Monday, February 28, 2011

Throat Full of Glass (dirty version)

The dirty version of "Throat Full of Glass" was finally released today". I finally viewed it. I must say I like Andy's singing on this track. It reminds me of his days in Icon of Coil.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Light Asylum

The Light Asylum is a 4-piece band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin (my former residency when I attended UWM and later MATC) featuring Anna on vocals/piano, Adam on guitar/synth, Josh on bass, and Samuel on drums. I first heard of The Light Asylum late last year on Sensuous Enemy's EP Parity  with their remix of the song "Intentions". Of course I quickly sought out their music online. You can hear more of their songs on their Myspace page. Here is some more tracks to hear on soundcloud they are so worth listening to.

I was fortunate to receive a copy of the band's promotional cd which consists of 5 tracks.
01. Ghosts in the Darkness
02. Bloodlet
03. Pretty Leash
04. Dying In Your False Reality
05. Omerta (dope stars inc. remix)

The first thing that struck me when I first listened to the cd is the quality in the production value. I was definitely impressed that the promo cd did not sound like some cheaply made piece of plastic that sounded like it was recorded with a boombox and a microphone. The production is top notch which makes the whole listening experience quite pleasurable.

The songs themselves are excellent, especially the last track "Omerta (dope stars inc. remix)" which really stood out with me. I think the song itself really showcases Anna's vocals the best. She has a very powerful set of vocal chords. The first track "Ghosts in the Darkness" reminded me quite a bit of the Kidneythieves with their ominous industrial beats. The track is an instrumental interwoven with samples. It eventually segues into the next song "Bloodlet". "Bloodlet" picks up where "Ghost in the Darkness" leaves off but with Anna singing on the song. I like the addition of the piano combine. It adds a nice touch to the song. When I first listened to the track, I couldn't help but think Kidneythieves and maybe Alfa Matrix's Helalyn Flowers. "Pretty Leash" is another great track. I love the aggressive guitar riffs. The mix of techno and rock reminds me of the band Curve on their final two albums Come Clean and Gift, and a little of Chicago's i:Scintilla. Anna's polished vocals reminded a bit of Toni Halliday minus the enlish accent. "Dying In Your False Reality" is another strong track from the band. Like on "Omerta", Anna's vocals really shines on this track. The woman can really sing her heart out. I am duly impressed. The song also has some solid pop hooks.

If you can get your hand on The Light Asylum's promotional cd, I definitely recommend doing so because it is a taste of what to come from this terrific band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. From what I have been told, the band has a full length album coming out later this spring so I would watch for news on that via any of their social networking sites (in which I posted links to at the beginning of this blog).

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A few songs worth checking out

Tonight I finally got around to checking out the new Stray track "Out of Place".

Stray - Out of Place (demo mixdown) by unternull
It is really good. I really dug the break beats as well as the melodies. I am so looking forward to hearing the next Stray album. I am getting antsy about it. I just love the first Stray album Abuse by Proxy.

IAMX has a new song/video out called Ghosts of Utopia. I am also looking forward to the new IAMX album.

Earlier this week I heard a new Diffuzion track called Ddb(While You Can). I love the crisp synth beats on that track. I have been waiting impatiently for new music from this band.

Last year when I bought the latest Sensuous Enemy cd Parity, the name The Light Asylum appeared as one of the remixers on the EP. I listened to their stuff on Myspace as well as soundcloud and really dug what I heard. Here is a recently uploaded song I found on soundcloud. It reminded me a bit of Curve during the Come Clean/Gift era.

Pretty Leash (Single Version) by The Light Asylum

Finally, Lords of Acid posted a link to a snippet of their new song Mighty Little Rabbit. Again, reminds me of Curve.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Theme songs for right-wingers

Tonight's blog has been inspired by a conversation I had on FB. I had made fun of GA representative Bobby Franklin's concept of the government investigating in miscarriages. This led to a FB friend of mine mentioning a Caustic track which quickly led to the brilliant idea of pairing some of my least favorite (right wing) politicians with some of my favorite industrial music. What can I say? I have warped sense of humor and am an unapologetic socialist. LOL!

