Sunday, July 6, 2014

Office Playlist of the Week

Oh yay. It's Sunday evening again. Time to figure out what to listen to at the office. Today I got a new CD case for my music and this one holds more than my previous CD case meaning more music choices for me to listen to :). Here is some of what I plan on listening to this week:

Arch Enemy: Khaos Legions

Dum Dum Girls: End of Daze

Stoneburner: Songs In The Key Of Arrakis

Travis: The Man Who

Puffy Amiyumi: The Very Best of Puffy Amiyumi

The Girl and the Robot: Whole/Flowers

The Girl and The Robot: Silence/Borderline

Blondie: Greates Hits Deluxe Redux

Android Lust: The Human Animal

Front Line Assembly: Echogenetic

Army On the Dancefloor: Many Faces of War (well actually I have a download of the album at work, besides at home ;))

Client: Authority

Luna Mortis: The Absence

Siouxsie and The Banshees: The Very Best of Siouxsie and The Banshees

Some other stand bys:

Chvrches: The Bones of What You Believe

Phantogram: Voices

Nitro/Noise: No Cure For Apocalypse

Blutengel: Black Symphonies

Veruca Salt: Eight Arms To Hold You

Of course this is just some. I will also be bringing my current favorite albums like the new albums by Arch Enemy, Xandria, Mondtraume, The Luna Sequence, Dum Dum Girls, Marsheaux, Psyborg Corp, and Lindsey Stirling.

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