Thursday, July 31, 2014

My latest finds on Bandcamp

Today towards the end of my work day at the office, I decided to go on Bandcamp and see what I can find to listen to and hopefully share with my readers with the results. Thankfully I did find a few interesting discoveries on the site. I think all four acts are worth checking out.


Volkova is a coldwave/minimal synthpop duo from Argentina. I really like what I have heard from them.

Rosa Krueger

Another great Argentinian band that I discovered and they are also on Tacuara Records with Volkova. Definitely check this duo out.

Also found a couple of interesting ambient/darkwave acts I think are worth checking out:

Mind Divided

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Pet Peeves of the Week

Pet Peeve #1: Don't label your music as something that it really isn't or can be easily misinterpreted. I sure made that mistake today.

While at work today, I got a notification that Brooklyn, NY band Of Clocks and Clouds had started following my Twitter account. As I am chilling out before I go to bed, I decided to check out their album You on their bandcamp page after seeing the band use the term "dark electro" to describe their sound on their bandcamp page. The Flaming Lips and Radiohead were the first two bands that quickly popped into my head when I started listening to their music. Lets face it, I don't listen to those bands nor the type of music they play (and we all know what I listen to...;)). My opinion? I liked what I heard but if you are going to use the term "dark electro", it better live up to its name because to me the music does NOT live up to the term "dark electro", look whose blog you are reading...a music junkie who spends hours at work listening to the sounds of Unter Null, Suicide Commando, Hocico, God Module, Decoded Feedback, ect...ect... . This is a rock album plain and simple. Do I think it should be heard? Of course especially for fans of Flaming Lips and Radiohead. I think this band is talented.

Pet Peeve #2: If you are going to put together a music festival in the Twin Cities, make sure it lives up to the term "music festival"

So today on my morning break at work,I saw on City Pages' website that Downtown Records is bringing to Minneapolis a music festival to Skyway Theatre. You can read about it here. It goes without saying (not really) that I was anything but impressed with the line up. Never heard of the majority of the bands save for Future Islands and local band Hippo Campus. I'm sorry but when I think of music festivals, the first thing that comes to my mind is Coachella,Pitchfork,and Lollapalooza and has more than ten bands which I usually have heard of most of the roster on the bill. The cost of attending this festival is $59 (GA), $76 (VIP) for both days. Talk about overpriced for a bunch of mostly unknown bands. I'll say this about this music festival, at least it doesn't have the most white bread, bland, boring artists like the Skyline Music festival at Target Field that will be happening in August with the likes of Melissa Etheridge and O.A.R (gag me). I think in the very near future I will have to make a trip to Chicago for Lollapalooza and see a real music festival. Most (not all)  festivals that occurs here in the Twin Cities leaves something less to be desired. 

Monday, July 28, 2014

5 Artists You Should Check out

01. BrunuhVille

02. Mother Black Cat

03. Aengeldust

04. Schwarzblut

05. And Finally

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Album of the Week: Novus Ordo Seclorum by God Destruction

With all the CDs I recently acquired whether ordering online or borrowing from the library, I have been listening to Novus Ordo Seclorum by God Destruction a lot. I decided to make it my Album of the Week.

This is my first album by the Mexican aggrotech act. I hadn't heard of them until I decided to order some music from Juggernaut Music Group back in April. After listening to a few songs, I knew I had to order the album. After a lengthy wait to receive my CD copy of the album, the music proved that the long ass wait was so worth it as well as the money I spent for it and the Machinista EP). As a big fan of aggrotech music, Novus Ordo Seclorum satisfies this fan with its dark lyrics, fast pace dance beats, and harsh vocals.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Some Food For Thought: bad behavior and crossing the line

As you probably heard by now, Combichrist had announced the second leg of The We Love tour for later this year. One of the opening acts for the tour was supposed to be Blood On the Dance Floor. Later in the day Combichrist yet again made another announcement stating that BOTDF was let go from the tour after receiving numerous complaints from their fans. I really wasn't sure if I wanted to tackle this particular controversy and possibly be responsible for more internet however after going to BOTDF's FB page and seeing their whining from the band about being dismissed from the tour and their annoying fans with their "fuck haters" comments, I decided "Fuck it! I'm writing about this shit". Besides maybe it is good for me to play with fire here and there on my blog ;). Like I really get paid for my ramblings. LOL!