Lady Business by Caustic
Bobby Franklin

It goes without saying that the Caustic track is appropo for Bobby Franklin. After all this is the same bozo who force women to prove miscarriage happened naturally or face felony charges. I feel sorry for any woman who is married to that right wing whacko.

Schadenfreude by Aesthetic Perfection
Michele Bachmann

I think this is pretty self-explainatory. Michele Bachmann is a walking schadenfreude waiting to happen. Nothing but stupid comes out of her mouth every time she opens it. I can always count on her to make me laugh.

Hate Me by Suicide Commando
Scott Walker

I think right now Wisconsin governor Scott Walker is on every progressive's shit list right now so I thought a little Suicide Commando would be appropriate for that moron.

Feed the Lie by Unter Null
The Koch Brothers

All the shit that comes out of these two ugly windbags is nothing but lies so why not a little Unter Null?

Free Your Hate by KMFDM
Glenn Beck

I would like Glenn Beck...if he wasn't such an unbearable bore and insufferable bigot. He would be so much more pleasant if he would "free his hate" (to paraphrase KMFDM) but that won't be happening anytime soon in this lifetime.

Social Enemy by Front Line Assembly
Sarah Palin

"Social enemy" is a perfect description for the former half-term governor of Wasilia, Alaska. Her opinions on foreign relations doesn't amount to a hill of beans since she has NO experience when it comes to dealing with foreign countries. I like to give John McCain a swift kick in the groin area for foisting her and her hillbilly family upon the country. UGH!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Emilie Autumn at Station 4

Emilie Autumn at Station 4

I saw Emilie Autumn live again last night at Station 4 in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Her live shows are really something special to see and without a shadow of a doubt she didn't disappoint me despite being under the weather. I was a bit worried that Emilie would post-pone her Saint Paul show because of her health (like she did with a few shows leading up to the Station 4 gig) but she didn't (just like Robyn last week). Performance-wise Emilie was fabulous as usual. Seeing her live is really like seeing a burlesque show. The music may have been re-recorded but the vocals were not. Considering the amount of time and energy invested into the show, I would too rely on pre-recorded music.

As a concert experience, it was horrible. I should have gotten to Station 4 earlier so I could get a decent place near the stage. I honestly hate being short. I seriously need to invest in some kick ass platform boots because being short is a curse at concerts. I would roughly estimate that 300 people were at Station 4 last night which made it very difficult to move around the venue. At least with the Genitorturers concert (back in November) there weren't many nearly as many people and I ended up in front of the stage (everyone else was probably seeing GATA @ Ground Zero). Was the show worth $20? I don't think so but at least I got some good photographs out of it. I wish I could have gotten some video footage but being unable to really see the stage, it was literally impossible.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What I am currently listening to

Natalia Kills: Mirrors Remix

I got the "Mirrors" remix cd for free at the Robyn show this past Sunday. I am totally grooving to the song. Catchy little pop song. She definitely reminds me of Lady Gaga. It would be hard pressed to not hear the comparisons. I really hope I don't have to wait too long for a full length album. Natalia Kills' music is addictive.

Conjure One: Exilarch

Although I had downloaded a copy of the new C1 album not long ago, I decided to buy an actual copy of the album. I have been really enjoying the album even more so with every listen. I still don't care for "I Dream in Color". Don't care for the melodies or the vocals. "The Distance" has become my favorite track on the album. I am really looking forward to seeing C1 perform live at Ground Zero on 3/16.

Funker Vogt: Blutzoll

Blutzoll is a solid album from the German industrial giants. The beats are a lot more polished than on previous album. I love the song "Arising Hero". The lyrics and the melodies are beautiful, if not epic. I don't say that very often about a Funker Vogt song.

Sara Noxx: Intoxxication

I finally got around to buying the most recent Sara Noxx album. Fabulous electro-pop. I have been a fan of Sara Noxx's music for a few years now. I first heard her on a remix of Blutengel's "Navigator". Bought the album "Bridges LTD" by Essexx featuring her and ex-Dust of Basement Sven Wolff. I also have her 3 cd box set and Exxtasy (which I won off ebay a year ago). I wish her music was more accesible in the US. Anyways, her latest album is definitely worth checking out even just for the song "Your Song" alone (a beautiful ballad).

