Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Music that I bought in 2010

While walking home from work today and listening to the new Cylab album Cut & Coil, I got to thinking how many cds/mp3 files that I have bought (and downloaded) this year so I thought it would be hilarious to try to list all the music I bought in 2010. I am not counting the cds that I got for helping out Trace promote his shows or got from the library. This is all music I paid for with my hard earned money. I really hate to think how much it really adds up. I paid a shitload for Moving On by Unter Null (well worth every damn penny I think). Some I ended up buying used at either Cheapo or off ebay/Amazon.

Access Zero – Living in Transition
Android Lust – Stripped and Stitched
Anything Box – Elektrospective
Appleseed soundtrack
Ashbury Heights – Take Cair Paramour
Ashram – Shining Silver Skies
Autumn – Return to the Breathe
Ayria – Debris
Bella Koshka – Deception Island
Bella Lune – Synethesia
The Birthday Massacre – Pins and Needles
Blackthorn - Goassamer Witchcraft
Blume – Rise From Grey
Celtic Woman – Songs from the Heart
Code 64 - Departure
Colony 5 – Colonisation
Colony 5 – Fixed
Curve – Come Clean
Curve – Cuckoo
Cycle Sluts from Hell – Cycle Sluts from Hell
Cylab – Cut & Coil
De/Vision – Popgefahr
Dust of Basement – Meridian
Edge 0f Dawn – Anything That Gets You Through the Night
Ego Likeness – Breedless
Epica – Design Your Universe
Funker Vogt – Survivor
Gabriel and the Apocalypse - Into the Afterglow
Glow - Winter
IAMX – Dogmatic Infidel Comedown OK
Joan Jett – The Hit List
Joan Jett - Sinners
Lunar Sea compilation
Nachtmahr – Alle Lust will Ewigkeit
No One Knows about Persion Cats soundtrack
Owl City – Ocean Eyes
Project Pitchfork – Daimonion
Psyborg Corp – The Mechanical Renaissance
Puffy Amiyumi – Spike
QNTAL – IV: Translucida
Rob Dickinson – Fresh Wine for the Horses
The Runaways – 20th Century Masters: The Millenium Collection
Santa Hates You – Rocket Heart EP
Santa Hates You – Crucifix Powerbomb
Sapphire Solace – Sapphire Solace EP
Scarlet Slipping – Fire in the Mist
Sin Faktory compilation
The Sisters of Mercy – Floodland
The Spiritual Bat - Through the Shadows
Suicide Commando – Implements of Hell
Syrenn - The Kill House EP
System Syn – Strangers
Toni Halliday – Hearts and Handshakes
Torture Garden compilation
Unter Null – Moving On

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cut & Coil by Cylab

Track list for Cut and Coil

I am a big fan of Cylab. I have been a fan since I first heard Severina Sol on the first Diva Destruction album. I first heard of Cylab when I read a review for Unparallel Universe in a issue of Outburn magazine (before that magazine went to hell in handbasket by focusing on crappy metal and pseudo-punk bands). Cylab's sound can be described as a mix of trip hop and industrial music. Unlike the band Collide who combines trip hop and industrial, Cylab is a band that constantly creates innovative beats that does not sound repetitious and monotonous.

One of my favorite songs on the new Cylab album is "Skin".

The sound isn't that great to be honest but it does give the listener a glimpse into their music. Here is a better idea of the band's sound. This is the song "Dented Halos" from the band's second album Satellites.

Like I said, I like that Cylab is always creating interesting and often innovative beats when it comes to the fusion of industrial and trip hop music.

Back to the new album Cut & Coil, this is a terrific album. The band does not fail to disappoint me. The beats are complex yet accessible. The reworking of "Dragonfly Dream (Totakeke remix)" is a rare entity in which the remix is just as good as the original track. I don't say that about a lot of remixes since they are a hit or miss with me. The band could have easily put out an album full of "Skin" clones but they didn't. Instead, the album is chock full of dark pop intertwined with lush melodies, dark, pulsating and often skittering electronic beats, and sensuous lyrics.