After I had done a couple of chores and ate dinner, I decided to do really get into the whole controversy over Blood On the Dance Floor. One of the first articles I read was from New Year's Day Merch Guy. What bad behavior and I am just being kind here. That article immediately gave me the impression that I am not dealing with a full deck of cards here when it comes to Dahvie Vanity. To me this sounds like this guy people should not be around especially on tour, let alone in life.

The article that really grabbed my attention was this tumblr called Truth About Dahvie Vanity. While the band and their fans are blaming social media for these rumors of Dahvie having sex with underage girls or sexually harassing them, I do not believe for one second that the stories I have read on this tumblr are just rumors. And then there is the infamous Jessi Slaughter controversy. Because Jessi had made several videos of herself rambling on and on, she became a target of idiots with a rumor that she slept with Dahvie which was untrue. Here is where Blood On the Dance Floor comes in. they decided to join in the mockery of Jessi with the rest of the internet trolls with a video mocking one of Jessi's videos. Talk about a really great role model for impressionable youths. NOT! This is definitely not professional behavior for a musician, or another human being for that matter. I don't give a fuck who you are, you just don't bully or sexually harass your fans.

I really wish that Combichrist vetted out their opening acts better but then again I didn't know all that shit about Dahvie until today which led me to do some online research. Thankfully Combichrist is smart enough to listen to their fans and heeded their complaints by dismissing Blood On the Dance Floor from their upcoming fall tour. The actions and behavior of Dahvie Vanity is appalling (as is BOTDF's alleged music). Bullying and harassing young female fans is totally inappropriate and shame on the fans who are blinded by the celebrity status of this not-so-talented band. I know Combichrist has received their fair of shit over the years for supposedly being "sexist" but from the times I have met them in person, I have been treated with utmost respect and kindness from the band. I never have taken their lyrics seriously. I always thought their lyrics were written with tongue firmly planted in cheek. Now Blood On the Dance Floor on the other hand thinks they are the shit but what really is shit is their music and the way they treat some of their young fans. I have met a lot of my favorite musicians over the years (my favorites include: Donna and Steve of Ego Likness, Kristy of The Azoic, and Jennifer Parkin of Ayria just to name a few). Dahvie needs to grow the fuck up and a pair of balls. A real man would not treat his fans like the way he has done in the past and probably will continue in the future.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

5 artists you should check out

And Finally

Last week I came across a new synthpop act called And Finally courtesy of A Different Drum records. The two clips on youtube really didn't do much for me because it didn't really give me a full idea of what the band's music is about so I decided to see if Spotify had the album and thankfully they do which you can find here. After hearing the album in its entirety, I quickly ordered a copy from A Different Drum Records. From what I have read online, the album was released late last year. You can either go to the band's link at the top of the page or to ADD's website which they are selling for dirt cheap (i.e $10). I definitely recommend giving this band a listen. I think they are fantastic.


Okay the Twin Cities isn't exactly a hotbed for industrial music but there are a few cool bands worth checking out. One of my personal favorite bands is AudioCentesis. They recently released their new album Zughenruhe. If you are a huge fan of bands like Hocico, God Module, Unter Null, etc...etc..., AudioCentesis is definitely right up your alley.

Absynthe of Faith

Absynthe of Faith is another favorite local band of mine. The youtube clip I just posted is just a sample of what to expect from these guys. I would definitely recommend going to their ReverbNation page to hear their music.


Another MN industrial act worth checking out.


of course I just had to mention my personal favorite local band from the Twin Cities...Promidal. Their live shows is fucking sick and I say that in a good way. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Albums I need to add to my music collection

Since my most recent trip to the library yesterday, I have been really enjoying some of the CDs I checked out. Those CDs is what inspired tonight's blog.

Bat For Lashes: The Haunted Man

A couple of weekends ago, I came across the video for "Laura" and found myself enjoying the song immensely. It has been 2 years since I first heard The Haunted Man by Bat for Lashes. At the time, I wasn't digging what I had heard. When I was at the library,I found the album and decided to give the album another chance. This time I find myself enjoying the album. I don't know what happened between 2012 and 2014 to convince me to give the album another shot but I am glad I did. The album is pure sublime.

