Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Some food for thought

I think I am going to try to make this a monthly editorial series here on The Twin Cities Underground instead of 5 things I currently excited about. If it doesn't work out, I'll go back to doing the other monthly series.  So here goes...

Over the weekend, I came  across this article on Side-Line about the state of the industrial music scene. Asides from the whining from Side-Line (which is par for the course from people who I think don't know how to inform their audience without blurring the lines between news and editorializing), I will concede that the author does make a point about how many of the bands in the scene are starting to sound too much alike and perhaps lacks innovation. Unfortunately the author just complains. She does not offer any solutions instead she just bitches and moans which is really why I can't take SL remotely seriously any more. They don't really contribute to the scene in my honest opinion.

The argument that the author of the article have made also could apply to other musical genres. It just isn't about the industrial scene. In high school and college, I listened to a lot of punk music but that genre evolved to a point where I have come to dislike it a bit (i.e when Green Day hit the scene). Once Green Day arrived and its clones started popping out of the wood work, I knew I was done with punk music. In regards to industrial music,  a lot of bands today may not be on the cutting edge as Throbbing Gristle and Skinny Puppy when they first started, I still think there are a lot of bands who are making compelling music. Truth be told, I am more interested in discovering artists and bands that would appeal to my ears and would want me to share with those who read my blog and visit my FB page. I don't think the scene is totally out of innovation. I think there are some really interesting bands but they just don't have the same amount of name recognition and visibility like bands such as KMFDM, Lords of Acid, and Ministry has. The only thing is that you have to really do the work and search for those bands. For example: Shinto records is a great local record label who distributes music of various artists and bands that ranges from darkwave to goth-rock. Here is the link to their bandcamp store.  I can definitely guarantee you that the artists they help distribute their music is anything but bland and boring.

As a music lover, I try to listen to other musical genres so I don't get too bored with the stuff I listen to on a regular basis. In the last several months I have rediscovered music from the 1990s like Lush, Curve, Garbage, Belly, Concrete Blonde, and The Jesus and Mary Chain. This year I have found myself buying quite a few albums from local bands like Brute Heart, Is/Is, Claps, and A.Wolf and Her Claws. This I haven't done before or at least in a long time. I feel sorry for the author of the Side-Line article because in the time she has taken to write that ridiculous rant, she couldn't even offer anything worthwhile to contribute to the scene but insteads tells artists/bands to do better at their job. I may be cynical and often snarky like any other hipster but as I get older, I have grown weary of  the inner music snob in me. I don't want to find the next Throbbing Gristle or Skinny Puppy. I just want to hear some damn good ear candy. Life is too damn short about worrying about finding new innovative music.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Future Perfect - Escape

Over the weekend my copy of Escape by the electropop duo Future Perfect finally arrived in my mailbox.

It goes without saying that I was not disappointed with what I had heard. This is my first Future Perfect album so I can't compare it to their first albu,and it certainly won't be my last. Definitely do have plans on buying a download of their first album Dirty Little Secrets in the near future.

My initial reaction to Escape is "Gee, this reminds me quite a bit of Parralox" with the male/female vocals. In a lot of situations where both vocals are handled by a man and a woman, I tend to favor the woman's vocals but this is not the case with Simon Owen and Rebecca Morgan. I enjoyed both Simon and Rebecca's vocals equally. I like that their vocals never drowns out the other nor do their vocals sounds forced or shrill to my ears. Their vocals compliment each other like chocolate and peanut butter ;).

For me, Escape is one of those albums that I can listen to from start to finish without skipping a track. Although the music is a bit more poppier than what I listen to, the lyrics on the album certainly has a darker and edgier quality than on a lot of electropop/synthpop albums that I listen to on a regular basis at the office. Normally I think that adding remixes at the end of an album comes off as if the artist or band is trying to stretch the length of time on the album but I don't get that here on the two remixeds of "Escape" and "Paradise". I felt they were a nice addition to the album. Every song on the album is a winner with me. I definitely think that Escape by Future Perfect needs to be heard by all. This is a little gem that I would hate to see get buried underneath all the great releases in 2012.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

More bands to check out

Today my order from Poponaut finally arrived in the mail today. For ordering Future Perfect's new album Escape, I received a free compilation called Discover. This compilation features a bunch of bands that are currently or were once signed to the label Conzoom records. I just had to make sure that the public knows about these bands ;).

