Sunday, March 31, 2013

Absolute Grrrls Manifesto Disc 2

I am really digging the whole Absolute Grrrls Manifesto compilation. This is definitely going to be ranking high on my end of the year list. While I loved disc 1, it did have a few tracks I was not crazy of whether it was due to the production value or the quality in the music. Disc 2 is an improvement. The disc is solid through track one to track 20.

On disc 1, there was a general industrial and synthpop sound. On Disc 2, the album begins with a heavy metal flavor and gradually finishes into industrial territory. I am not a heavy metal fan (really picky about heavy metal) but the songs feature on disc 2 are really good. Metal or not the songs on disc two are very good. Really dig the tracks by Aaimon, Chamber of Echoes, Helalyn Flowers, Alice in Videoland, and Cinderfall to just name a few.

Couldn't find "Fatal Attraction" featured on the compilation but to give you an idea of their sound, here is a different track. I really like what I have heard so far.

LOVE this track by Alice in Videoland. Very dance orientated (in the vein of Lady Gaga) but I dig this song. Very melodic and fun to listen to.

As someone who is not a Tristania fan,I found myself really enjoying "Year of the Rat". Maybe that is becaues the song lacks those obnoxious guttural vocals so common in heavy metal music nowadays.

I will be frank, the first time I listened to disc 2, I really wasn't all that keen on a few tracks like "Paranoid" by Junksista and "Beezz" by GNY but after listening to the disc a few times. The songs have grown on me considerably. I particularly like the Junksista track. The song has a good hook and I dig the beats which reminds me of fellow Alfa Matrix label mates Krystal System. I am definitely getting my money's worth that I spent on this four CD compilation. It does not sound like that it was thrown together with no thought put into it like on other compilations from Alfa Matrix. As a fan of various female fronted bands, this compilation was a dream come true. I hope that people will check Absolute Grrrls Manifesto.

Track List:
01. Aaimon - Black Cross (delusion edit)
02. Loveorn Dolls - No-Life
03. Chambers of Echoes - Fatal Attraction
04. Tying Tiffany - Drownin'
05. Tristania - Year of the Rat
06. Krystal System - I Wanna Be (manifesto mix)
07. Death of Art - Anti-Valentine
08. Helalyn Flowers - Before the Sunshine
09. Cinderfall - Dance of the Dead
10. Desdemona - Euphoria
11. GNY - beezz
12. Nude - deeper/shame (deep mix 02c)
13. Junksista - Paranoid
14. Alice in Videoland - Bender
15. Canal Pop feat. Polette - Things You Say You Like
16. Chaos All Stars - We Are the Sinners
17. Celluloide - Imprevisible (version claire)
18. AD:KEY - Kalter Kreig (female edit)
19. Aesthetische feat. Ava Nima - High Heel Fixation
20. Neikka RPM - Blood Line

Saturday, March 30, 2013

I:Scintilla with Goodnight Criminals, GoFight, and Gabriel and The Apocalypse at Ground Zero 3.29.13

I:Scintilla with Goodnight Criminals, GoFight, and Gabriel and the Apocalypse

Well another concert has come and gone. Last night Chicago electronica/rock band I:Scintilla returned to the Twin Cities with fellow Chicagoans Goodnight Criminals and GoFight. A good time was to be had. Goodnight Criminals started off the night with their mix of rock and electronica music. Goodnight Criminals features I:Scintilla's Brent Leitner. I didn't get any video footage of their set but you can get an idea of their sound from this music video that I dug up.

I liked what I heard from Goodnight Criminals. They have a sound that fits well with I:Scintilla's brand of electronica/rock.

Up next was GoFight which features ex-Die Warzau member Jim Marcus. I really dug the sound of this band. Their set was highly entertaining. Again, sorry I didn't get any video footage of their set.
Gabriel and the Apocalypse was the third band during the night. I was not disappointed. For the most part. I swear in the beginning of the band's set, Lindy's mic was all jacked up so I couldn't hear her vocals. Eventually the sound quality picked up but still I felt like I was just watching Lindy lipsynch. Just my $0.02. Asides from that,I really enjoy seeing GATA perform live. Their CDs really don't do the band justice. It is always great to see them perform live especially when the perform "Silent War", my FAVORITE GATA song of all time. Check out their new video.

Finally the mighty I:Scintilla. I was so not disappointed. This time I got video footage of the band's performance.