M.I.A: Matangi

I am not sure what made me decided to check out the latest M.I.A album yesterday from the library considering I have never been much of a M.I.A prior to getting this album but I am glad that I did. Maybe the music appeals to me because it isn't as abrasive as its predecessors. Whatever the case, I am totally loving Matangi.

Lizzo: Lizzobangers

I definitely need to add Lizzobangers to my music collection. I have been really enjoying the hell out of the GRRRL PRTY's member solo album. I love her sense of humor as well her abilities to spit out some killer rhymes.

Lullacry: Where Angels Fear

Since Lullacry is no more, I definitely need to add their last studio album to add to my Lullacry collection.

Chiasm: 11:11

This album has been sitting on my Amazon wish list for so long. As I am listening to a few songs off the album on youtube, I realize I really need to add this to my music collection. Why I haven't gotten yet is beyond me. lol

The Lonely Soul Experience: Path of Blood

Anything that Blutengel's Chris Pohl does I definitely need to add to my collection. His new music project sounds really intriguing to me.

As a big fan of Mr.Kitty's previous album Life, his new album Time certainly needs to be added to my music collection.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Office playlist of the week

Another weekend has come and gone. Time for me to share with my listeners what I plan on listening this week. Did go to the library today and got a bunch of CDs to amuse myself with at the office.

I must say I really dig the latest M.I.A album. I never been able to get into her music with her previous albums (although I do love the song "Paper Planes") but with Matangi, I just love what I heard. Maybe because the music sounds so different from what I am used to listening to. That is another 2013 release I need to get to add to my music collection next to Lizzo's Lizzobangers.

From the library:
Matangi by M.I.A

A Thousand Faces Act I by Beats Antique

In Utero by Nirvana

Shulasmith by Polica

Metallica by Metallica

The Haunted Man by Bat For Lashes

In2ition by 2Cellos

Everyone's Looking by The Parlour Suite

From my own music collection:
Only In Dreams by Dum Dum Girls

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo soundtrack

False Face by God Module

Dying Life by Espermachine

Conjure One by Conjure One

Universal Blood by Inertia

Mandatory Fun by Weird Al Yankovic

Khaos Legions by Arch Enemy

Some long time favorites:
Sacrificum by Xandria

Lizzobangers by Lizzo

War Eternal by Arch Enemy

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Music I am currently listening to


Weird Al Yankovic: Mandatory Fun

Lizzo: Lizzobangers

I must say that I am really digging GRRRL PRTY and Lizzo's music. As someone who is not fan of hip hop music, I find myself digging their sounds. GRRRL PRTY's performance at last Sunday's Bastille Day's Block Party really left a huge impression on me. I have been listening to their digital EP TNGHT every day at work. It is a nice break from all the aggrotech, synthpop, and heavy metal that I listen to every day at work. As a result, I requested Lizzo's solo album Lizzobangers from the library. I am really digging her solo album. Some people might not like the song "Batches and Cookies" and be turned off by the song (like the humorless idiots on youtube) but you really can't judge an artist based on one song. I definitely plan on buying my own copy of Lizzobangers come next pay day.

After work today I stopped by Target to see if they got more copies of the new Weird Al Yankovic album Mandatory Fun in and they did so I bought it. It is a fun album. I really love the song "Word Crimes". That song just sends me laughing my ass off. Not so crazy about "Handy" but I'll take it over the shit ass original version "Fancy" which is one of the shittiest songs I have ever heard.

I know have already mentioned the Machinista and God Destruction albums yesterday in my blog but I'll say it again...I love them!!! They are definitely worth checking out and I would also recommend checking out the rest of the catalog at Juggernaut Services. The owner Nick is a real good guy.

I also included some recent finds on bandcamp that is worth checking out including the already mentioned Empyrean Asunder EP Hate which I still listen to on a daily basis.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

10 albums of 2014 that people needs to hear [so far]

Today I finally received my God Destruction and Machinista albums in the mail today. As I am listening to my new music AND enjoying them, I got to thinking about what releases from this year that people are missing out on and should hear.

