Monday, July 9, 2012

10 Bands worth checking out

Over the past few days I have unwittingly come across some bands that I never knew existed and immediately fell in love with their music. I think they are worth checking out for anyone looking for new artists to check out. I wouldn't have put this list together if I did not think these bands were not something special. I have also included a few old faves too whom I still strongly believe in their music and thinks they need a lot more exposure.

01. Future Perfect

I know I have already mentioned this band the other night but I really love their sound. I have been listening to "The Hunter" (from their first album) many a times. I am hooked on the duo's brand of electro-pop. On Saturday night, I ordered their new album Escape on Poponaut. It really says a lot when even the folk(s) at Softsynth thinks they are really special and worth checking out.

02. Escape With Romeo

Escape With Romeo has been around since the late 1980s. I honestly never heard of them up until this weekend. A video clip was under my recommendation section on my youtube homepage and this quickly piqued my curiousity. I spent part of my Sunday listening to some of their music on youtube. I really love what I have heard. I definitely plan on buying their music soon.

03. Sharon Next

I came across Sharon Next when I was perusing POPOnaut's website so I went onto Youtube to listen to some of their music. Excellent synthpop. This is what I have come to love the most in the past few years.

04. My Personal Murderer

I discovered this band tonight. This particular clip was recommended to me on youtube. Really love the noir-ish sound to the song.

05. Vanguard

Now why have I not heard of this band? Anyways, this was another happy accident found via youtube. I definitely need to score some Vanguard cds in the very near future.

06. State of the Union

Love this band! I think I might have had them on my friends list when I was on Myspace and didn't really listened to their music as much as I have been in the past 24 hours. Really good synthpop I think.

07. Sensuous Enemy

This is one of my favorite, favorite, favorite bands of all time. Sensuous Enemy is a band from Madison, Wisconsin. I discovered them via Myspace a few years ago but it was at a gig at Club Underground did I fall in love with the band's music. The gig wasn't their best but for me the band earned my devotion to their music.

08. Cylab

Cylab is another one of my all time favorite bands. Been a fan nearly a decade. Just love every album they put out. Percy really knows how to create some of the most wicked beats in our music scene.

09. Javelynn

Javelynn is my favorite new band from 2011. Their album Chimaera at Heart is a fun, bouncy, infectious electropop album I can never get sick of listening to.

10. Mari Chrome

I think the song "Toxic" is going to be my favorite song of 2012. I at least listen to the song once a day. I absolutely the powerful vocals by Marion Kuchenmeister (of Invisible Limits fame). Their debut album Georgy #11811 is excellent IMHO. It isn't flawless (there are a couple of songs on the album I wasn't crazy about) but overall I think it is one of the best releases from 2012.

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