I ended up going home with a copy of Marrow 1 by I:Scintilla, an I:Scintilla t-shirt, and a free poster from the band. All in all it was a very good night.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Absolute Grrrls Manifesto Disc 1

Yesterday my copy of Alfa Matrix Records' Absolute Grrrls Manifesto compilation finally arrived in the mail. It goes without saying that I was ecstatic. Absolute Grrrls Manifesto is a four CD box set featuring some of today's up and coming as well as well-established female artists in the underground music scene. I thought it would be a good idea if I reviewed the box set disc by disc as oppose to trying to review it as a whole which would end up looking like a book ;). So tonight I am starting with disc one.

Track List:
01. Javelynn - Wannabe
02. Ayria - Plastic Makes Perfect
03. Collide - Chaotic (oxidized remix)
04. The Birthday Massacre - Leaving Tonight
05. Liv Kristine - Paris, Paris
06. Dark Orange - Butterflies
07. Polar Dust - Deep End
08. L'ame Immortelle - Wie Tranen im Regen
09. The Dreamside - Collide
10. September Mourning - Crimson Skies
11. Diskarnate - Greed
12. Zeitgeist Zero - United in Black (Angels and Agony Mix)
13. Lunacy Box - Save (Dinn [A] TDD rmx)
14. Diffuzion - Wasted
15. Daybehavior - God Speed (radio edit)
16. Xberg Baboons - Hey Yoko Ono (Metroland mix)
17. Even More - Always

Disc One kicks off with one of my favorite songs of 2011 "Wannabe" by Javelynn. It is an addictive, bouncy electropop track. If the vocals by Yaz Uhlin sounds familiar it is because she sang on the first two Ashbury Heights releases. She is one of my favorite singers in recent years so of course I am going to be a little bias ;). "Wannabe" still sounds exciting to me as the first time I heard it a couple of years ago. Really dig the new Ayria track "Plastic Makes Perfect", the title track of Ayria's new album. The song is classic Ayria...bouncy electro beats and perky vocals. Can't ask for anything more from one of my favorite artists. I am probably going to piss some people off but I am not a fan of Collide's music. Their music is too boring. For the most part anyways. Their remixes of their songs are killer. Now if their albums sounded more like their remixes, I would be a fan. The Oxidized remix of "Chaotic" is just killer. Just love the beats to this song. Love the addition of TBM's "Leaving Tonight" and Liv Kristine's "Paris, Paris". Those songs adds another sound to the disc with the addition of guitar riffs.

I really appreciate the fact that the entire box set includes other genres of music like gothic metal and alternative rock to go along with the synthpop and industrial sounds from the likes of Unter Null, Marsheaux, The Azoic, and Dark Orange to just name a few. It does help not make the compilation sound so one dimensional.

I liked most of the album but there were a couple of turkeys on the album like The Dreamside's "Collide", XBerg Baboons' "Hey Yoko Ono" and Daybehavior's "God Speed". The problem with "Collide" by The Dreamside was the shoddy production value. It was terrible compared to the rest of the disc. The song itself wasn't bad but the quality in sound just was not all that good. I am not big on minimalist synthpop. It is a hit or miss with me. "Hey Yoko Ono" by Xberg Baboons was a total miss. I just didn't care for the lyrics or the beats. Both were flat to these ears. I like Daybehavior but "God Speed" was a disappointment with me. The melodies fell flat with me.

My favorite tracks? That's easy. My favorite tracks are "Butterflies" by Dark Orange", "Deep End" by Polar Dust, "Greed" by Diskarnate, "Wannabe" by Javelynn, "Plastic Makes Perfect" by Ayria, "Chaotic" (Oxidized remix) by Collide, "United in Black" (Angels and Agony rmx) by Zeitgeist Zero, and "Save" by Lunacy Box. I particularly love "Butterflies" by Dark Orange. Just loved the ethereal vocals and the shoegazey like melodies.

Just love the Polar Dust track as much as the Dark Oranges track.

As a whole, the first disc in the Absolute Grrrls Manifesto is very good. The three tracks I didn't care for are mere blips on the radar. The quality in the rest of the songs makes up for them.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My 10 favorite albums from 2000-2010

Since I listed my ten favorite albums from the '80s and '90s not long ago, I thought I would list my 10 favorite albums from 2000-2010. This proved to be rather a challenge. There are so many wonderful albums I have heard in that ten year time frame but ultimately, I went with the albums that stood out with me the most and still gets regular airplay in my boombox, ipod, or on my work computer.