Vision Talk


Carved Souls


Dual Density



Friday, July 27, 2012

Stream the new Delerium track Monarch

Today I discovered that Side-Line had posted the new Delerium track song Monarch on its website. The song features Nadina on vocals. I absolutely love the new song. "Monarch" will be on a 10 song EP filled with remixes, set to be released on July 31. According to Side-Line, Beatport will be getting one extra track.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mix of the Week

It is a little late but here is my latest mix I put together. Enjoy!

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Promidal EP sneak peek

This clip is from my friend Tracey Setterlund's aggrotech project Promidal. He also has another project Static Image which is more in the synthpop vein.

I dig both of his projects but I have to admit I am really loving his work in Promidal. Very Suicidal Commando IMHO.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Icon of Coil w/[:SITD:], Gabriel and the Apocalypse and Dissociate

Kilted Farmer Koncerts and Ground Zero present:

ICON OF COIL North American Tour 2012 w/ [:SITD;], Gabriel and the Apocalypse and Dissociate Weds. Sept 12th

Tickets $15 advance / $20 at the door


VIP packages: http://www.superfecta.com/​IconOfCoil/index.html

Doors 7:30 and Show 8pm



Monday, July 23, 2012

The Break Up - Lightning

This morning I just discovered that The Break Up has a new music out for their song "Lightning" off their album Synthesis. Nice way to start off my Monday.

If you haven't heard the album, I definitely recommend giving the album a listen (legally, I refuse to support file sharing or torrenting).

Sunday, July 22, 2012

CDs for sale on ebay

Looks like I won't be able to do my weekly mix of the week. Mixpod is down for maintence so instead I thought I would list the cds I have posted for auction on Ebay.

Give You the Ghost by Polica [local band]
Way Home by THYX [side project from Mind.in.a.Box's Stephen Poiss]
Before the Flood by Bella Morte
Blutzoll by Funker Vogt
Sin City by Genitorturers
Fixed by Colony 5
Alle Lust will Ewigkeit by Nachtmahr
Walking Wounded by Everything But the Girl
The Sensual World by Kate Bush

My ebay ID is eanderson74. All of my cds except for EBTG are in excellent condition. What is wrong with the EBTG cd is that it skips on the last track. It was like that  when I bought it at a garage sale. I am selling these albums because I really don't listen to them at all. That or I think some of them don't age very well like Funker Vogt's most recent album. I like to unload a bunch of cds via ebay when I buy cds. I like to keep my cd collection within a reasonable number of 200-300.  I do both domestic and international shipping. I'll let the feedback from my customers speak for my reputation as an ebay seller.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Albums I am currently listening to

sToa: Zal

I have always been meaning to add some sToa to my cd collection. I finally have this week. I was listening to their song "I Held the Moon" on youtube when I had the urge to buy the album that the song is on.

I absolutely love Zal. I definitely plan on acquiring more sToa albums in the near future.

Sigur Ros: Valtari

It has been a long time since I have listened to Sigur Ros. When I was at the Electric Fetus last weekend, I decided to buy their latest album Valtari. I am so glad I did get it. The album is fantastic. I can't listen to it enough t imes especially "Fjogur Piano".

This album is definitely going to be in my top ten list of best of 2012.

THYX: Way Home

This was the other cd I bought last weekend at the Fetus. I really want to say I like this album but just like the latest Mind.in.a.Box album,every song on Way Home sounds the same. Big ole yawn from me.

Republica: Republica

Every now and then I like to listen to one of my cds that I have had for eons but haven't listened to in years. Republica's self-titled album is one of them. Their self-titled album still sounds awesome as it did back in the '90s.

Frost: Melodica

One of my favorite downtempo/trip hop bands when I was really into the whole chill out music scene in the early '00s. I still love this album by Frost to this very day.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Some randomness

So late last month, I posted a blog entry on some upcoming releases. This morning before work, I noticed on Metropolis Records' website and FB page that there were some interesting and kick ass music being released in October. Before I get into those releases, I should note that you can pre-order the new Velvet Acid Christ t-shirt Maldire to coincide with the new VAC album of the same name set to be released on September 11.  That said, here is the October releases now available for pre-order:

The Man Who Couldn't Stop - Caustic [10.09.12]
Hide and Seek - The Birthday Massacre [10.09.12] (this includes a limited edition vinyl version of the album)
Utopia - In Strict Confidence [10.09.12]
Call the Time Eternity - Tweaker [10.23.12]
9 Lives to Wonder, A Film by Cevin Key [10.23.12] (documentary of Cevin Key's time with The Legendary Pink Dots)

I have pre-ordered the new Caustic, TBM, and ISC albums. I am so excited.

