Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Album of the Week: These Pretty Things by Sin.Sin

Sin.Sin is a new artist I discovered through Spotify. Fairytronics is her debut EP released by Alfa Matrix. Kristell (Sin.sin) is also the lead singer for the band Lovelorn Dolls if her voice and/or name sounds familiar. Fairytronics is more electronic orientated than what I am used to hearing with her band. I dig Kristell's band without a shadow of a doubt but I really dig her solo work and her electropop sound of her music. Personally I would have preferred less remixes and just original tracks. Really not big on the "Moving Sands" (Radiograph Remix). Both the melodies and vocals just fell flat for me. Other than that track, Fairytronics is a solid debut for Sin.sin. It is a very good introduction to another side of Kristell that you don't hear with her band.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Weekly Playlist for 05.30.16 to 06.05.16

Just put together this week's playlist. I decided to create a 40 track playlist of guilty pleasure tracks. A lot of the songs are super cheesy as hell but when I am stuck at the office, this playlist will definitely make my day a lot more bearable especially since tomorrow is the last day of the month.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Music to Check Out

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Guilty Pleasure Of The Moment: Thicker Than Water by The Triplets

Tonight I decided to shake things up a bit on my blog. I decided for Wednesdays, instead of writing about my favorite music from the '90s, I decided to focus on my favorite musical guilty pleasure(s) at the moment.

Tonight it is one of my favorite pop albums from the early '90s by the group The Triplets. The Triplets were a trio of sisters Sylvia, Diana, and Vicky Villegas. They had a hit with "You Don't Have to Go Home Tonight". I am pretty sure that was the song that convinced me to buy their album Dancing in the Shadows. It is a super catchy song as is the rest of the album. Their music has a mix of American and Latin influences. I have been listening to the album via spotify for the past couple of days. I completely forgot how good the album is and how grossly underrated it is.

Judging by the research I did online, two of the three sisters have reunited and have a new album coming out later this summer.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Album Of The Week: Ammunition by Krewella

A couple of weeks ago I discovered Krewella on Spotify. I was checking out the new releases section and came across their album Ammunition. I loved the music right from the very first track "Beggars".  Definitely recommend this album/band.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Weekly Playlist for 05.23.16-05.29.16

For this week's playlist, I created a playlist of songs I listened to when I was in my late teens and early 20s which was basically in the '90s, making me old for some people ;).

Friday, May 20, 2016

Music to check out

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Random Observations

Today until 11:59 pm you can buy pre-sale tickets for the upcoming Loreena McKennitt show at the State Theatre in October.. I just bought my ticket for the show. It was not cheap but it is near the stage so that makes me happy. You can buy the pre-sales tickets (promo code: HARP) until 11:59 tonight otherwise the tickets goes officially on sale tomorrow. She is awesome live. It has been 9 years since I saw her at the State Theatre for the first time.

I was listening to Martina McBride's song "Independence Day". I can't believe this song got banned by many country radio stations. I guess some people really don't understand the issue of domestic violence and just how difficult it is for women (and men) to escape those situations. If the folks at the station honestly gave the song a listen to, it did not advocate violence. Sometimes the end justify the means. I admit it without any shame but I love this song. It is such a powerful song and Martina has a fantastic voice. I like some of her music when it is more pop-friendly and less country sounding.

I am really digging my new Samsung Tablet. I have been really loading up on music on my Spotify account. I have a lot of music ranging from classical to hip hop. I even have some country music on it. I think this weekend I will create some playlists so I can sift through out the filler tracks on the albums I am listening to. Believe it or not, I even have ABBA as one of my albums.

So looking forward to seeing Florence and The Machine and Grimes next month. Just two weeks to go for the show.

Rasputina is coming back to the Twin Cities in October to play at The Turf Club.

Just a reminder this Sunday night Chelsea Wolfe is playing at The Triple Rock. I would go but it is a work night and that I just shelled out good money for the Loreena McKennitt show.