01. The Luna Sequence: Fearful Shepherds Hunt Their Sheep

Fearful Shepherds Hunt Their Sheep is quickly becoming one of my most played CDs at the office and certainly is going to be ranked as one of my favorite releases of 2014. This is a fantastic album. I really like how intricate the melodies are. The hybrid sound of heavy metal, industrial, and techno music really sounds fresh to this music junkie. I have listened to all of The Luna Sequence's albums online and I definitely can say Fearful Shepherds Hunt Their Sheep is Kaia Young's strongest effort to date.

02. God Destruction: Novus Ordo Seclorum

Just started listening to the new God Destruction album. Holy fucking Hell! This album is surely going to melt people's ears. I know my ears are melting right now. This is my first GD album and I am hooked on this band. As a big fan of aggrotech music, Novus Ordo Seclorum is right up my alley.

03. Dum Dum Girls: Too True

Too True was the very first album released this year that I bought a copy after borrowing a copy from my library. This album is what made me become a fan of the Dum Dum Girls. I really love the band's mix of pop and rock. The music has a hint of retro sound not so different from The Raveonettes. Every song on the album is incredibly infectious. I think it would be really hard to not like Too True.

04. Machinista: Arizona Lights

Excellent synthpop album. Definitely a must hear and I think Machinista's music in general needs to be heard more in our music scene.

05. Mondtraume: Empty

Empty is without a shadow of a doubt my favorite synthpop album of 2014. The melodies through out the album is addicting to listen to. Damasius' vocals just gives me the warm fuzzies on the inside.

06. Mankind is Obsolete: Mobius Loop

I am fairly new fan to Mankind is Obsolete. I bought their 207 album Trapped Inside last year and quickly became a fan. If you dig the fusion of hard rock/metal and electronica music like I:Scintilla, I think people would totally get into Mankind is Obsolete.

07. Phantogram: Voices
Voices is one of the best pop albums I have heard this year.

08. Army on the Dance Floor: Many Faces of War

One of my favorite new up and coming bands I have heard this year. They made me a huge fan when I heard a couple of songs on their FB page prior to the release of their debut album.

09. Astronomique: Burning Stars Fade EP

Astronomique is one of my favorite new local bands of 2014. This spring they dropped their first release which is the Burning Stars Fade EP. The band is now working on another EP tentatively set for a fall release. I am definitely looking forward to hearing new music from this talented electro-pop band. I think they show a lot of promise.

10. Fort Wilson Riot: Trilliun

The more I see this band live, the more I love their latest album Trilliun. This is easily my favorite Minnesota album of 2014. Really great mix of electronica, pop, rock, and a touch of r and b music. I like that this band does not stick to one particular sound. 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My 20 favorite concert pictures

Tonight I was perusing my photobucket account and looking at various pictures that I took at concerts. I decided I would share with my readers 20 of my personal favorite pictures that I took over the years.

20. Kai Schwenkler [VNV Nationa/Straftanz tour 2011]

19. Aesthetic Perfection [All Cities Destroyed Tour 2012]

18. Genitorturers [Station 4 2010]

17. Faith and The Muse [Ground Zero 2009]

16. Dum Dum Girls [The Triple Rock Social Club 2014]

15. Phantogram [First Avenue Mainroom 2014]

14. Skinny Puppy [Mill City Nights 2014]

13. Ayria [w/Project Pitchfork at Ground Zero 2010]

12. Project Pitchfork [w/Ayria at Ground Zero 2010]

11. Hate Dept. [Club Underground 2014]

10. Dismantled [w/Front Line Assembly, Cyanotic, and DJ? Acucrack 2011]

09. The Bellwether Syndicate [with The Foreign Resort 2013]

08. Fort Wilson Riot [Mears Park 2014]

07. GRRRL PRTY [Bastille Day Block Party 2014]

06. De/Vision [Amsterdam Bar and Hall 2014]

05. God Module [False Face tour 2014]

04. Unter Null [Ground Zero 2010]

03. Dawn of Ashes [Hellions of Hollywood tour 2013]

02. Tegan and Sara [First Avenue Mainroom 2014]

01Veruca Salt [Varsity Theater 2014]

Honorable Mentions:

My Midnight Heart [w/Tegan and Sara 2014]

Warpaint [First Avenue Mainroom 2014]

Ego Likeness [w/Servitor at Ground Zero 2013]

Emilie Autumn [Varsity Theater 2009]

