Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Combichrist with iVardensphere and Aesthetic Perfection

Last night I went to The Cabooze on the west bank to see Combichrist with iVardensphere and Aesthetic Perfection. Here are some photos of the show.

I also shot some footage but only got Aesthetic Perfection performing a new song. The footage of iVardensphere performing didn't get recorded. I really need a new digital camera. Come tax time, I will use some of my refunds for a new camera. It is definitely a camera issue, not a memory card issue to why I can only get certain footage recorded.

I should note that this type of music isn't for anyone. It is pretty aggressive lyrically and musically.

As for the show itself, I enjoyed it immensely. I paid $75 for the VIP package and got to meet and chat with the headlining band who are so down to earth. I also got their autographs and photos taken with the band and one with their lead singer Andy, who has always been a favorite of mine since his Icon of Coil days. IoC was one of the first few EBM bands that I started listening to on a regular basis along with VNV Nation and Apoptygma Berzerk. Also as part of the VIP package deal, I got a huge poster that the entire band signed for me, a very important monsters t-shirt (VIF is what the band referred to the VIP package deal as), and a personalized VIP pass. Unfortunately on the poster and pass, my name was only listed as ERIC (I kid you not). Too damn funny. Oh well, I don't care. I did score one of Joe's drumsticks during the band's set.

The music by all three bands were awesome. I really enjoyed iVardensphere enough to buy their latest cd Bloodwater. I am though still annoyed that my footage of one their songs didn't get recorded. It was interesting watching an industrial band perform all instrumental songs. I thought it worked for them. I LOVED the two Taiko drummers. Aesthetic Perfection rocked! I love Daniel Graves. I have first seen him perform live as Necessary Response two years ago, the second time as Aesthetic Perfection that same year, and again last night. Both bands were great opening acts for Combichrist who just slayed the crowd with their monsterous sound. I would have shot some video footage of their set but I was in an angle where the footage really would have turned crappy. The damn bouncers blocked some of my view. Like I said before I got one of Joe Letz's drumsticks. Actually I got hit in the face with it and I quickly went to picked it up the floor. The impact of the stick hitting my face didn't hurt. It was rather humorous. I would have gone to the after party at The Saloon but it was a long day. I was exhausted and was in no mood to be around more people. Plus I had all my goodies. All in all a good night.

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