Sunday, February 20, 2011

Emilie Autumn at Station 4

Emilie Autumn at Station 4

I saw Emilie Autumn live again last night at Station 4 in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Her live shows are really something special to see and without a shadow of a doubt she didn't disappoint me despite being under the weather. I was a bit worried that Emilie would post-pone her Saint Paul show because of her health (like she did with a few shows leading up to the Station 4 gig) but she didn't (just like Robyn last week). Performance-wise Emilie was fabulous as usual. Seeing her live is really like seeing a burlesque show. The music may have been re-recorded but the vocals were not. Considering the amount of time and energy invested into the show, I would too rely on pre-recorded music.

As a concert experience, it was horrible. I should have gotten to Station 4 earlier so I could get a decent place near the stage. I honestly hate being short. I seriously need to invest in some kick ass platform boots because being short is a curse at concerts. I would roughly estimate that 300 people were at Station 4 last night which made it very difficult to move around the venue. At least with the Genitorturers concert (back in November) there weren't many nearly as many people and I ended up in front of the stage (everyone else was probably seeing GATA @ Ground Zero). Was the show worth $20? I don't think so but at least I got some good photographs out of it. I wish I could have gotten some video footage but being unable to really see the stage, it was literally impossible.

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