VNV Nation [w/Whiteqube at Mill City Nights 2014]

Monday, July 14, 2014

5 artists you should check out

05. Double Eyelid

04. The Jezabels
The Brink
Dark Storm

03. Is/Is

02. Youth Code


I have to admit I am not a fan of hip hop music but GRRRL PRTY is that proof that even this old dog who is so set in her old ways can change her least with this group. I have been meaning to check them out based on my curiosity due to the hype I have been reading about this group of women but shit keeps happening that prevented me from checking out their shows. Last week I got a good feel for what to expect from the women live when I watched a youtube clip of their 42 minute set at Memory Lane's Block Party. I was thoroughly impressed and it definitely got me excited to see them at Bastille Day's Block Party. Then Sunday came and went. Seeing them live totally blew me out of the water. I have seen a lot of bands over the years and a lot of them don't have the stage presence and energy that this group has. The energy of this group was infectious. It is not hard to love these women. Their set was a lot of fucking fun, definitely the highlight of my weekend. Here are some pictures from the time I spent at Bastille Day's Block Party.
goth_maven's Bastille Day Block Party 2014 album on Photobucket

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Office Playlist of the Week

Because I am going out later today,I figure I would get today's blog done as quickly as possible. Here is what I plan on listening to this week at work:

I am really digging the new Xandria album. Over the weekend,I bought my own copy so I could listen to it without having to worry about when I have to return it to the library.

I have to admit this is the only release in 2014 from Metropolis Records that I honestly like. Along with 3 Teeth and Youth Code, Baal is help bringing back guitars into industrial music which I think needs to make a return or at least heard more often in music. Not that I don't love the sounds of Hocico, Grendel, Suicide Commando, and Unter Null but I feel like it needs a swift kick in its ass and learn to evolve and not stick to one particular sound.

Sneaker Pimps: Becoming X

Veruca Salt: Eight Arms To Hold You

Panic Lift: Is This Goodbye?

The Namesake soundtrack

Cinderella Effect: Cinderellicious

Depeche Mode: Ultra

And still bringing albums by Psyborg Corp, Mondtraume, Lindsey Stirling, The Luna Sequence, Marsheaux, The Girl and The Robot, Arch Enemy, and Mankind is Obsolete to work with me. With the exception of The Girl and The Robot EPs, the rest of the albums are definitely some of my favorite releases of 2014. I have yet to get sick of listening to them.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Album of the Week: Trilliun by Fort Wilson Riot

Of the local albums I have heard this year so far, by far Trilliun by Fort Wilson Riot is my personal favorite. The album is such a mix bag of electro-pop, r and b, and rock. The album is super catchy. After seeing them last week for a stripped down set for the Acoustic Campfire show at the Walker, I been listening to the album even more so than I usually do. Then last night I went down to Saint Paul for their performance at Music at Mears Park (this time with a full band). The band essentially played the new album. Every time I hear songs like "Nothing Changes (It's a Riddle)" and "Hiway", I just keep falling in love with the band's music. I love the shared vocals between of Amy Hager and Jacob Mullis. Both have really gentle/subtle vocals. Normally I am not big on brass instruments but the use of the trumpet on "Out of the Ocean" is a nice added touch to the band's sound. It isn't overwhelming as they often can be (at least to me). I decided for this week's Album of the Week, I chose Fort Wilson Riot's Trilliun. I definitely forsee this album being in my top 10/20 end of the year list.

And in case you missed seeing them via FB/Twitter, here are my pics from last night's show I went to.
goth_maven's Music at Mears Park album on Photobucket

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Veruca Salt at Varsity Theater on 07.09.14

After going on hiatus in 2012, '90s alternative rock band Veruca Salt returned to the music scene in 2013 with the message "For now lets just say hatchets buried, axes exhumed". What made the band's return even more impressive was that the return of the band is the original line up featuring Nina Gordon, Louise Post, Jim Shapiro, and Steve Lack. Earlier this year, Veruca Salt released their first new songs "It's Holy" and "The Museum of Broken Relationships" for Record Store Day. This summer the band has hit the road to promote the new songs as well as for longtime fans who have been waiting to see the original line up together again, especially the return of Nina Gordon after an acrimonious split with the band in 1998. The wait was so well worth it.