In other news, there is a new campaign by Unter Null to help fund Unter Null's next album A Human Ruin. Here is the link to Unter Null's Sellaband page. Erica has updated it today with some more exciting incentives. I have contributed $50 since I am such a Unter Null fanatic :). I might contribute more $.

Finally, Suicide Commando has released a promo trailer for his new single "Attention Whore".

I absolutely love what I have heard. Song and the remixes sounds fucking amazing.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My fantasy festival line up

Today on City Pages' website, there was a article about the now cancelled SoundTown festival and whether Minnesota is suffering from festival fatigue. Here is the actual link to the article. Personally I don't think there really is one reason why SoundTown failed to draw up ticket sales. I will say that some of the blame can be placed on the fact that SoundTown was scheduled not long after recent festivities like Rock the Garden, the River's Edge, and the Basilica Block Party. The rising cost of SoundTown didn't help but I think the main reason was the line up. Jane's Addiction and Florence + The Machine already played in Minneapolis earlier this year. Why would you book acts that that already have performed hear? Not everyone like them (I like Florence + the Machine but that's just my opinion). Lets not forget about all the local block parties that showcases local hipster, er, indie rock/rap acts. Has concert promoters here (with a few exceptions like Trace of Kilted Farmer Koncerts and other independent promoters) forgot that there are other genres of music represented in the Twin Cities? Clearly they have which makes for festivals like SoundTown and River's Edge unappealing for me. The bland and insipid line up to me is what led to SoundTown to be cancelled. No ONE wants to go to an event where the artists and bands have already played in the Twin Cities more than once in under five years.

As a result, I decided that I would create my own festival...well, fantasize about it if I had the financial means to put on such a huge event. I would call my [fictional] festival Nocturne.

My festival would be like Northern Spark. The performances would be at three different venues: 7th Street Entry, Ground Zero nightclub, and The Varsity Theater. It would be a three day event. The first night would start off at the 7th Street Entry featuring all local bands in the goth/industrial scene. I would have Ficshe, Geodesic, Thought Thieves, Dissociate, Static Image, and As l Of.  In between sets, DJ SLT would spin some music while bands set up/take down their equipment.

For the second night of Nocturne, the venue would be at Ground Zero. I would have Sensuous Enemy, The Break Up, DarkDriveClinic, Javelynn, Moonlight Cove, Mari Chrome, and the Chrom.

On the third and final night, the venue is at The Varsity Theater in Dinkytown. I would consider them the headliners of the entire festival. My headliners would be: Kirlian Camera, Blutengel, Cylab, and Garbage.

I think I would have tables set up at least 2 of the 3 venues where local businesses like Saint Sabrina's, and Electric Fetus could have some coupons, stickers, magnets, and maybe a t-shirt here and there to give away, as well as some items up for sale like vinyl from the Fetus. Something similar to what goes down at the annual Transmission anniversary celebration at First Avenue.

As for the cost, I probably would price tickets similar along the lines of what tix for River's Edge was so I am thinking like $70 for a single night and $150 for all three nights. That is a rough estimation and plus this is a fantasy of mine ;). If I ever won a lottery I would so put this festival or something similar to it. That would be bad ass. For now it is just a mere fantasy but that is okay with me.

Monday, July 16, 2012

anaROBIK - Free

Here is the latest international video tour 2012, deployment #5 from anaROBIK.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Friday, July 13, 2012

New Year's Day re-done by Front Line Assembly and Tiffany

Tonight I came across an interesting cover on Facebook in one of the EBM groups I belong to. It is a cover of U2's "New Year's Day" done by Front Line Assembly and Tiffany (yeah that Tiffany, the '80s pop star singer). I shared it on my FB page but I also thought I would share it here on my blog. Enjoy!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

10 more bands to check out

I just knew that I would forget a bunch of more bands when I wrote in a previous bands 10 bands that people need to check out. Well here's the sequel. LOL!

