Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Some Food For Thought: bad behavior and crossing the line

As you probably heard by now, Combichrist had announced the second leg of The We Love tour for later this year. One of the opening acts for the tour was supposed to be Blood On the Dance Floor. Later in the day Combichrist yet again made another announcement stating that BOTDF was let go from the tour after receiving numerous complaints from their fans. I really wasn't sure if I wanted to tackle this particular controversy and possibly be responsible for more internet however after going to BOTDF's FB page and seeing their whining from the band about being dismissed from the tour and their annoying fans with their "fuck haters" comments, I decided "Fuck it! I'm writing about this shit". Besides maybe it is good for me to play with fire here and there on my blog ;). Like I really get paid for my ramblings. LOL!

After I had done a couple of chores and ate dinner, I decided to do really get into the whole controversy over Blood On the Dance Floor. One of the first articles I read was from New Year's Day Merch Guy. What bad behavior and I am just being kind here. That article immediately gave me the impression that I am not dealing with a full deck of cards here when it comes to Dahvie Vanity. To me this sounds like this guy people should not be around especially on tour, let alone in life.

The article that really grabbed my attention was this tumblr called Truth About Dahvie Vanity. While the band and their fans are blaming social media for these rumors of Dahvie having sex with underage girls or sexually harassing them, I do not believe for one second that the stories I have read on this tumblr are just rumors. And then there is the infamous Jessi Slaughter controversy. Because Jessi had made several videos of herself rambling on and on, she became a target of idiots with a rumor that she slept with Dahvie which was untrue. Here is where Blood On the Dance Floor comes in. they decided to join in the mockery of Jessi with the rest of the internet trolls with a video mocking one of Jessi's videos. Talk about a really great role model for impressionable youths. NOT! This is definitely not professional behavior for a musician, or another human being for that matter. I don't give a fuck who you are, you just don't bully or sexually harass your fans.

I really wish that Combichrist vetted out their opening acts better but then again I didn't know all that shit about Dahvie until today which led me to do some online research. Thankfully Combichrist is smart enough to listen to their fans and heeded their complaints by dismissing Blood On the Dance Floor from their upcoming fall tour. The actions and behavior of Dahvie Vanity is appalling (as is BOTDF's alleged music). Bullying and harassing young female fans is totally inappropriate and shame on the fans who are blinded by the celebrity status of this not-so-talented band. I know Combichrist has received their fair of shit over the years for supposedly being "sexist" but from the times I have met them in person, I have been treated with utmost respect and kindness from the band. I never have taken their lyrics seriously. I always thought their lyrics were written with tongue firmly planted in cheek. Now Blood On the Dance Floor on the other hand thinks they are the shit but what really is shit is their music and the way they treat some of their young fans. I have met a lot of my favorite musicians over the years (my favorites include: Donna and Steve of Ego Likness, Kristy of The Azoic, and Jennifer Parkin of Ayria just to name a few). Dahvie needs to grow the fuck up and a pair of balls. A real man would not treat his fans like the way he has done in the past and probably will continue in the future.

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