goth_maven's Other concerts I have attended album on Photobucket

Although the show was not sold out (and according to City Pages, the only show that didn't sell out on the tour), the venue was still packed with devoted fans going back all the way to the '90s as well as some new younger fans. The audience was definitely dominated by women but it wasn't to say that there wasn't a good number of guys at the show. There were lots of men but women were the dominant presence in the audience. This had to be one of my most enjoyable concert experiences I have attended this year so far, with the exception of a douchebag who tried to stir up shit with a good friend of mine who wasn't having any of it. Thankfully he got security to get the guilty party escorted out of the building or at least out of the audience. Once that scuffle was over, the fun went on for the rest of the night.

Portland, Oregon rock band Battleme kicked off the evening with their brand of raw, loud rock and roll which often reminded me of The Strokes and Jet with their garage/rock sound. Their set was highly energetic for all the 40 minutes they played onstage. Battleme was definitely the perfect opening band for Veruca Salt because both bands put in loud, highly energetic sets.

Very modestly, Veruca Salt went on stage not long after Battleme's performance. With a simple wave from Louise and a "hi" from Nina, the band quickly tore the stage that night beginning with the song "Get Back". In my updated photo album, I have included a picture of the set list which I was fortunate to receive after the show. Skipping the post-Nina Gordon material, the band opted for their earlier albums and the new songs. This was the first time I have seen Veruca Salt live on stage and I was not disappointed for one second. Their music is far louder and heavier than what you hear on their albums. I thought it was cute when Louise name checked her friends that were attending the show. I also loved it when Louise threw roses into the audience near the end of their set. I was fortunate to be one of those people to have caught one (not to mention get her set list). What really stood out for me was the chemistry between the band members but most importantly between Louise and Nina. After such a bitter split in the late '90s, to see the two women playfully interact with each other onstage and truly enjoy each other's company really made the performance even more special for me. What Steven Tyler and Joe Perry is to Aerosmith, Nina Gordon and Louise Post is to Veruca Salt, the heart and soul of the band. At least to me they are but it isn't to say that drummer Jim Shapiro and bassist Steve Lack isn't any less important. Clearly though when a person thinks of the band Veruca Salt, Nina and Louise quickly pops into their heads.

I didn't take any videos from the show but my friend Renee did and got this video footage of the band performing "Volcano Girls", my personal favorite Veruca Salt song. Last night was a lot of fun. The band will be releasing a new album sometime this fall and you bet I will be buying the new album. I love their new songs.

You can also read this review on City Pages' website.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Jam of the Week: Ocean by Tiny Deaths

I just came across a new local group here in the Twin Cities this morning called Tiny Deaths. Claire de Lune (from the local hip hop act Chalice) did an interview with City Pages recenty which you can read here. The interview quickly piqued my curiousity especially when the words "electro-pop" was mentioned in the article. Tiny Deaths is a collaboration between Claire and Grant Cutler (whose work can also be heard on the brilliant Wolf Lords album that he worked on with Aby Wolf). After hearing the clip "Ocean" which can also be found in the City Pages article and in this blog entry, I was quickly hooked especially since I absolutely adore the Wolf Lords album Cutler worked on. Tiny Deaths will be opening up on Friday night at 7th Street entry for Glass Animals. I definitely plan on attending the show.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

My Current Top 10 favorites

As I was sitting in my chair goofing around on the internet and trying to figure out what I should write for my latest blog entry tonight, I have come to a conclusion to just make tonight's blog entry as simple as possible and just share with my readers what some of my favorite music is at the moment.

Top 10 Favorite Bands: 
10. Arch Enemy
09. Dum Dum Girls
08. The Luna Sequence
07. Cosmic Armchair
06. AudioCentesis
05. Xandria
04. The Jezabels
03. Marsheaux
02. Empyrean Asunder
01. The Girl and The Robot

Top 10 Favorite Albums/EPs 
10. Prisoner by The Jezabels
09. Sacrificium by Xandria
08. Zughenruhe by AudioCentesis
07. Whole/Flowers by The Girl and The Robot
06. Odyssey by Marsheaux
05. War Eternal by Arch Enemy
04. End of Daze by Dum Dum Girls
03. The Frozen Shrines of Obsydyana by Psyborg Corp
02. Fearful Shepherds Hunt Their Sheep by The Luna Sequence
01. Hate by Empyrean Asunder