Phantoms of the SS & Verney 1826: Anthem and Procession

Last week I went to see Phantoms of the SS at the 400 Bar. While I was there, I picked up a copy of Anthem and Procession, an album that Phantoms and Verney 1826 collaborated on together. I have been digging it a lot. The darkwave/ambient music has a sinister, ominous sound that would be perfect for a horror movie from yesteryear (not that torture porn crap).

Monday, February 14, 2011

Robyn with Natalia Kills and Diamond Rings

After waiting for months on end, I finally went to see Swedish pop artist Robyn with Natalia Kills and Diamond Rings at First Avenue last night. Last week Robyn was sick with the flu and had to postpone a few shows which caused me great concern over the Minneapolis show. Thankfully she got well enough for the Milwaukee show (which was on February 12th, the night before the Mpls show).  I met up with my friend Colleena from the Combichrist show in November.

Natalia Kills open the show with a very short set of what like 4 songs maybe. Still her songs was kick ass. I was reminded quite a bit of Lady Gaga except Natalia is a brunette. The songs was very catchy. I am hooked. Both Colleena and I each got a signed copy of her latest single "Mirrors". I hope Natalia Kills puts out a full length album sometime this year. Youtube isn't cutting it for me. LOL!

Diamond Rings on the other hand was boring as white bread. Colleena didn't care for him either, so it wasn't just me who didn't care for DR. LOL!

Robyn...what is there else I can say? She totally rocked the house. For someone who was sick last week, you wouldn't have guessed that she was sick. She totally was dancing all over the stage. The energy of the entire club was electrifying.

Here are some clips that I found off youtube from last night's show. They are not even a minute long but they will do.

Hang with Me
Dancing On My Own

I think the only thing I didn't like about the show last night (asides from Diamond Ring's boring set) was the gobs of people, and this really annoying gay guy who kept propping himself up on the railing and leaning back to take photos of his friends. I was surprised he didn't fell off the railing (which I would have laughed because he put himself in such a risky situation). Oh and before I forget, I was tickled pink when Natalia Kills said she loved my vintage black leather jacket when she signed a copy of her latest single for me. That was awesome. All in all it was a fun night. Tiring but fun. Emilie Autumn is next week. I can hardly wait to see her again.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


I know this site is for all things music but what I am about to write about does have ties to the music industry. I am talking about Erica Dunham (of Unter Null and Stray) and her new foray into the culinary world with her mail order business Unterbites. Most people know Erica because of her music but now she is going to be known for her delectable sweet and savory treats via Unterbites. A lot of her tasty treats involves bacon but don't fret vegetarians, Erica also offers a few vegetarian treats as well and not just a couple of items either.

I made my first order to be the Bacon Chocolate 'Mallow Bars which combines bacon, chocolate and home made marshmallows. I am a huge fan of  the combination of salt and sugar. There is something about that sweet/salty combination that makes me swoon. After all I love pineapple and ham on my pizza. I also enjoyed the chocolate covered bacon I had at the Minnesota State Fair this past summer. As for the bars, they are more like squares. This was the first time I ever tried marshmallows that didn't come out of a plastic bag. I must say they taste so much better than the store bought marshmallows which I think tastes like chalk. The flavor of the bacon in the bar is subtle and never overwhelming.  On top of the bar is a tiny piece of bacon which adds a nice crunchy texture to the bar. The bar is covered in semi-sweet chocolate so it isn't too overly sweet unlike milk chocolate which I am not big on (I am a dark chocolate kind of gal). One would never think of using bacon as a dessert ingredient but it really works. Kudos to Erica for using bacon in a much more imaginative way.

