Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Latest cd purchases

Angelspit: Blood Death Ivory

I recently decided that I needed to check out some Angelspit before their upcoming concert in March with Lords of Acid (the headlining act). I put in a bid and won a copy of their 2008 album Blood Death Ivory. I must confess that I am not feeling the love that a lot of people in the industrial scene has for this band. I found the lyrics contrived and the music repetitive and often annoying. When I first heard Angelspit's music a few years ago, I didn't like it. I recently I heard a couple of songs online that were quite pleasant but once I heard an entire Angelspit album, I just was not impressed.

Juno Reactor: Labyrinth

This is my first Juno Reactor cd and possibly my last. I bought a copy not long ago after falling in love with the song "Conquistador Pt.1" (or maybe it was part 2). The album has its moments but overall I found the music repetitive. I did though really love the last track "Navras".

Psy'Aviah: Eclectric

Okay so the first two albums were a total miss with me but I did actually buy an album that I can seriously jam to and the latest Psy'Aviah album is my jam album of the moment. I love this album. It definitely has a distinctive electro-clash sound but harder. The hooks are off the wall. Just a fun album to listen to whether at home or work.

How to Destroy Angels

All I have to say is 28 minutes of sheer boredom. I never have been impressed with Trent Reznor and I sure as hell ain't impressed with his latest musical endeavor. Thank heavens I got this cd from the library.

I have a couple of cds that I am waiting to arrive in my mail box in the coming weeks: Funker Vogt's Blutzoll and Sara Noxx's Intoxxication. They should make up for the recent blunders I made. I am going to wait until next weekend to see if I can find the new Covenant album at The Electric Fetus, if not I will order it online.


  1. Totally agree on Eclectric and How To Destroy Angels. I actually like Psy'Aviah's previous album Entertainment Industries better than Eclectric so far, but both are very good. The track, Moments, on Entertainment Industries totally floored me in all it's creepy and weird goodness.

    I have long-form review on my last.fm page of HTDA if you're interested: http://www.last.fm/user/aztalanturf/journal/2010/06/01/3of07b_how_to_destroy_angels_ep_review

  2. Hey,

    Cool, this is the first time I read this blog - came across it while surfing.. Glad you enjoyed "Eclectric"! We have a new album coming out called "Introspection ~ Extrospection" on november 25th, a bit in the style of eclectric, but ofcourse a tad different..

    Cheers & keep up the good work,