Thursday, July 17, 2014

Music I am currently listening to


Weird Al Yankovic: Mandatory Fun

Lizzo: Lizzobangers

I must say that I am really digging GRRRL PRTY and Lizzo's music. As someone who is not fan of hip hop music, I find myself digging their sounds. GRRRL PRTY's performance at last Sunday's Bastille Day's Block Party really left a huge impression on me. I have been listening to their digital EP TNGHT every day at work. It is a nice break from all the aggrotech, synthpop, and heavy metal that I listen to every day at work. As a result, I requested Lizzo's solo album Lizzobangers from the library. I am really digging her solo album. Some people might not like the song "Batches and Cookies" and be turned off by the song (like the humorless idiots on youtube) but you really can't judge an artist based on one song. I definitely plan on buying my own copy of Lizzobangers come next pay day.

After work today I stopped by Target to see if they got more copies of the new Weird Al Yankovic album Mandatory Fun in and they did so I bought it. It is a fun album. I really love the song "Word Crimes". That song just sends me laughing my ass off. Not so crazy about "Handy" but I'll take it over the shit ass original version "Fancy" which is one of the shittiest songs I have ever heard.

I know have already mentioned the Machinista and God Destruction albums yesterday in my blog but I'll say it again...I love them!!! They are definitely worth checking out and I would also recommend checking out the rest of the catalog at Juggernaut Services. The owner Nick is a real good guy.

I also included some recent finds on bandcamp that is worth checking out including the already mentioned Empyrean Asunder EP Hate which I still listen to on a daily basis.

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