Thursday, November 11, 2010

New music

Dying & Falling by i:Scintilla

Today I found out that the Chicago band i:Scintilla had their new album available online through itunes. Hard copy won't be released until next month. Of course I had to download it (just like I have with the newest Conjure One cd). So far the album fucking rocks! i:Scintilla's music is a compelling mix of industrial and rock music. I had seen the band perform live once in Minneapolis two years ago with The Cruxshadows and Ayria. They sounded awesome live. They are definitely a band worth checking out.

Nothing is Infinite by Angelzoom

I hate saying this but I was not impressed with the newest Angelzoom cd. The melodies fell flat with me to be honest.

Sin City by Genitorturers

When I went to see the Genitorturers last week, I picked up a copy of their album Sin City. Awesome music! I really love their brand of industrial/metal music.

Parity by Sensuous Enemy

Sensuous Enemy is one of my favorite bands from the midwest. Parity is an EP filled with 3 new tracks and a bunch of remixes. The remixes are excellent. I definitely recommend getting this cd via CD Baby, iTunes, or

99 Luftballoons by Nena

Due to my current obsession with Nena's music, I won a copy of Nena's album 99 Luftballoons off ebay last week. Half the cd is in english, the other half in German. I am enjoying the album quite a bit. It's fun, catchy '80s new wave music. Damn shame that the American public never paid much to her other songs after "99 Red Balloons" because her music is just as catchy.

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