As part of the package, Erica also included a sample of her Chocolate Hazelnut Caramel Smoked Sea Salt Bites and Peanut Butter Bacon Chocolate Cookies. Both were delicious. The Chocolate Hazelnut Caramel Smoked Sea Salt Bite (Whew! What a mouthful. LOL) was not too moist nor too dry which is often a big problem for bars with me. I particularly loved the Peanut Butter Bacon Chocolate Cookie. That had to be the most delicious cookie I had ever eaten. I loved it so much I put in an order for 16 of those cookies. The cookie had the right texture, just like the chocolate hazelnut bite. Peanut butter cookies are a hit or miss with me, usually a miss because they are too dry and I need milk to get it down or I would choke on the damn thing. This is not the case with Erica's PB cookies. The Girl Scouts has nothing on Erica Dunham's cookies ;-). This year I opted out of ordering Girl Scouts cookies and went for the PB Chocolate Bacon Cookies.

Erica has set up a schedule where she makes the products on Mondays and ships the items out on Tuesdays. I think that was a brilliant move especially to ensure her products' freshness. I think it also helps to keep her organized with her orders too. People can also order samplers of the items on Unterbite's website. I think it is obvious that Erica Dunham's talents not only lies in the recording studio but also in the kitchen. I definitely plan on trying all of her products slowly but surely. She definitely shows a lot creativity. Who else could infuse bacon into bars and cookies? The addition of the bacon never takes over her tasty treats. The bacon is certainly there but in a subtle manner. On Unterbites' website, Erica notes that she uses only fresh, local ingredients in her products. That's a big plus for me, I can't take it any more with store bought cookies and bars, my teeth always feels like rotting after I eat them. I definitely recommend giving Unterbites a try.'s just not for breakfast anymore.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Souless Affection with The Rope

Here is a slide show of photos I took last night at Ground Zero. It was Souless Affection's final Twin Cities appearance.

The Rope started the show and I was impressed. I really liked their sound. They reminded me a mixture of Bella Morte and The Misfits minus the intimidating, ominous image of both bands. I hope to catch them live more often in the near future.

As for Souless Affection, I have always loved this local aggrotech act since I first saw them in 2008 at Ground Zero when they opened up for Angels on Acid. Souless Affection really impressed me with their aggressive music. They also showed me that the local music scene in the Twin Cities doesn't totally suck. I have mixed feelings about the band moving. I am sad that I won't be able to see them live again (at least for a long time) but at the same time the underground electronica scene in the Twin Cities is on constant life support IMO and SA is too good for the Twin Cities. It is difficult to make any money on concerts that features the kind of bands I enjoy (i.e industrial and synthpop).  Well whatever happens to Souless Affection, I wish them nothing but the best.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Phantoms of the SS CD release party @ 400 Bar

I was at the 400 Bar last night to see Phantoms of the SS perform. The Night had to pull out due to illness so it was just Phantoms, Pyro Plastic Flow, and Paris 1919. Great show although I left early because of work and I was tired as hell. LOL! So here is some photos that I took of the show.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sensuous Enemy

Tonight on Facebook, I came across a really great interview with one of my personal favorite bands Sensuous Enemy, a really killer darkwave/synthpop band from Madison, Wisconsin. Here is the article. I have been a fan of Sensuous Enemy for nearly 2 years now. Back in 2009, I received a friend request from the band on Myspace (when I still was on Myspace which I recently deleted). The first thing that stood out with me when I first listened to their songs on their Myspace page was Jai's powerful vocals. Jai totally wowed me. There was just a hint of Annie Lennox in her vocals. The second thing that struck me was the pop hooks. The songs were addictive and infectious in terms of catchiness. Not long after friending the band on Myspace, I caught the band live at Club Underground in Minneapolis.

I'll be honest I should have used my flash on my camera at the time that I took those photos. LOL! Anyhoo...the band's live set totally blew me away. I was just awestruck by how this amazing band was performing to very few people in such a tiny club. They had a huge sound that would be more appropriate at a European goth/industrial festival than some tiny, obscure club in Minneapolis. While I was at the show, I picked up a copy of the band's full length album Fragments which I absolutely adore. I must say they do a wonderful cover of The Pet Shop Boys' "It's a Sin".