10. William Orbit: Pieces in a Modern Style [2000]

I recently bought a used copy of Pieces in a Modern Style this past weekend. I missed having a copy to listen to so I bought another. I love William Orbit's interpretations of numerous classical movements. It's a really great album to chill out to after work.

09. Buddha Bar IV [2002]

Back in the early 2000s before I got into the industrial scene big time, I was into chill out music. I was a big fan of the Buddha Bar compilations. My personal favorite in the series was the fourth volume. Still love it to this very day.

08. Loreena McKennitt: Nights From Alhambra [2007]

I am not a big fan of live albums but by far Nights From Alhambra by Loreena McKennitt is my favorite. Of course this was released the same year she toured the US. Setlist was pretty much the same so for me it is a trip down memory lane. For me, I just love the live sound quality on the album and dvd.

07. Blutengel: The Oxidising Angel [2005]

This was the very first Blutengel album I had ever heard. Loved what I heard and since then I have been a big fan of the band.

06. Johnny Cash: American IV The Man Comes Around [2002]

One of my personal favorite albums of all time hands down. Enough said.

05. Departures soundtrack [2008]

My favorite film score from legendary film composer Joe Hisaishi, who has given us countless film scores for Studio Ghibli.Departures is an exquisite classical film score that always moves me wheneverI listen to it. Absolutely breathtaking.

04. Let the Right One In soundtrack [2008]

My other favorite soundtrack ever and in this ten year time frame. I don't think the film would have been as good had it not been for Johan Soderqvist's orchestral film score. Simply stunning.

03. Unter Null: The Failure Epiphany [2007]

Hands down my favorite industrial album of the decade. No if's, and's, or but's for me.

02. Conjure One: Conjure One [2002]

Truly one of my favorite ambient/pop albums ever, let alone albums in general. Music is so beautiful.

01. Delerium: Poem [2001]

This is my favorite Delerium ever. I have to admit that the reason for that is because of the song "A Poem for Byzantium", my favorite song ever. Period. I can just listen to this album constantly without skipping a single track.

Monday, March 25, 2013

New videos of the week

Well it has been awhile since I last posted a collection of new music videos so now they aren't really so new any more. LOL. So tonight I am playing catch up.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

CDs listed for auction on Ebay

It is that time again when I am trying to clean out my cd collection. Some I have posted for sale but didn't get sold but most are new to auction. My username is eanderson74. I pride myself at being honest with the items I sell. I am fast shipper. Once I get the payment, the CD is out the door the next day. Just check my feedback next to my username.

Here is what I have for sale/auction:

Aesthetic Perfection - A Violent Emotion (I had Daniel Graves sign the cover at the 2010 Combichrist show at The Cabooze)
Caustic - I Can't Believe we're Re-Releasing This Crap
Colony 5 - Buried Again
Curve - Frozen EP
Ghost and Writer - Red Flags
Grendel - Harsh Generation
Necro Facility - Wintermute
State of the Union - Black City Lights
I may post more CDs for auction on ebay. If I do, I will post an updated list on my blog here and then Tweet/FB the blog entry.


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Twin Cities Underground is now on Twitter

For nearly a week I have been having issues posting links on my Facebook page for The Twin Cities Underground. No matter how many times I have sent in reports to FB, nothing had been done about it so I finally broke down and created a Twitter account called TC Underground1. I did a test run with a trailer clip of the upcoming Code 64 EP Accelerate. So being the shameless self-promoter that I am, go follow me on Twitter ;).

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Some food for thought: Michelle Shocked

So for the past two days, I have been watching intently over the whole Michelle Shocked debacle which all started on Sunday in San Francisco at Yoshi's. Audio clips from that show has started showing up online recently. I have been keenly interested in this whole hot mess because I am so passionate about equal rights for the LGBT community and I truly despise the anti-gay bigotry with every bone in my body. Michelle's rant this past Sunday really pissed me off but I am not the only person who was pissed off by her rant. Many, many, many people were pissed off. 11 out of 12 clubs that she was set to perform at cancelled her shows in lieu of her ramblings.