I definitely recommend Cut & Coil or anything by Cylab for that matter. In a scene full of bands trying to be the next VNV Nation or Unter Null, Cylab is an exhilarating breathe of fresh air.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pins and Needles

I have been a big fan of The Birthday Massacre since 2005 or 2006. I first heard of the band on a Cleopatra Records compilation called This is Neo-Goth. Their song "Video Kid" was on the compilation and it totally blew me away. Their album Violet confirmed me as a huge fan. Last week I picked up their newest album Pins and Needles. For the very first time I can honestly say that I do not like an album by The Birthday Massacre. I felt like I was listening to a regurgitated version of Walking with Strangers (my favorite TBM album of all time). The melodies on the album were flat and nothing extraordinary. I really wanted to like Pins and Needles but ultimately I did not care for it one bit.

Friday, September 17, 2010

My favorite music at the moment

This week I came across the Italian goth/neo-classical/folk band Ashram via Facebook. The music really took my breathe away. It was just so good that I was literally brought to tears.

I don't ever remember hearing music that left me speechless like Ashram's music did. I ended up ordering through ebay a copy of Ashram's second album (I believe) Shining Silver Skies. It will make up for the not so good Pins and Needles by The Birthday Massacre which just felt like a regurgitation of their other albums with a bit of hard rock thrown into the mix.

I also have been really enjoying some Chandeen, Irfan, and sToa.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Legendary Pink Dots @ Triple Rock

Triple Rock Social Club
Thu, October 21, 2010
Doors: 8:00 PM / Show: 8:00 PM (event ends at 11:00 PM)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My favorite ABox song

I think I accidentally deleted my footage of ABox performing "Lady in Waiting". Thankfully I was able to find footage from someone else on youtube.

This has quickly become one of my personal favorite ABox songs.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Video footage from Anything Box's set

Here is a clip of Anything Box at Ground Zero on Saturday night. They were so good live.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Anything Box with Duck Duck Punch and Thought Thieves

Last night I finally got to see Anything Box at the Minneapolis nightclub Ground Zero. It was fucking fabulous.

This is the only video footage that I have uploaded so far, it is the Thought Thieves, a really excellent local band.

The first time I saw them was back in February at Ground Zero with another local fave Pop Incorporated.

Anyways, the concert last night was excellent. Duluth synthpop band Duck Duck Punch opened up the show, with Thought Thieves next, and finally Another Box. Information Society Paul Robb dj'ed through out the night. One would think that people would come see Paul Robb but sadly the numbers really was dismal. On the upside, the audience totally ate up Another Box's set. Everyone was singing along to their songs, including myself. While at the show I picked some free music by Duck Duck Punch (2 song EP) and Thought Thieves' All I Pretend EP and bought Another Box's Elektrospective. All of the cds that I brought home are great but I especially love the Anything Box cd. I have been listening to it all day long. The songs are freaking catchy as hell. I definitely recommend checking out ABox for synthpop fans. They really put out some great pop music.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Upcoming Anything Box show in Minneapolis, MN 09/11/10

Doors @ 6:30pm. $15 in advance via www.brownpapertickets.com, $20 at the door.
DJ Paul Robb of Information Society will be be doing a special dj set for the show. Local band Thought Thieves and Duluth, MN band Duck Duck Punch will be performing before ABox hits the stage.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

New music

I got a bunch of new cds this week (unfortunately it does not include the DF album Aftermath which I am going to ask for a refund after Labor Day from the vendor I ordered it through on Amazon) but I did acquire some real gems.

Torture Garden compilation

There is a thorough review of the Torture Garden compilation above the photo. The author of the review Gregory Burkart does a great job at describing the album. It is a great compilation. I just love the local indie record label Shinto records. I have been a fan since last year when I bought the compilation Sin-Tech at Angels on Acid's show at Ground Zero. This latest compilation leans towards ambient/darkwave which is a hit or miss with me (normally a miss for the most part) but I really like this compilation. It helps that my friend Serena Toxicat (aka Protea - warning cheap plug!) has a track called "Mau Bast" has a track on it and her song fits in perfectly with the music on the album.