My Top 10 Favorite Songs
10. Habitat by Austra
09. The Forever Ritual by The Luna Sequence
08. Carried Mask by Youth Code
07. Crosshairs by Mankind is Obsolete
06. Mirror Haus by Lindsey Stirling
05. It's Just a Dream by Ambra Red
04. Catch me by The Jezabels
03. Flowers by The Girl and The Robot
02. Lilith by Ruined Conflict
01. Love is Calling by Melotron

Monday, July 7, 2014

5 artists you should check out

Empyrean Asunder

I just discovered this band yesterday when they started following my Twitter account. Needless to say curiosity got to me and I had to check them out. Of course I totally dug what I heard right away. The band reminds me a little of Mankind is Obsolete but with harsher vocals. I definitely recommend checking this band out. From what I have read on their Facebook page, they have a new album coming out in August. I definitely will be sharing that info when the time comes.

Ruined Conflict
This morning I discovered that Ruined Conflict has a new album out called Revolutionary Mayhem. I listened to some of it on Spotify before work. I really like it. If you love VNV Nation, you will definitely love Ruined Conflict.

Cosmic Armchair
These guys are easily one of my favorite new bands of 2014.

Jordan Reyne

Cold In May

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Office Playlist of the Week

Oh yay. It's Sunday evening again. Time to figure out what to listen to at the office. Today I got a new CD case for my music and this one holds more than my previous CD case meaning more music choices for me to listen to :). Here is some of what I plan on listening to this week:

Arch Enemy: Khaos Legions

Dum Dum Girls: End of Daze

Stoneburner: Songs In The Key Of Arrakis

Travis: The Man Who

Puffy Amiyumi: The Very Best of Puffy Amiyumi

The Girl and the Robot: Whole/Flowers

The Girl and The Robot: Silence/Borderline

Blondie: Greates Hits Deluxe Redux

Android Lust: The Human Animal

Front Line Assembly: Echogenetic

Army On the Dancefloor: Many Faces of War (well actually I have a download of the album at work, besides at home ;))

Client: Authority

Luna Mortis: The Absence

Siouxsie and The Banshees: The Very Best of Siouxsie and The Banshees

Some other stand bys:

Chvrches: The Bones of What You Believe

Phantogram: Voices

Nitro/Noise: No Cure For Apocalypse

Blutengel: Black Symphonies

Veruca Salt: Eight Arms To Hold You

Of course this is just some. I will also be bringing my current favorite albums like the new albums by Arch Enemy, Xandria, Mondtraume, The Luna Sequence, Dum Dum Girls, Marsheaux, Psyborg Corp, and Lindsey Stirling.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

CDs for sale on Ebay

Today I went over to the Electric Fetus for my monthly visit to see what I could find there. It didn't take me very long to find three CDs that I wanted to buy. Not long ago tonight I got around to organizing my CD collection to include my new purchases and my copies of The Girl and The Robot EPs that I got in the mail on Thursday. All this organizing made me realize I should put up some CDs for auction on Ebay. Why? Because it appears I need to get a new CD tower and I like to try to keep my music collection somewhat under control unlike many years ago when I spent more $$$ than I really should have. LOL! So here are the CDs I have up for sale with a youtube clip to give people an idea of the music I am selling. My ebay username is eanderson74.

Combichrist: What the Fuck is Wrong With You People?/EveryBody Hates You

Juno Reactor: The Golden Sun of the Great East

Belly: King

Apoptygma Berzerk: Harmonizer

Club Bizarre 1

De/Vision: Noob

Berlin: Animal

Kobra and The Lotus: Kobra and the Lotus

VNV Nation: Judgement

Modern Rock: Dance

Midnattsol: The Metamorphosis Melody

I just added a few more CDs to my Ebay page.
Siouxsie and The Banshees - The Very Best of Siouxsie and The Banshees (2 disc limited edition)
Assemblage 23 - Bruise
Assemblage 23 - Compass
Assemblage 23 - Meta

Friday, July 4, 2014

Albums of the Week: Whole/Flowers and Silence/Borderline EPs by The Girl and The Robot

Once again, for this week's Album of the Week feature, I opted to write about more than one album. In this case it is about the two EPs by The Girl and The Robot that I recently received in the mail. I really wish I knew what was up with the group but I would not be surprised if the duo of Plastique and Deadbeat was on an indefinite hiatus or have broken up. Nevertheless I still think their music warrants some attention because it is so damn good in my honest opinion. If you like new wave music especially '80s new wave, you will definitely dig the sounds of The Girl and The Robot.


