Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Torture Garden

1- Post Abortion Stress - Outside The Void
2- e.g.: - Black Grass
3- Twisted Subterranean Death Trap - Settle Down
4- Phantoms Of The SS - Everything That Rises Must Converge (Triazolam Mix)
5- Mutcer - Buhloon
6- Schultz - Today
7- iN sCissorS - Broken Fingers (Interlude)
8- Life's Decay - Swanics
9- Maldito Mutante - 1984
10- Protea - Mau Bast
11- Sadore - Circle
12- The Strange Walls - Black Mold
13- The Psychogeographical Commission - Have You Ever?
14- Justin Tharpe - Implication
15- Barbarossa Umtrunk - Wolfen
16- 15 Degrees Below Zero - Ticking Down The Moments
17- DBPIT - Homesick
18- Eigenstate - Blood And Semen
19- Scapegoat - Attainment Of The death Posture
20- Z.O.T.E. - Parasitar
21- Trama afonA - [de]Solo
22- 1 Phantom - We Are the Sound Of Falling Angels (extract)

Torture Garden is the latest compilation from indie record label Shinto Records. The cd is a macabre collection of goth, experimental, neo-folk, ambient, and industrial music with a distinct sinister sound that would make the album the perfect Halloween soundtrack. The music is definitely not for the faint of heart nor is it something to rock out to while driving. The songs are often unsettling with their fragmented and uneven electronic beats and disjointed melodies interspersed with the occasional howl or whisper. Torture Garden is definitely not Sin-Tech or Sin Faktory part II. While I am not terribly wild about ambient music, I must admit I really enjoyed the songs on Torture Garden. The transition from one song to the next was smooth and even. It also exposed me to new artists like Life's Decay, The Psychogeographical Commission, and so on. This is a nice break from all the traditional industrial music that I listen to on a regular basis. I definitely recommend Torture Garden as well as the other compilations on Shinto Records for any music fan looking for something different and out of the ordinary.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Psyborg Corp.

Last Friday night, I was perusing youtube when I came across Psyborg Corp's awesome remix of Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance".

I will admit I love Lady Gaga and her song "Bad Romance" but this remix totally blew me away. I love how one of my favorite pop songs has been turned into this killer harsh EBM/aggrotech track. This quickly led me to check out their original material.

The more I started listening to their original material, the more hooked I became on Psyborg Corp. They remind me a mixture of Amduscia, Suicide Commando, and Unter Null. With my Decoded Feedback somewhere in the damn country no thanks to the incompetency of the US postal service and I don't have much faith in seeing it arrive in my mail box (like hell it takes two fucking weeks for a simple cd to be sent from California to Minnesota), I decided to order Psyborg Corp's debut album The Mechanical Renaissance. I am so excited. I love the group's sound. I definitely recommend for people to check them out on their Myspace page.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Combichrist w/Aesthetic Perfection and iVardensphere Minneapolis show

Combichrist with Aesthetic Perfection and iVardensphere @ The Cabooze on November 15th. Doors open @ 8pm, show @ 9pm. Tickets $16.00 Advance, $18.00 Door ON SALE 8/27.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Winter by Glow

Winter by Glow

I have had this particular album on my Amazon wish list for some time now. Tonight I finally got around to buying the album in MP3 format through Amazon.com. I have been listening to a few of their songs on the group's Myspace page and decided I had to hear hear their album Winter in its entirety. The album is as beautiful as I imagined that it is judging by a few sole tracks that I had heard. The music is very mellow almost bordering between new age and electronica music. Brooke's vocals is lovely and they mesh well with the lush melodies. In a genre where a lot of female vocals tends to be on the wispy, waif side, Brooke's  vocals is anything but wispy or frail. The lyrics are powerful and emotionally moving especially on tracks like "All This Time". All in all I say this is a pretty darn good album. Winter is a great album to relax to with a good book and a glass of wine or a bottle of beer.

Monday, August 16, 2010

What I am currently listening to

Over the weekend I finally picked up the We Are the Fallen debut album Tear the Wall Down featuring ex-members of Evanescence and former American Idol contestant Carly Smithson, from my local library. It didn't really take me very long to fall in love with the album. I could hear the obvious Evanescence comparisons. It is hard not to notice. I hope they will eventually develop a sound of their own in the near future. My personal favorite song on the album is the gorgeous ballad "Sleep Well, My Angel".