Apparently tickets are still available for The Cure next month. And don't forget about Echo and The Bunnymen at First Avenue in September.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Album of the Week: Seven Stars, Seven Sorrows by Psy'Aviah

I really loved Psy'Aviah's last album The Xenogamous Endeavour from 2014 so I had really high expectations for the new album. The first time I listened to Seven Sorrows, Seven Stars, the music really didn't have the same affect its predecessor did but I continued to listen to it. I think the reason is that there are more male vocalists featured on the album and to be honest I am rather partial towards female vocalists which is why I loved The Xenogamous Endeavour so much. The more I listened to it, the more the music started to grow on me. I definitely recommend checking it out.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Music to check out

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Random Observations

Love this tribute to the late David Bowie by Rick Wakeman. Just found this clip on youtube tonight.

Guilty pleasure at the moment:

I also love her album Born This Way too. I recently got this album from the library. I kinda miss listening to it when I owned a copy. Not a perfect album but I'll take Lady G over today's crop op pop artists.

Favorite Air album

Favorite Amy Winehouse song

So Azaelia Banks had her Twitter account suspended after making various hateful tweets towards former One Direction member Zayn Malik. If anyone who could make Iggy Azalea appealing, it is Azealia Banks. She is the female version of George Zimmerman except she didn't murder anyone.

I'm glad I bought the Evanescence cd at the garage sale last weekend. I have been playing it quite a bit since last weekend.

Another guilty pleasure song of mine right now is Bette Midler's "Gift of Love".

Every time I see Justin Bieber's name in the headlines, all I can think to myself is "David Bowie and Prince are dead, and this little wanker is still alive". Why he is popular is beyond me. He treats his fans like crap and his fans aren't anything to write home about. They all need to get lives of their own and grow the hell up.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

My Favorite Albums From the '90s: Version 2.0 by Garbage

What is the '90s without mentioning the '90s alternative rock band Garbage? Their first two albums are my personal faves, I especially am a huge fan of Version 2.0. The band's debut self-titled album is fantastic without a shadow of a doubt but my favorite of the two albums has to go with Version 2.0. I can really hear the growth and maturity of the band on this album. I think the band started to really tightened up their sound beginning with this album and continued to progress with their predecessors.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Album of the Week: Quiet Letters by Bliss

Today at work I threw in an album I hadn't listened to in a few years which is Quiet Letters by Bliss. I think I first heard of Bliss on a Buddha Bar compilation or some sort of chill out compilation. Whatever the case might be, I immediately fell in love with the music and eventually found a copy of Quiet Letters in the used CD bins at Cheapo Records (when they were still in Uptown). After alll these years, Quiet Letters remains one of my personal favorite downtempo/chill out albums to listen to at the end of a long day at work.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Albums I am currently listening to

Recent Purchases:

From the library:

In heavy rotation:

Friday, May 6, 2016

Music to check out

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Random observations

If you ever need a good laugh, you should listen to Jean Grae's Kwanzaa song from Another Round's Kwanzaa Spectacular (which is in itself is laugh out loud funny).

Okay so it is not music but do check out the podcast Another Round, the popular podcast is both funny and serious.

Guilty pleasure ATM:

Oh heck! Bette Midler is my guilty pleasure at the moment. I have been playing the crap out of one of her albums I got from the library recently, especially "The Rose".

I love the new Marsheaux single. Marsheaux can do no wrong in my book.

One of my favorite songs right now:

Today I bought my ticket for the upcoming Garbage show at Skyway Theatre. Promo code is LITTLEBIRDS (if still available), tomorrow tickets goes on sale if you have missed the opportunity.

Current favorite album:

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

My Favorite Albums From the '90s: Elastica by Elastica

Earlier this week I put in Elastica's self-titled debut album into my boombox. I completely had forgotten how much I enjoy the album. The music is raw and energetic can be. I remember hearing the track "Connection" while in college in my 20s and falling in love with the song. I think I ended up going to the now closed Atomic Records and buying a copy of the band's self-titled album. To me, the album still sounds as good as it first did 20 years ago.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Album of the Week: EP by SoftWave

So for this week's pic of Album of the Week, I have chosen EP by Softwave. I have been listening to the five song EP on a daily basis. The Danish synthpop band is my favorite discovery of this year (so far). Excellent production by Jerry Olsen with fantastic vocals by Catrine Christensen. All of the songs have great memorable pop hooks. I hope people will check out this band. They are too good to ignore in my book.