Late last year, the band released their EP Parity which I found to be as satisfying as Fragments was for my ears. It was pure bliss especially the song "Intentions" which I can't stop listening to constantly. Remixes are usually a hit or miss with me but I totally dug the remixes on Parity. I really enjoyed The Light Asylum remix of "Intentions". It has such a huge club vibe. I can not fathom anyone not liking the song or that particular version. Sensuous Enemy really chose their remixers well. I know I like to yak about this band a lot whether on FB or here on my blog but I can't help myself. I am a fan first and foremost. Another reason for this blog is to show my support for my favorite artists/bands especially those who do not have a big record label to promote them. Don't get me wrong I love my favorite artists on Metropolis, Out of Line, A Different Drum, and Alfa Matrix records but I have started thinking that smaller, lesser known bands deserves a shot at recognition.

If there is one band in this world that deserves the kind of push that I am giving it is Sensuous Enemy. What I also love about this band is that they allow people to listen to all of their music in their entirety for free on sound cloud's website. Just click on this link and it will take you to their sound cloud page. Even better I would recommend buying their music at CD Baby. You can also find their music on itunes as well as

Sunday, February 6, 2011

My current jams of the moment

Here are some songs that I am totally digging right now that I think people should hear.

Where the Wild Roses Grow by Sara Noxx and Mark Benecke

This cover of the Nick Cave/Kylie Minogue duet is fabulous I think. Of course I am a bit bias because I am a huge fan of Sara Noxx's music.

Pornstar by Miss Construction

I came across this song last night on youtube. It is another project by Blutengel's Chris Pohl. The lyrics are quite raunchy and hilarious to say the very least.

Better than Love by Hurts

I have been listening to some Hurts on youtube in the last couple of days. "Better Than Love" is my personal favorite song that I have heard by the duo so far. Great synthpop. I am going to have to get their latest album soon.

Your Song by Sara Noxx

I love this ballad "Your Song" by Sara Noxx. I finally ordered a copy over a week ago. I really wish Sara was more known in the American electro scene. I find her music so wonderful especially this lovely ballad.

Something Evil by Psy'Aviah

I have been totally digging the latest Psy'Aviah album Eclectric. "Something Evil" is one of

Reich mir die Hand by Blutengel

Just when I thought Blutengel stopped making good music, Chris Pohl and company miraculously pulls out a rabbit out the hat figuratively speaking with their new song "Reich mir die Hand". For me this song reminds me of why I first fell in love with Blutengel with their catchy pop hooks and Chris's deep,forboding vocals. I hope their next album will be full of songs as catchy as this tune. I was so not impressed with their 2009 album Schwarzes Eis.

Vampyr by Paradoxx

This is one of my personal favorite songs by the Australian synthpop group Paradoxx. Very catchy.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Latest cd purchases

Angelspit: Blood Death Ivory

I recently decided that I needed to check out some Angelspit before their upcoming concert in March with Lords of Acid (the headlining act). I put in a bid and won a copy of their 2008 album Blood Death Ivory. I must confess that I am not feeling the love that a lot of people in the industrial scene has for this band. I found the lyrics contrived and the music repetitive and often annoying. When I first heard Angelspit's music a few years ago, I didn't like it. I recently I heard a couple of songs online that were quite pleasant but once I heard an entire Angelspit album, I just was not impressed.

Juno Reactor: Labyrinth

This is my first Juno Reactor cd and possibly my last. I bought a copy not long ago after falling in love with the song "Conquistador Pt.1" (or maybe it was part 2). The album has its moments but overall I found the music repetitive. I did though really love the last track "Navras".

Psy'Aviah: Eclectric

Okay so the first two albums were a total miss with me but I did actually buy an album that I can seriously jam to and the latest Psy'Aviah album is my jam album of the moment. I love this album. It definitely has a distinctive electro-clash sound but harder. The hooks are off the wall. Just a fun album to listen to whether at home or work.

How to Destroy Angels

All I have to say is 28 minutes of sheer boredom. I never have been impressed with Trent Reznor and I sure as hell ain't impressed with his latest musical endeavor. Thank heavens I got this cd from the library.

I have a couple of cds that I am waiting to arrive in my mail box in the coming weeks: Funker Vogt's Blutzoll and Sara Noxx's Intoxxication. They should make up for the recent blunders I made. I am going to wait until next weekend to see if I can find the new Covenant album at The Electric Fetus, if not I will order it online.