10. Linea Aspera

Linera Aspera is a terrific minimalist synthpop duo from the UK. Alison Lewis sings and Ryan Ambridge is provides the music.

09. Sixth June

I discovered Sixth June last year. They are a synthpop duo from Germany. Lidija Andonov is on vocals and Laslo Antal is on synthesizers and programming.

08. Lily of the Valley

I discovered this band via FB from one of my friends last year. I was immediately hooked on the band's music.

07. Moonlight Cove

I came across Moonlight Cove via youtube. A video clip for their song "This is Euphoria" was recommended to me. I automatically loved it. Their new album Hearts of the World is one of the best synthpop albums of 2012 IMHO.

06. The Crystalline Effect

One of these days I will buy their albums but from what I have heard online, I absolutely LOVE.

05. The Break Up

The Break Up is Severina Sol's other band, next to Cylab. I love both bands equally. Severina's work with The Break Up is fantastic. Her vocals really gets to shine through on the music. Very '80s minimalistic synthpop with a dash of punk, trip hop, and industrial.

04. Psyborg Corp

After 3 years since I first discovered this band I still love them. Still waiting for their follow up to The Mechanical Renaissance.

03. Sapphire Solace

I have been a fan of this band long since my Myspace days as Rubber Ducky. LOL. Earlier this spring, I bought their album Shadow Stories. I am so looking forward to hearing their next album that they are currently working on.

02. DarkDriveClinic

Since a Curve reunion will only happen when pigs fly and hell freezes over, DarkDriveClinic is the next best thing to my favorite alternative rock band. DDC really does remind me a lot like Curve minus an english accent.

01. Light Asylum

This New York duo is one of the most unique bands around I have heard in the last few years. I definitely recommend checking this band out. They have a self-titled album out now courtesy of Mexican Summer. I bought my copy at the Electric Fetus last month.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Amanda Palmer and The Grand Theft Orchestra at First Avenue

Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra at First Avenue

I for one am excited about this recent news. I personally found out about it today while at work so I about 2 days late hearing about it. LOL! This track is from her upcoming album with The Grand Theft Orchestra.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Live shows in July

Screaming Mechanical Brains at Station 4

In This Moment Headlining Station 4 - Gabriel and the Apocalypse is opening up for the band. To buy tix in advance, the info is listed on this FB event.

The Dreaming w/Whither the Tide

Christopher J.Wray, AsIOf, Phenetik, and KPT at The Fine Line Music Cafe - FREE SHOW!!!

Christopher J.Wray (UK), Dissociate, Thosquanta, and KPT at Club Underground

Counterfeit I, Geodesic, Radar Secret Service, and Phantoms of the SS at the Hexagon Bar - FREE SHOW!!! Also DJ SLT will be spinning music in between sets.

Granted the next Kilted Farmer Koncerts show isn't until September but it appears that there are some interesting live shows happening this month.

Monday, July 9, 2012

10 Bands worth checking out

Over the past few days I have unwittingly come across some bands that I never knew existed and immediately fell in love with their music. I think they are worth checking out for anyone looking for new artists to check out. I wouldn't have put this list together if I did not think these bands were not something special. I have also included a few old faves too whom I still strongly believe in their music and thinks they need a lot more exposure.

01. Future Perfect

I know I have already mentioned this band the other night but I really love their sound. I have been listening to "The Hunter" (from their first album) many a times. I am hooked on the duo's brand of electro-pop. On Saturday night, I ordered their new album Escape on Poponaut. It really says a lot when even the folk(s) at Softsynth thinks they are really special and worth checking out.

02. Escape With Romeo

Escape With Romeo has been around since the late 1980s. I honestly never heard of them up until this weekend. A video clip was under my recommendation section on my youtube homepage and this quickly piqued my curiousity. I spent part of my Sunday listening to some of their music on youtube. I really love what I have heard. I definitely plan on buying their music soon.

03. Sharon Next

I came across Sharon Next when I was perusing POPOnaut's website so I went onto Youtube to listen to some of their music. Excellent synthpop. This is what I have come to love the most in the past few years.