I had thought about writing about this topic the day I heard of Michelle's performance but I thought long and hard about it and decided to wait. Why? I figured that Michelle would try to explain her disgusting rant. I was right. Michelle Shocked did finally respond to the heated criticisms of her rant. Like most people, I am like "WTF?!".  That was the most incoherant and ridiculous explaination/apology I have ever read. If anything Michelle should have stopped the show and explained to the audience what she really meant but instead she continued on and the audience made it very clear to her that they weren't going to put up with that crap.

Memo to my musician friends: if you want to be provocative at a show, at least write down what you want to say before the show and rehearse saying it to make sure what you are going to say isn't going to be incendiary and possibly a real career-killer. In other words, think before you speak.  Judging by the look of things online, Michelle Shocked has pretty much sabotaged her own music career (of what little she had left of it).

As angry as I am at Michelle Shocked and want to tear her a new one, I gave this whole debacle a long hard thought for the past two days. I started to wonder if the woman isn't in some shape or form mentally unstable.  I did a little digging around and found out some interesting facts about Michelle Shocked. As it turns out, I was not totally far off from my suspicions. That said, I do not want to give her a free pass completely. I do think her past certainly explains her behavior at Yoshi's and her ridiculous explaination and that people should try to at least understand what she is saying in her response to the whole controversy.

As I end tonight's blog, I can't believe I am going to say this but I do forgive Michelle Shocked for her horrible rant HOWEVER I will NOT forget what she had said. To hold anger against her for life does no good IMHO. Finally, for anyone who thinks that Michelle is being treated unfairly and that she should have the right to free speech, let me just remind you that: A) no government or local law enforcement agency has tried to have Michelle arrested ala Pussy Riot in Russian, and B) the clubs that cancelled Michelle's shows are PRIVATELY owned. The owners and management have the right to see fit whether they want to have Michelle Shocked performing in their venue or not. Hello free market. Michelle should have the right to express herself whether through music or in another ridiculous and bigoted rant but she also has to realize that there are consequences to using such incendiary language as she used on Sunday night. People are becoming are  more accepting of the LGBT community, to use the language that Michelle Shocked used is simply unacceptable but even more so to discriminate against them by hiding behind one's religion.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Albums I am currently listening to

Loreena McKennitt: Elemental

I have had this CD for a few weeks now. Just forgot to mention it. I had won this album off ebay. I love Loreena McKennitt's music but her first album took me several listens for me to appreciate the music. The music is so sparse compared to her other albums like The Mask and the Mirror and Book of Secrets.

Ghost and Writer: Red Flags

Over the weekend I picked up a couple of CDs at the Electric Fetus. One was the new Ghost and Writer album Red Flags. I got it because I loved what I heard in the "Never Take Fire" trailer.

I will be honest, it isn't a bad album per say but I really wasn't left blown away by it either. The remixes on the album is much better and that says a lot about the materia. Truthfully I would much rather hear new Seabound or Edge of Dawn.

Moby: Play

Play was the other CD I bought at the Fetus over the weekend. I almost forgot how much I love this album. This is definitely one of Moby's best albums to date IMHO.

Lullacry: Fire Within

Since having dug out a bunch of CDs I had burned over the years, one of them was a mixed cd of Lullacry songs featuring their EP Fire Within, not to mention having bought their album Vol.4 a couple of weeks ago. I found myself digging the songs off the EP and ended up getting a used copy off ebay.

The Bellwether Syndicate: The Night Watch I finally, finally got my copy of The Bellwether Syndicate EP The Night Watch. It was so well worth the long ass wait. The band had to keep pushing the release date which was by no means their fault. Circumstances just forced them into a situation they had no control over. You can hear some of their material here but sadly the sound isn't all that hot. I definitely recommend buying their EP. It is a kickass mix of post punk, synth, and goth. I can hardly wait to hear more from that band in the future.

Monday, March 18, 2013

My 10 favorite albums from the '80s

Since over the weekend I posted a blog about my favorite albums from the '90s, I thought I would post another but with my favorite albums from the '80s.

10. Nena: 99 Luftballoons [1984]

I think Nena is one of those rare artists from the '80s who got simply written off by the US way too soon. Her music then and still to this very day is excellent pop music. I think her album 99 Luftballons holds up very well in this day and age of EDM. Personally I prefer her music over EDM to be honest.

09. Siouxsie and the Banshees: Tinderbox [1986]

By far my favorite Siouxsie and the Banshees album. After checking out their compilation Twice Upon a Time and falling in love with the song "Cities in Dust", I knew I had to get the album "Cities in Dust" was on. That immediately made me a lifelong fan of Siouxsie and The Banshees.

