Sunday, March 31, 2013

Absolute Grrrls Manifesto Disc 2

I am really digging the whole Absolute Grrrls Manifesto compilation. This is definitely going to be ranking high on my end of the year list. While I loved disc 1, it did have a few tracks I was not crazy of whether it was due to the production value or the quality in the music. Disc 2 is an improvement. The disc is solid through track one to track 20.

On disc 1, there was a general industrial and synthpop sound. On Disc 2, the album begins with a heavy metal flavor and gradually finishes into industrial territory. I am not a heavy metal fan (really picky about heavy metal) but the songs feature on disc 2 are really good. Metal or not the songs on disc two are very good. Really dig the tracks by Aaimon, Chamber of Echoes, Helalyn Flowers, Alice in Videoland, and Cinderfall to just name a few.

Couldn't find "Fatal Attraction" featured on the compilation but to give you an idea of their sound, here is a different track. I really like what I have heard so far.

LOVE this track by Alice in Videoland. Very dance orientated (in the vein of Lady Gaga) but I dig this song. Very melodic and fun to listen to.

As someone who is not a Tristania fan,I found myself really enjoying "Year of the Rat". Maybe that is becaues the song lacks those obnoxious guttural vocals so common in heavy metal music nowadays.

I will be frank, the first time I listened to disc 2, I really wasn't all that keen on a few tracks like "Paranoid" by Junksista and "Beezz" by GNY but after listening to the disc a few times. The songs have grown on me considerably. I particularly like the Junksista track. The song has a good hook and I dig the beats which reminds me of fellow Alfa Matrix label mates Krystal System. I am definitely getting my money's worth that I spent on this four CD compilation. It does not sound like that it was thrown together with no thought put into it like on other compilations from Alfa Matrix. As a fan of various female fronted bands, this compilation was a dream come true. I hope that people will check Absolute Grrrls Manifesto.

Track List:
01. Aaimon - Black Cross (delusion edit)
02. Loveorn Dolls - No-Life
03. Chambers of Echoes - Fatal Attraction
04. Tying Tiffany - Drownin'
05. Tristania - Year of the Rat
06. Krystal System - I Wanna Be (manifesto mix)
07. Death of Art - Anti-Valentine
08. Helalyn Flowers - Before the Sunshine
09. Cinderfall - Dance of the Dead
10. Desdemona - Euphoria
11. GNY - beezz
12. Nude - deeper/shame (deep mix 02c)
13. Junksista - Paranoid
14. Alice in Videoland - Bender
15. Canal Pop feat. Polette - Things You Say You Like
16. Chaos All Stars - We Are the Sinners
17. Celluloide - Imprevisible (version claire)
18. AD:KEY - Kalter Kreig (female edit)
19. Aesthetische feat. Ava Nima - High Heel Fixation
20. Neikka RPM - Blood Line

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