04. My Personal Murderer

I discovered this band tonight. This particular clip was recommended to me on youtube. Really love the noir-ish sound to the song.

05. Vanguard

Now why have I not heard of this band? Anyways, this was another happy accident found via youtube. I definitely need to score some Vanguard cds in the very near future.

06. State of the Union

Love this band! I think I might have had them on my friends list when I was on Myspace and didn't really listened to their music as much as I have been in the past 24 hours. Really good synthpop I think.

07. Sensuous Enemy

This is one of my favorite, favorite, favorite bands of all time. Sensuous Enemy is a band from Madison, Wisconsin. I discovered them via Myspace a few years ago but it was at a gig at Club Underground did I fall in love with the band's music. The gig wasn't their best but for me the band earned my devotion to their music.

08. Cylab

Cylab is another one of my all time favorite bands. Been a fan nearly a decade. Just love every album they put out. Percy really knows how to create some of the most wicked beats in our music scene.

09. Javelynn

Javelynn is my favorite new band from 2011. Their album Chimaera at Heart is a fun, bouncy, infectious electropop album I can never get sick of listening to.

10. Mari Chrome

I think the song "Toxic" is going to be my favorite song of 2012. I at least listen to the song once a day. I absolutely the powerful vocals by Marion Kuchenmeister (of Invisible Limits fame). Their debut album Georgy #11811 is excellent IMHO. It isn't flawless (there are a couple of songs on the album I wasn't crazy about) but overall I think it is one of the best releases from 2012.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Mix of the Week

This weekend has been really awesome for me because I had discovered some bands that I never heard of until now. One of my faves is the North Wales band Future Perfect whom I posted a blog about last night. Other new discoveries includes Escape With Romeo and Sharon Next. I have featured a couple of tracks by all three bands and threw in some tracks by other personal faves by Mari Chrome, Sensuous Enemy, and The Parallel Project. I hope you enjoy!

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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Future Perfect

New find for me today on youtube...Future Perfect.

They are a duo from North Wales...Simon Owen and Rebecca Morgan. I came across their video on youtube. Of course I immediately fell in love with their sound.

Here is a clip from their first album. I just love this song.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Some food for thought

I rarely editorialize on my blog here but yesterday morning and what transpired on a website that I once respected had me thinking all day and night. I am not going to name names however if you are friends with me on FB or have "liked" the TC Underground's FB page and saw one of the postings early in the morning before work yesterday, it is obvious who/what I am talking about it here.

The Twin Cities Underground may be a lowly blog in the realm of larger sites like Coma Music Magazine, Alternation, Blackvector, and yes, Side-Line but I make a serious concerted effort with my blog to have high standards when I write here. One of my unwritten rules is to NOT MAKE A PERSONAL ATTACKS. I save my (personal) attacks for mainstream music ;).

Yesterday on a one nameless website very well known to those in our subculture music scene, the author of the brief article made a total cheap shot at a frontman for a well known synthpop band. This wasn't the first time he made a personal dig at him nor will it be the last. Of course a cheap shot was made at the frontman by the author of the article and then on the FB page for this site, he essentially called the frontman a clown which really set me off and eventually led to this editorial. This was not the first time nor will it be the last time. Maybe this frontman of this well known band is an ass and a jerkoff but who really isn't an asshole and/or a bitch in real life? For this peson who runs this well known website and FB page to make personal attacks on one particular artist really makes me wonder if he and his website should be given the respect from the music scene I so dearly love.I know I lost all respect for the site and the guilty party who keeps making digs at a certain band. Another reason I lost respect for that certain site and person is the awful writing published. Too many unconfirmed rumors like a possible European tour from Depeche Mode or the end of CDs by record companies (gee I wonder who I am referring to). 2012 is half way over and major record labels are still having CDs churned out by the dozens. The site responsible for claiming that 2012 is going to be the year when the CD format is going to end without backing proof is irresponsible reporting.

I may have a long list of bands in the scene that I really can't stand but that is based on their work they churn out however I do make a point of not insulting them or their work. I have friends who likes those bands therefore I am respectful towards them and those bands. I may say that their music doesn't float my boat and that is my honest opinion but I would not be obnoxious and say that their music is utter garbage and that those who listen to so and so has no taste in music.

