment was when Yola sang Elton John's "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" which is included on this week's playlist, it is so damn good. I suggest going to YouTube and look up her live performances of the song. Yola is not only an amazing singer but a fantastic performer. She was so entertaining to watch on stage. Loved her stories in between sets.

Since I absolutely adore The Highwomen's self-titled debut, I just had to check out Natalie Hemby's music. I didn't have much expectations especially when I wasn't so impressed with Maren Morris' album when it came out last year (I think) so much to my surprise, I found myself enjoying  quite a bit. My current favorite song off her album is "Grand Restoration".

Earlier this week I was listening to All Songs Considered (I think) and I was introduced to the Korean group Ak Dan Gwang Chil. I would love to see this band perform live one day. Go give their song "Youngeonggeori" a listen.

Songs to Check Out:
"Concrete" by Poppy
"Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" by Yola
"Grand Restoration" by Natalie Hemby
"Fade to Blue" by Roniit
"D.I.W.D" by VaVa
"Clementine" by Halsey
"Everyone Cries" by Echosmith
"Youngjeonggeori" by Ak Dan Gwang Chil

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Earworm of the Week

Up until late last year I didn't know that I needed a metal cover of an ABBA song especially "Lay All Your Love On Me" but then I heard this rad metal cover the ABBA classic. What I really want now is an entire ABBA tribute album by Amberian Dawn. Just saying.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

My first concert of 2020

Tonight I am heading out for my first concert of the new year. I am going to the Yola - Walk Through Fire Tour. It was originally going to be at the Turf Club but due to the high demand for tickets, Yola's show was moved to the Fine Line. I am so glad I don't have to take the green line because I hate taking it home late at night. The show is sold out so that is wonderful. Opening up for Yola is one of my favorite artists from last year Amythyst Kiah. Amythyst Kiah was one of the women that was part of the supergroup Our Native Daughters. In honor of tonight's show, I am sharing with my readers Amythyst and Yola's music. Yeah it isn't post-punk, industrial or synthpop so people can either listen to it or choose not to. Both women have phenomenal voices I do think is worth checking out.