08. Joan Jett and The Blackhearts: I Love Rock 'N Roll [1981]

It's funny. I didn't become a fan of Joan Jett and The Blackhearts until after I had seen the film "The Runaways" a few years ago. After seeing the movie, I started watching Joan's music videos on youtube and quickly became hooked on it. I Love Rock 'N Roll is my personal favorite album from Joan Jett and The Blackhearts.

07. Cocteau Twins: Treasure [1984]

Now THIS is hands down my favorite, favorite, favorite Cocteau Twins. Absolutely love this album. I honestly don't remember how I came across the band but I do remember buying the album from Let It Be Records and loving every second of it. This was like over a decade ago when I first moved back to the Twin Cities from Minneapolis.

06. Eurythmics: Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) [1983]

Always loved this band since my teenage years but I didn't buy any of their music like their album Sweet Dreams until I was an adult. This is my personal favorite Eurythmics album.

05. Erasure: The Innocents [1988]

My personal favorite Erasure album hands down. I love Nightbird and their self-titled album a lot but nothing beats The Innocents in my book.

04. The Cure - Disintegration [1989]

I was first exposed to this classic Cure album when I was in high school and my brother's then high school girlfriend would often play this in the car. It wasn't until college did I really fall in love with this album. This is just a timeless classic.

03. The Sisters of Mercy - Floodland [1987]

Another great discovery as an adult. A friend of mine had burned a few songs off the album on some mixed cds she made for me and I was hooked immediately.

02. Cyndi Lauper: She's So Unusual [1984]

While most of my peers in the '80s were into Madonna, I was all about Cyndi Lauper. I liked Madonna but Cyndi stood out more for me. I loved her quirkiness and her distinct style of fashion. As for her music, I loved her vocal range. I felt she had a better range than Madonna and I still feel that way to this very day.

01. The Bangles: Everything [1988]

Everything is easily my favorite album by The Bangles. I felt their songwriting and harmonies were the strongest on this album in comparison to their previous two albums. I also felt that Michael Steele's strongest material that she sang and wrote on was on Everything. I still listen to this album to this very day and still find it a real joy to listen to.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

My 10 favorite albums from the '90s

Today I made a trip to my favorite record store The Electric Fetus to see what I could find in their bins. I ended up leaving the store with Ghost and Writer's new album Red Flags and Moby's Play. As I am listening to Play right, it got me thinking of my favorite albums from the '90s (as in released during the '90s, my memory is too far gone to remember all of my favorite albums from that

10. Apoptygma Berzerk - 7 (1998)

7 is easily my favorite Apop album ever, along with Harmonizer and Welcome to Earth. Just catchy as hell music. After Harmonizer, the band went to hell in a handbasket for me. I rather remember Apop for the albums I do love by them.

09. Madonna - Ray of Light (1998)

Prior to Ray of Light, I can honestly say I was not a diehard Madonna fan. I liked her music but I was more of a Cyndi Lauper fan. When I first heard the first single off Ray of Light called "Frozen", I knew right then and there I had to buy this album. Just loved William Orbit's production work on the album. At the time I was really into techno/rave music so it was right up my alley.

08. Lush - Lovelife (1996)

Believe it or not, Lovelife was one of a handful of albums that introduced me to the shoegaze movement. I saw the music video for "Ladykillers" on MTV and was totally impressed by what I had heard. I quickly latched onto the whole Britpop movement during that decade.

07. Curve - Doppelganger (1992)

Of all the albums Curve has released, my personal favorite Curve album is Doppelganger. Really love the fuzzy, distorted guitar riffs ala Jesus and Mary Chain although I do love the following releases the band put out.

06. Belly - Star (1993)

Star is truly one of the most underrated albums ever released. I was a freshman in college when I first heard this band and had the album on cassette. I always got pegged by my peers at the college I was attending at the time as being different because of my different, unusual taste in music. None of it was mainstream. Star was one of those albums I adored and played incessantly.

05. Social Distortion - Social Distortion (1990)

This album really changed my musical horizons for me. At the time I was listening to really crappy hair metal but when I first saw the music video for "Ball and Chain" at a friend's house, that opened my eyes and kicked my sorry 16 year old ass. The song was infectious to say the very least. I quickly ditched the stupid hair metal and started listening to modern rock/alternative music. By the time I graduated from high school, I was listening to L7, The Rollins Band, Babes in Toyland, The Gits, Nirvana, 7 Year Bitch, Soundgarden, etc...etc... .