Speaking of Shinto Records...

Lunar Sea compilation

This was one of two cds I bought at Cheapo Records as a early b'day present to myself. Here is the actual track list. I can now officially say I own all four Shinto Records compilations. One can never go wrong with songs by Scarlet Slipping, The Spiritual Bat, and Sullen Serenade. I saw The Spiritual Bat and Sullen Serenade back in July. Talk about two grossly overlooked goth bands. The Spiritual Bat reminds me of Siouxsie and the Banshees. Sullen Serenade is this terrific instrumental goth band with a strong emphasis on tribal rhythms (i.e drums). Oh and Scarlet Slipping is a fabulous local artist. I only own one album of hers Fire in the Mist but do plan to to check out her other albums one of these days. Life's Decay I have only heard on the Torture Garden compilation but am already hooked. Their stuff can be heard on youtube.

IAMX: Dogmatic Infidel Comedown OK

I am normally not a big fan of remix albums but considering who is remixing IAMX's music, I had to get this album today at Cheapo. Aesthetic Perfection, Combichrist, Alec Empire (of Atari Teenage Riot), and Omega Man are just some of the artists remixing IAMX's music. I'll have to post my reactions to the cd when I listen to it sometime today/tonight.

Psyborg Corp: The Mechanical Renaissance

Much to my delight, I found my copy of Psyborg Corp's debut album in my mailbox today. It is as good as I thought it would be. This is going to give Unter Null's Moving On and Suicide Commando's Implements of Hell a run for best aggrotech album of 2010. Just fucking awesome.

William Control: Noir

I bought this cd last week at The Electric Fetus. It is the only new cd I have bought in a week that I just did not care for to be honest. I bought this cd on a whim. Stupid sticker said it was essentially a mix of Depeche Mode, Marilyn Manson, VNV Nation, and Apoptygma Berzerk according to Alternative Press. Needless to say I did not think the music sounded anything like the aforementioned artists.

Update: I really dug the IAMX album. I should have noted before that not all the songs are remixes. A few are have been interpreted or covered by different artists. I am now listening to the Lunar Sea compilation and so far it is really good. Of course I have yet to hear a compilation from Shinto records that didn't disappoint me. You can find Shinto records by googling sin-tech.org.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

CDs that I want (updated list)

This morning I got the email saying that my copy of Psyborg Corp's The Renaissance Machine was shipped out last night . I'm hoping that I won't have to relieve the hell that I am going through with the Decoded Feedback album that I ordered nearly three weeks ago from a vendor in California via Amazon.com. Guess what? Damn fucker hasn't shown up. I tried to get my money back but the douchebags at importcds (the vendor) said to wait until after labor day. For crying out loud! It does not take three goddamn weeks for a lousy cd to get to Minnesota from California. I know. I sell cds via ebay and have sent a bunch to California. It is so frustrating. I haven't been this angry since I never got my copy of the Blackthorn cd earlier this year (I ended up downloading it via iTunes).

Anyhoo...I got to thinking today that there are a lot of cds that I am dying to have. I know I have blogged about this awhile back but here is the full list of cds that is on my wish list (mentally and/or on amazon.com too ). I should note that some of these albums have yet to be released.

Android Lust - The Human Animal

Angels on Acid - Blood, Sweat, and Tears

The Birthday Massacre - Pins & Needles

Cinderella Effect - Cinderllicious

Combichrist - Making Monsters

Funker Vogt - Blutzoll

Heimataerde -Unwesen

Kirlian Camera - Odyssey Europa

Mind.in.the.Box - Retro

MissFD (formerly FrightDoll) - Monsters in the Industry

Liv Kristine - Skintight

SAM - Brainwasher

Sara Noxx - Intoxxication

Solitary Experiments - In the Eye of the Beholder

Suicidal Romance - Shattered Heart Reflections

Tarja - What Lies Beneath

It is too bad that money does not grow on trees . I'll probably treat myself to the new TBM cd a week after my birthday as a belated birthday gift.