Sites like Coma Music Magazine, Alternation, softsynth, and brutal resonance gets a lot of love from me because they do have standards on the articles/reviews they post. They are honest but never downright insulting. I am done with the nameless website that is very, very popular in the dark, underground scene. The lack of professionalism by the party who runs the site and the FB page really shows how immature and unprofessional he really is. I love the record label that the site in question is associated with but I can do without the juvenile BS from its sister site.

This is just my $0.02.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

All Cities Destroyed tour - Minneapolis

All Cities Destroyed Tour at Ground Zero Nightclub

I see that photobucket is being bitch right now. Can't get the slideshow option to work. Just click on the link to view the photos from the show last night.

So last night was the All Cities Destroyed tour featuring Blakopz, [X]-RX, and Aesthetic Perfection with local band Static Image opening up the show. The weather was a beast to say the very least but thank heavens Ground Zero was air conditioned. It was paradise. I ended up doing the VIP package for the show. Only 2 only people also did the VIP. Waiting outside GZ was anything but pleasant in terms of the miserable heat but the two guys that were doing the VIP were pretty cool in my book. AP drummer Tim Van Horn came out to lead us back into Ground Zero. Once inside the venue, Static Image was going through sound check which made it a bit of a challenge to hear each other speak. Got to meat the guys in [X]-RX who were cool to talk to. Daniel and Tim were really fun to hang with and to talk to. Got to hear some interesting stories about their current tour. With the VIP package deal came a poster, stickers, and a photo book (only available to those who signed up to do the VIP package). Got my photo taken with Daniel and Tim of course ;). Overall fun experience. I am really stoked for the Icon of Coil show. I hope more people will open their wallets and invest in that package. People really don't know what they are missing on these VIP packages.

The show began with the local band Static Image from Rochester, MN. I think the band keeps getting better with every live performance. They sounded really good last night. I regret not recording any live footage from their excellent set last night. I was particularly pleased to see quite a few people hit the dance floor to watch the band perform. Normally with a lot of local bands (unless your name is Gabriel and the Apocalypse or Thought Thieves), people tends to just watch the band from afar but not with Static Image.

Up next was BlakOPz,a really rad aggrotech band from Phoenix, Az. Here is footage that I shot during their set last night. They really sounded fucking awesome.

I was kinda surprised that the dance floor cleared during BlakOPz's set. I suppose not everyone digs the harsh vocals by Alex King. Can't please everyone I suppose. I enjoyed their set and there certainly was some people who did (the dance floor wasn't totally empty).I ended up buying a Blakopz shirt that night.

The next act was the German act [X]-RX. They totally killed it on stage last night. They had so much energy and the audience fed off their energy and enthusiasm for performing. Unfortunately their merchandise was all sold out within 2 days of the tour. I definitely plan on ordering some music by them. I really loved their live set. I also got recorded a song from their set last night.

Finally was Aesthetic Perfection. This was the third time I had seen the band perform live, fourth seeing Daniel perform live. I was not disappointed in last night's set. Tim Van Horn reminded me so much of Joe Letz of Combichrist. He was pounding the skins so hard, I was expecting for one of his drumsticks to come flying out of his hands. Daniel had a lot of energy as a performer as well. I loved watching the way he moved all over the stage. Of course my batteries had to die just when the band started playing my favorite Necessary Response's song "Spilling Blood" (NR is a one time side project from Daniel Graves). Excuse the way the video came off. Plus the sound quality from my Canon digital camera wasn't all that hot. I finally figured out that night how to record video footage on it. I think I'll stick with my old Sony camera for video footage (as long as I am up in front of the stage).

I had a lot of fun last night. Great bands. Saw some friends as well as made a few new ones. Going home wasn't so much fun. It was disgustingly hot as I walked home from Ground Zero. Couldn't find a lousy pedicab in sight so I hiked home. Still last night was a wonderful night. I hope to see all the bands again in the near future. They sounded great live.

Monday, July 2, 2012

X-Marks the Pedwalk - The Sun, The Cold, and My Underwater Fear

Today after I came across a preview of the upcoming X-Marks the Pedwalk album The Sun, The Cold, and My Underwater Fear. I haven't been all that impressed with what I have heard from in the past but I really like what I have heard on the youtube clip. I definitely plan on checking the new album out this fall. Without further ado...here is the trailer for their new album. Enjoy!