Sunday, November 28, 2010

Pieces In a Modern World part 2

Tonight I was perusing my public library's online catalog system, their upcoming cd selection to be more specific. In the lengthy list I came across an old familiar name...William Orbit. Ten years ago, Orbit put out Pieces in a Modern World.

It was a collection of baroque/classical numbers transformed into gentle, lush, ambient/electronica music. Very lovely. Tonight I discovered that he has put out a follow up album aptly titled Pieces in a Modern World part 2. Here is one of the tracks found off the album.

Despite this now being the Xmas shopping season, I am going to have to pick up this album. I wish I knew about this album sooner but this kind of music doesn't get much coverage in mainstream music. Damn shame!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Combichrist with iVardensphere and Aesthetic Perfection

Last night I went to The Cabooze on the west bank to see Combichrist with iVardensphere and Aesthetic Perfection. Here are some photos of the show.

I also shot some footage but only got Aesthetic Perfection performing a new song. The footage of iVardensphere performing didn't get recorded. I really need a new digital camera. Come tax time, I will use some of my refunds for a new camera. It is definitely a camera issue, not a memory card issue to why I can only get certain footage recorded.

I should note that this type of music isn't for anyone. It is pretty aggressive lyrically and musically.

As for the show itself, I enjoyed it immensely. I paid $75 for the VIP package and got to meet and chat with the headlining band who are so down to earth. I also got their autographs and photos taken with the band and one with their lead singer Andy, who has always been a favorite of mine since his Icon of Coil days. IoC was one of the first few EBM bands that I started listening to on a regular basis along with VNV Nation and Apoptygma Berzerk. Also as part of the VIP package deal, I got a huge poster that the entire band signed for me, a very important monsters t-shirt (VIF is what the band referred to the VIP package deal as), and a personalized VIP pass. Unfortunately on the poster and pass, my name was only listed as ERIC (I kid you not). Too damn funny. Oh well, I don't care. I did score one of Joe's drumsticks during the band's set.

The music by all three bands were awesome. I really enjoyed iVardensphere enough to buy their latest cd Bloodwater. I am though still annoyed that my footage of one their songs didn't get recorded. It was interesting watching an industrial band perform all instrumental songs. I thought it worked for them. I LOVED the two Taiko drummers. Aesthetic Perfection rocked! I love Daniel Graves. I have first seen him perform live as Necessary Response two years ago, the second time as Aesthetic Perfection that same year, and again last night. Both bands were great opening acts for Combichrist who just slayed the crowd with their monsterous sound. I would have shot some video footage of their set but I was in an angle where the footage really would have turned crappy. The damn bouncers blocked some of my view. Like I said before I got one of Joe Letz's drumsticks. Actually I got hit in the face with it and I quickly went to picked it up the floor. The impact of the stick hitting my face didn't hurt. It was rather humorous. I would have gone to the after party at The Saloon but it was a long day. I was exhausted and was in no mood to be around more people. Plus I had all my goodies. All in all a good night.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

New music

Dying & Falling by i:Scintilla

Today I found out that the Chicago band i:Scintilla had their new album available online through itunes. Hard copy won't be released until next month. Of course I had to download it (just like I have with the newest Conjure One cd). So far the album fucking rocks! i:Scintilla's music is a compelling mix of industrial and rock music. I had seen the band perform live once in Minneapolis two years ago with The Cruxshadows and Ayria. They sounded awesome live. They are definitely a band worth checking out.

Nothing is Infinite by Angelzoom

I hate saying this but I was not impressed with the newest Angelzoom cd. The melodies fell flat with me to be honest.

Sin City by Genitorturers

When I went to see the Genitorturers last week, I picked up a copy of their album Sin City. Awesome music! I really love their brand of industrial/metal music.