In the last couple of weeks I have received a couple of cds by the California synthpop band Anything Box from a good friend of mine Trace, a local concert promoter in Minneapolis. The cds are Recovered and Future Past EP. I was immediately hooked. They are really good. This clip I am posting here is the song "Carmen", a depressing yet beautiful song.

I am looking forward to seeing Anything Box in September when they play Ground Zero on September 11. Information has been posted on my previous blog entry.

A week or two ago I was at the library and came across the cd Believe by Morgan Page. I checked it out on a whim.

Normally I am not into dance/house music but this wasn't a bad album. It was pretty darn good.

Another cd I had recently gotten from the library is Johnny Cash's last album American VI: Ain't No Grave. Pretty damn good stuff from the man in black.

I also got the new Goldfrapp album but let me just say that old Goldfrapp = good, new Goldfrapp = complete shit. That is all. I'm done with Goldfrapp. Their work is so inconsistent, they just isn't worth my time and money any more. Thankfully I got their latest album from the library so I saved myself from being completely burned out by the dance duo.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Anything Box in Minneapolis on 9/11/10

Doors open at 6:30pm. Show goes until 10pm.

Minnesota's own Thought Thieves and Duck Duck Punch will be opening the show with special guest DJ Paul Robb of Information Society.

Tickets can be bought through Brown Paper Tickets.

This will be Anything Box's first trip to Minneapolis. They will be celebrating their 20th anniversary as a band. They are definitely worth checking out. I was recently introduced to their music and was immediately hooked by their ability to write a great pop hook.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Unter Null with Albuterol and Cynergy 67 at Ground Zero nightclub 08/07/10

So after months of waiting with baited breathe, I finally got to see my favorite industrial band Unter Null live last night. As a hardcore fan, I shelled out $60 for the VIP package. It was so damn well worth every penny. I will let this slide show speak for itself. I also have photos up in my photo album.

The show began with Saint Cloud band Albuterol who had not performed live for five years until last night. Although their sound was a bit rough and a bit flawed in terms of how it came across through the sound system at Ground Zero, their music did rock. Apparently it gets hot on stage therefore the band ditched their costumes for their regular clothes.

Up next was the Wisconsin band Cynergy 67. Their bassist was missing because he had just gotten out of detox and well, frankly was having a pity party of his own back home according to the band's singer. Their set was excellent. I definitely plan on going back to GZ to see them in September before the Anything Box show. Gabriel and the Apocalypse will be performing that night as well along with a few other bands.

Now for the good stuff...Unter Null. Unter Null had gotten a late start from Milwaukee, WI so they were late to the venue. There were two other people who were part of the VIP package in Minneapolis Erik and Renee. After the band got their stuff together on stage, we got to meet the band. I was just besides myself that I got to meet my one of my favorite bands. After Cynergy 67 got done with their set, Erik, Renee and I got to go backstage with Unter Null. Way too fucking cool. The band was very gracious and offered us a drink from their cooler (which I did and had a beer).

Unter Null's set was about an hour long but I can't really complain. Their set did not disappoint me one bit. I would not have guessed that Erica and Chris were sick. I shot some video footage (will eventually upload the other clips in the coming days).

Here is my favorite photo of Erica Dunham. It is too damn funny.

That was such an honor to get her to flip the bird for me. And of course the two Erica's.

This was backstage at Ground Zero. The band let us watch them dissemble their equipment. At the show I bought a t shirt and a bracelet made out of recycled tires. I had a blast last night. Never I have met such great people. Chris Norris was the nicest guy one could ever meet especially in the music business. He was so awesome by offering the VIP people drinks and asking if we needed anything. All in all I am one happy camper.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Artist of the Week: Ashbury Heights

Last week I discovered that one of my favorite bands in the last few years Ashbury Heights had release a new album Take Cair Paramour (and no it isn't a misspelling). I quickly downloaded it (I did not want to spend $26 to $45 on a imported cd). I absolutely love their new album. It is so damn infectious. I love the new singer Kari Berg. She is a great replacement for Yaz IMO. One of my personal favorite songs off the album is "I Can Kill You So Easily". Take Cair Paramour is definitely worth checking out.