Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Some randomness

So late last month, I posted a blog entry on some upcoming releases. This morning before work, I noticed on Metropolis Records' website and FB page that there were some interesting and kick ass music being released in October. Before I get into those releases, I should note that you can pre-order the new Velvet Acid Christ t-shirt Maldire to coincide with the new VAC album of the same name set to be released on September 11.  That said, here is the October releases now available for pre-order:

The Man Who Couldn't Stop - Caustic [10.09.12]
Hide and Seek - The Birthday Massacre [10.09.12] (this includes a limited edition vinyl version of the album)
Utopia - In Strict Confidence [10.09.12]
Call the Time Eternity - Tweaker [10.23.12]
9 Lives to Wonder, A Film by Cevin Key [10.23.12] (documentary of Cevin Key's time with The Legendary Pink Dots)

I have pre-ordered the new Caustic, TBM, and ISC albums. I am so excited.

In other news, there is a new campaign by Unter Null to help fund Unter Null's next album A Human Ruin. Here is the link to Unter Null's Sellaband page. Erica has updated it today with some more exciting incentives. I have contributed $50 since I am such a Unter Null fanatic :). I might contribute more $.

Finally, Suicide Commando has released a promo trailer for his new single "Attention Whore".

I absolutely love what I have heard. Song and the remixes sounds fucking amazing.

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