04. Leftfield - Leftism (1995)

My former roommate Brian introduced me to some kick ass techno music in the nineties. One of the groups he got me into was Leftfield. Leftism left a huge impression on me. Still a favorite album of mine to this very day.

03. Concrete Blonde - Bloodletting (1990)
I still remember first hearing the single "Joey" from this album. I was heading home to Minnesota from Montana with my church youth group in the summer of 1992, about to head into my senior year in high school. I was so blown away by Johnette Napolitano's powerful vocals. They just gave me the chills. Her skills as a bassist was just as amazing too.

02. Moby - Play (1999)

Yet another album from my former roommate Brian that I absolutely loved to pieces back in the '90s and still do. Brian played that album so much me and another former roomie ended up buying our own copies of Play.

01. Faithless - Sunday 8pm (1999)

Sunday 8pm is my all time favorite album of the '90s. Certainly is my favorite electronica album of that decade for sure. I love the mix of trance, house, and trip hop music. Definitely one of the most influential albums for me.

Honorable Mentions:
Republica - Republica
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Murder Ballads
Delerium - Karma
Erasure - Cowboy
Trainspotting soundtrack
Portishead - Dummy
Massive Attack - Protection
Elastica - Elastica
L7 - Bricks are Heavy
Ministry - Psalm 69

Friday, March 15, 2013

Neuroticfish - Former Me

New track from Neuroticfish. Fuck yes! Go listen to it. Absolutely love it!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A trip down memory lane

So last night before going to bed, I pulled out a box full of cds that I had burned over the years and did a little sorting (of keep and throw away). Today I started listening to some of them at work. I thought I would share with those who might see this blog some of my past and present favorite albums.

Balligomingo: Beneath the Surface

This is one of my all time favorite ambient/pop albums. The music is just stunning to listen to. The female vocals are perfect as are the lush electronica beats. A flawless album.

Nightwish: Oceanborn

Listening to this album gave me a swift kick in the ass today and reminded me why Tarja will always be my favorite frontwoman in the band's history. While I did like former frontwoman Anette Olzon however she just wasn't Tarja. Maybe because her(Anette) vocals sounded like just about a lot of women in the gothic metal genre. And Oceanborn will remain my favorite Nightwish album of all time no if's, and's or but's.

The Merchant of Venice soundtrack

After work today I put in the soundtrack into my stereo. I totally loved every second of this gorgeous film score by Jocelyn Pook. I really did felt like I was in the era that the story took place. I think I need to rent that movie. Loved the costumes in the film and the performances too.

Uh Uh Her: Common Reaction

I was listening to this album tonight right around dinner time. With electro-pop all the rage nowadays, this debut album by Uh Uh Her certainly was ahead of its time.

Nightwish: Century Child

It has been years since I last listened to Century Child. As I have mentioned in a past blog entry, was one of my least favorite albums. I think I am going to have to re-think that idea. Yes it isn't as good as Oceanborn, Wishmaster, or Once but I am actually enjoying it more so than when it first came out to be honest.

Lullacry: Fire Within

I really have fallen back in love with Lullacry's music. So very catchy. Really love the piano version of "Crucify My Heart" on their Fire Within EP. The band really knows how to do ballads. I really need to get their latest album one of these days.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My favorite [gothic] metal albums

In the last few weeks I have started listening to gothic metal again. It has been awhile. I had stopped listening to the genre for a couple of years because the bands started sounding all the same. That all changed when I re-discovered the music of Lullacry, a Finnish hard rock band I thought I would share some of my favorite albums in the metal genre with those who read my blog.

Lullacry: Vol.4

I bought this album over the weekend because of: 1) it had been sitting in the bins at Cheapo Records for years, and 2) for the ballad "Heart Shaped Scars". I am so glad I bought this album. I almost forgot how fun and catchy the band's music is.

Midnattsol: The Metamorphosis Melody

This is the other album I picked up at Cheapo records this past weekend. I was just heading towards the cash register to buy the Lullacry cd when I saw The Metamorphosis Melody in the metal bins. Realizing how much I have missed listening to their music, I decided to get it along with the Lullacry album. I am very glad I did. I like how 99% of the music is sung by a woman. On a lot of gothic metals, there is that annoying trend of the female/male duo vocals with the male singing in that annoying gutteral style (i.e Cookie Monster on Acid). Only one song featured that irritating style of singing.

