Friday, July 6, 2012

Some food for thought

I rarely editorialize on my blog here but yesterday morning and what transpired on a website that I once respected had me thinking all day and night. I am not going to name names however if you are friends with me on FB or have "liked" the TC Underground's FB page and saw one of the postings early in the morning before work yesterday, it is obvious who/what I am talking about it here.

The Twin Cities Underground may be a lowly blog in the realm of larger sites like Coma Music Magazine, Alternation, Blackvector, and yes, Side-Line but I make a serious concerted effort with my blog to have high standards when I write here. One of my unwritten rules is to NOT MAKE A PERSONAL ATTACKS. I save my (personal) attacks for mainstream music ;).

Yesterday on a one nameless website very well known to those in our subculture music scene, the author of the brief article made a total cheap shot at a frontman for a well known synthpop band. This wasn't the first time he made a personal dig at him nor will it be the last. Of course a cheap shot was made at the frontman by the author of the article and then on the FB page for this site, he essentially called the frontman a clown which really set me off and eventually led to this editorial. This was not the first time nor will it be the last time. Maybe this frontman of this well known band is an ass and a jerkoff but who really isn't an asshole and/or a bitch in real life? For this peson who runs this well known website and FB page to make personal attacks on one particular artist really makes me wonder if he and his website should be given the respect from the music scene I so dearly love.I know I lost all respect for the site and the guilty party who keeps making digs at a certain band. Another reason I lost respect for that certain site and person is the awful writing published. Too many unconfirmed rumors like a possible European tour from Depeche Mode or the end of CDs by record companies (gee I wonder who I am referring to). 2012 is half way over and major record labels are still having CDs churned out by the dozens. The site responsible for claiming that 2012 is going to be the year when the CD format is going to end without backing proof is irresponsible reporting.

I may have a long list of bands in the scene that I really can't stand but that is based on their work they churn out however I do make a point of not insulting them or their work. I have friends who likes those bands therefore I am respectful towards them and those bands. I may say that their music doesn't float my boat and that is my honest opinion but I would not be obnoxious and say that their music is utter garbage and that those who listen to so and so has no taste in music.

Sites like Coma Music Magazine, Alternation, softsynth, and brutal resonance gets a lot of love from me because they do have standards on the articles/reviews they post. They are honest but never downright insulting. I am done with the nameless website that is very, very popular in the dark, underground scene. The lack of professionalism by the party who runs the site and the FB page really shows how immature and unprofessional he really is. I love the record label that the site in question is associated with but I can do without the juvenile BS from its sister site.

This is just my $0.02.

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