Silence/Borderline was the first of the two EPs by The Girl and The Robot I first listened to via Spotify a couple of weeks ago. I was immediately hooked especially after hearing "Please Stay".


Whole/Flowers is the duo's first EP and just as good as Silence/Borderline. Super catchy electro/new wave songs.

The reason I bought the two EPs over their full length album The Beauty of Decay is that I preferred the sounds of the tracks on the EPs than their full length album which came off as a bit too slick and polished for my liking. It is a good album but the songs were just too overly produced however I will recommend checking it out since that the actual CD of the album is still available via Amazon. Or you can buy the EPs via POPoNAUT.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

My favorite local albums of 2014 [so far]

Tonight's blog entry was inspired by City Page's article on the Ten Best Minnesota Albums of 2014. I thought I would share with my readers a few of my favorite local releases of 2014 that I have heard so far.

Astronomique: Burning Stars Fade EP

Fort Wilson Riot: Trilliun

Orchyd: Mechanical Angels

Votel: Votel

Glean: Echoes and Waves

Fate's Palette: Rule of Thirds

AudioCentesis: Zughenruhe

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

My 10 favorite concerts of 2014 [so far]

Today on City Pages' website, they had a list of their Top 20 Best Twin Cities Concertsof 2014. I thought I would share with my readers my favorite concerts that I had attended this year so far. I would have included the Girl Germs concert however my camera phone had essentially died on me that night and well I ended up leaving before Pink Mink's set (just too tired and was getting the munchies so it gets an honorable mention from me.

01. Dum Dum Girls at The Triple Rock
goth_maven's Dum Dum Girls at the Triple Rock album on Photobucket

Granted the venue was packed like a sardine can with people and I wasn't exactly up close to the stage like I usually am at most concerts. Still I loved this show because the band sounded so good live. It was such a treat to see them live. The Dum Dum Girls really need to move up and have their shows at the mainroom at First Avenue. The Triple Rock was way too packed for my liking.

02. Phantogram at First Avenue with Teen

Despite the irritating bimbos that shoved their way in front of the stage, this show was excellent. Between the lighting and the band, the entire night was quite riveting. I'd totally go see them again in the fall but I have no way to get to the Myth, plus and it is an all-ages show. Blech! I'll pass on being around bratty teenagers thank you very much.

03. Tegan and Sara at First Avenue with The Courtneys and My Midnight Heart

Last month's Tegan and Sara show was my first time attending one of their live performances. It was a lot of fun. The sisters were highly entertaining to watch and listen to as they would ramble on in between songs. Really loved the opening act My Midnight Heart which left a huge impression on me. I wish pop music would sound as good as My Midnight Heart's music.

04. Voltaire with Ego Likeness and The Trapezoids
goth_maven's Voltaire with Ego Likeness album on Photobucket

Okay, I'll be brutally upfront and say that the only reason I listed this show was for Ego Likeness. They were really the main reason I was at the show. This was the second time I have seen Ego Likeness live and they sounded as awesome as they did back in November. Hearing and seeing Donna sing live is a real treat. I think she truly is one of the best damn singers I have ever had the pleasure in seeing live ever.

05. Uh Huh Her at The Triple Rock with Kim Anh

I finally got to see UHH live and I was definitely not disappointed.

06. Skinny Puppy with Army of the Universe at Mill City Nights

That was one kickass show. Easily my favorite industrial concert I have attended this year (so far). 07. God Module with Die Sektor and F.T.C
goth_maven's God Module with Die Sektor and FTC album on Photobucket

08. VNV Nation with Whiteqube
goth_maven's VNV Nation with Whiteqube album on Photobucket

09. Aesthetic Perfection with Surgyn and Panic Lift
goth_maven's Aesthetic Perfection with Surgyn and Panic Lift album on Photobucket

10. Hate Dept. with Project .44 and Absynthe of Faith