Nightwish: Imaginaerum

Of the two albums, ex-Nightwish singer Anette Olzon sang with the band, Imaginaerum is my favorite. Do I think it is better than any of the albums that Tarja sang on? Not by a stretch but I think Imaginaerum is very good. I adore the song "Storytime". It is just so damn catchy.

Anemonia: Moonlit Numina

I discovered this band four years ago on Myspace when I got a friend request from them. I am not sure what their status is right now. Their MS and FB pages haven't been touched in ages. I hope they put out another album. I absolutely adore Moonlit Numina. They remind me of old Nightwish (when Tarja was in the band).

Elis: Catharsis

Catharsis was the first album Elis put out after the unexpected death of their lead singer Sabine Duenser. Sadly this is the first and last album with new singer Sandra Schleret. Damn shame. I thought Catharsis was an excellent album. I wish I knew what was up with the band. Last I heard they had a new singer but that was like a year or two ago.

Omega Lithium: Kinetik

I discovered this awesome band via FB on a friend's page. I have both their albums. Super catchy music. Love the clean vocals.

Arch Enemy: Khaos Legions

I have to admit I am not a big fan of this style of metal but I just adore Khaos Legion by Arch Enemy. I bought it at The Electric Fetus' fall garage sale a couple of years ago and got it for only a $1.50. Even though I had tried to like the band's music a few years earlier prior to the sale, I decided to get it on a whim. I am glad that I did. I was surprised by how catchy the album is especially the song "No Gods, No Masters".

Nightwish: Oceanborn

Of all the albums Tarja sang on with Nightwish, Oceanborn is my personal favorite. The material is just amazing froms start to finish.

Luna Mortis: The Absence

I found this awesome Wisconsin band via Myspace several years ago when they were known as Ottoman Empire, then they changed their name to Luna Mortis. Their music has the right mix of melodies and heavy metal guitar riffs. Shortly after releasing The Absence, they broke up. I recently discovered that the band has reunited which makes me very happy.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Gabriel and the Apocalypse - Silent War

In case you haven't seen the new video by Gabriel and the Apocalypse called "Silent War", here it is. I absolutely love this song. It is my favorite song on their latest album "New World Disaster".

You can buy a copy of their album New World Disaster (and other GATA related goodies) at their website.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Albums I am currently listening to

Sister Soleil: Soularium

Here is an oldie but goodie from my 20s. I bought this album at the now defunct Atomic Records when I lived in Milwaukee, WI. The album cover intrigued me so I bought it on a whim. It was totally different from what I was listening to at the time which was a lot of crappy europop. Blech! LOL! Well I finally listened to it again years later. I forgot just how good it is. The music is just perfect and fits in with the rest of my music collection. Soularium is a mix of industrial and trip hop. I need to start listening to the album more often.

Nightwish: Wishmaster

I have been listening to a lot of Nightwish lately, especially Wishmaster. Wishmaster was the first Nightwish album I ever bought so for me it will always have a special place in my heart. It was also my first introduction to gothic metal.

The Crystalline Effect: Hypothermia

Being a new fan of The Crystalline Effect, I finally got another CD by the band. It is their Hypothermia EP which contains a few new songs and a bunch of remixes. Great stuff. People really need to check out this band. Their music is awesome.

Waves Under Water: All Of Your Light

Waves Under Water is one of my new favorite bands. I found them through youtube. I hope through my blog people will check them out. They really are terrific and deserve a bigger audience.

Midnattsol: The Metamorphosis Melody

I was at Cheapo Records today and picked up a couple of heavy metal albums while there. One was the most recent Midnattsol album The Metamorphosis Melody. I have just started getting back into gothic metal in recent weeks. Because it has been so long since I first heard Midnattsol (which features Liv Kristine's sister), I decided to pick up their latest album. I am very glad I did. I am really enjoying this album as I am writing this blog right now.

Lullacry: Vol.4

Vol.4 is the other metal album I picked up today. I decided that after years of sitting in the metal bins at Cheapo, I felt it needed a home. I am so glad I bought it. I forgot how much I like Lullacry. Their music is very infectious. Personally I think their music is more hard rock than heavy metal but either way, it is very good. I definitely plan on buying their latest album soon.