Parity by Sensuous Enemy

Sensuous Enemy is one of my favorite bands from the midwest. Parity is an EP filled with 3 new tracks and a bunch of remixes. The remixes are excellent. I definitely recommend getting this cd via CD Baby, iTunes, or

99 Luftballoons by Nena

Due to my current obsession with Nena's music, I won a copy of Nena's album 99 Luftballoons off ebay last week. Half the cd is in english, the other half in German. I am enjoying the album quite a bit. It's fun, catchy '80s new wave music. Damn shame that the American public never paid much to her other songs after "99 Red Balloons" because her music is just as catchy.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Genitorturers @ Station 4

I'm so not happy that my footage for "Cum Junkie" (their opening number) did not end up being recorded on my shitty memory card in my digital camera but at least I got "Devil in a Bottle", my favorite Genitorturers song. The band fucking rocked as did Mercy Kill and Urn. As for the other bands Mary Magdalen and some local thrash metal band that was a last second addition, well as the old adage goes "if you have nothing nice to say, then don't say anything". That is all I have to say. I bought a copy of Sin City while at the show, I love it. It's funny when I first heard the Genitorturers back in the day when I lived in Milwaukee, WI, I did not like what I heard but now I just love their music. The show was so awesome. The band really knows how to put on a live performance. The visual aspects was both entertaining and amazing. I definitely would say that the Genitorturers is one of the best bands to go see live. Their cds don't do them justice.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Some music recommendations

20 Jahre by Nena

Ever since I came across the 2003 video for the song "Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime", I have been listening to this collection of re-vised songs from German pop artist Nena. I am so hopelessly addicted. I definitely like her updated versions of her past hits especially her duet with Kim Wilde on "Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime".

Definitive Collection: Nena by Nena

I bought this cd last weekend at Cheapo records because I wanted to hear the original versions of the songs I had heard off 20 Jahre. I love this collection too. It's pretty damn cheap too. I think people need to hear Nena's music. A novelty artist she was not. Too bad the US didn't give a damn about her other songs after "99 Luftballoons".

Beauty 2: Music That Touches the Soul

I have been really enjoying this collection of downtempo electronica, folk, and pop music. The music is a nice break from all the heavy stuff I listen to on a regular basis. I really dig the tracks by Joanna Stevens, Blue Stone, Chandeen, and Zoe Johnston.

Drop the Mask by XP8

I found a copy of the latest XP8 (and Shiv-r) albums in the used cd bins last weekend (and of course I had to buy both of them) at Cheapo. Nice, aggressive industrial music. If Combichrist originated in Italy, this is how they would sound.

Hold My Hand by Shiv-R

If you like Combichrist, you will definitely dig Shiv-R. The music is very reminiscent of Combichrist especially on the song "Happiness". I felt like I was listening to "Sent to Destroy" by Combichrist.

Nothing is Infiniteby Angelzoom

I have to admit Nothing is Infinite took a long time to grow on me. The melodies didn't really stood out with me like the previous Angelzoom album did. Nevertheless it is a pleasant pop album.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My $0.02

Tonight I came across the latest blog by Rachel Haywire of Experiment Haywire. Here is a link to her blog. The subject is about the influential music website Pitchfork media. Judging by what I see on the website, Pitchfork sure likes music that panders to the annoyingly pretentious hipster/indie rock crowd. I really do have an immense loathing for indie rock. Why? Because I live in a city where indie rock is huge. Minneapolis is full of mostly mediocre to terrible indie rock bands with musicians who can barely carry a tune or play their instruments as they were intended to be. Of course there are a few exceptions to that rule but for the most part I despise my local music scene XD.

This past year I have started helping a local promoter spread the word on shows in the goth/synthpop/industrial genres. Let me tell you Minneapolis is a difficult scene to make any money if you want to put on say a Project Pitchfork or Anything Box show. Most people in the Twin Cities are not interested in seeing oh say a synthpop band like Anything Box who has been performing for 20 years and makes some of the catchiest pop music I have ever heard or an abrasive industrial band like Unter Null whose vocals would make many people's ears bleed profusely. Nope. People in the Twin Cities would much rather hear crappy and overrated indie rock  bands like Arcade Fire, Deerhunter, and Low.

As annoying as Pitchfork is, at least there is an alternative to that pretentious website called I wrote cd reviews for that site a few years ago but quit eventually because it stopped being fun. The site is quite resourceful in terms of discovering new artists and bands. Of course Myspace and Youtube are also good alternatives as well. Lately I have been digging up treasures on youtube like Ashram and Chandeen.

I suppose Pitchfork does serve a purpose for some people but there are some like myself and Rachel Haywire who will think that the site has a negative attitude towards the goth/industrial/synthpop scenes. At the end of the day really if Pitchfork wants to cater to the hipster douchebag scene, so be it. Still it would be nice if goth and industrial music got some positive recognition from the mainstream music industry as opposed to being viewed as something stupid or evil. After all this particular scene does make a good number of people (like myself) happy.