Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Guilty Pleasure Of The Week: Backdraft by Hans Zimmer

It's Guilty Pleasure time again. This week I chose the soundtrack to the film Backdraft. Whenever I listen to Backdraft, it makes me think of my favorite tv series Iron Chef (Japanese version) as seen in the youtube clip below.

With the exception of that horrible Bruce Hornsby song (to be fair, never did like Bruce Hornsby's
music in general), I just adore the overly dramatic and bombastic sounds of Hans Zimmer's music. I will also confess I do like the movie too. Super cheesy but beats some of the films being made nowadays.


Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Album Of The Week: Simul iustus et peccator by Promidal

For this week's Album Of The Week, I decided to go local and went with Simul iustus et peccator by Promidal, a Minneapolis act that I have watched right from the beginning in 2012. I have seen the band go through various line ups, kinda like the way I go through socks and underwear. LOL. The results though has been immensely satisfying to watch Promidal evolve and grow as a live act as well as a studio. The 2012 release Dead Nation was good but didn't show what Promidal was really capable of and it definitely sounded more like a demo. That is to be expected from a fledgling band. I knew Promidal would evolve and grow. I saw it in their live shows between then and 2015.

2015 was when Simul iustus et peccator was originally released but I was bad and didn't get around to listening to it until a couple of weekends ago when I picked up a CD copy of the album at the latest Promidal show. For almost two weeks, now I have been enjoying the album at work and at home. The production value is 100% better than Dead Nation. I absolutely love the black metal influences that seeps through the music on the entire album. The music is heavy as fuck. The album is excellent from start to finish but I do strongly recommend checking out tracks 3-5 and 11 in particular. Those songs really gets my blood pumping. While there was a political theme in the lyrics on Dead Nation, there is none of that on Simul iustus et peccator. There is more of a religious theme.

If you are in the Twin Cities, Promidal's next show is on 9/17 at the upcoming Twin Cities Electropunk Vol.8 release party at Club Underground. You really can not miss seeing Promidal live. I have seen them live so many times and always have been impressed by their live performances. In general, they are easily my favorite live act to see. I have proof of it in my videos of theirs. So go see Promidal next month because I sure as hell can't because I'll be in Chicago that weekend!!!

From their last show.

Some past shows

Monday, August 29, 2016

Weekly Playlist for 08.29.16 - 09.04.16

For this week's playlist I chose my Music to Chill Out to playlist I made last month. The playlist features my favorite downtempo/chillout tracks. This is easily one of my favorite playlists I have created. I always put it on in the morning during the weekend. It is just so chill. It is really hard to pick a favorite track on this playlist because everyone of these songs are my favorites from the artists. I definitely can recommend tracks by the likes of Dusted, Chicane, Corde Oblique, Delerium, Conjure One, and Craig Armstrong. Hope everyone enjoys listening to it as much as I do.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

100 Favorite Guilty Pleasures

I finally got around to finishing my latest list. It is my 100 favorite guilty pleasure songs. I suppose I shouldn't feel "guilty" for liking certain songs but I can't help myself.

100. Collective Soul: The World I know
99. Mike + The Mechanics: The Living Years
98. Toad the Wet Sprocket: Walk On the Ocean
97. Gin Blossoms: Hey Jealousy
96. Harvey Danger: Flagpole Sitta
95. Ricky Martin: Cup of Life
94. Vixen: How Much Love
93. Coldplay: The Scientist
92. Journey: Don't Stop Believin'
91. Ellie Goulding: Love and Found
90. Cher: If I Could Turn Back Time
89. The Verve Pipe: The Freshmen
88. Robbie Williams: Angels
87. Cascada: Every Time We Touch
86. Richard Marx: Turn Off the Night
85. Mary J. Blige: No More Drama
84. Katy Perry: Hot 'N Cold
83. Bryan Adams: Summer of '69
82. Eiffel 65: Blue (Da Ba Dee)
81. The Verve: Bittersweet Symphony
80. Natalie Imbruglia: Torn
79. Jennifer Paige: Always You
78. Adele: Remedy
77. Snow Patrol: Chasing Cars
76. 2Pac: Changes
75. Vicci Martinez: Stop Pretending
74. Blackstreet: No Diggity
73. Eminem: Without Me
72. Laura Branigan: Solitaire
71. Toto: Africa
70. DJ Sammy: Heaven
69. Bonnie Tyler: Holding Out For a Hero
68. John Parr: St Elmo's Fire (Fire in Motion)
67. Honeymoon Suite: What Does It Take
66. Dolly Parton: 9 to 5
65. Steve Perry: Sherrie
64. Spandau Ballet: True
63. Sarah McLachlan: Angel
62. Billy Joel: Piano Man
61. Jann Arden: Good Mother
60. Natalia Kills: If I Was God
59. Soul Asylum: Runaway Train
58. Gigi D'Agostino: L'Amour Toujours
57. Martina McBride: Independence Day
56. The Corrs: Breathless
55. Chesney Hawkes: The One and Only
54. Leona Lewis: I See You
53. Styx: Show Me The Way
52. Jennifer Lopez: Waiting For Tonight
51. Lily Allen: Fuck You
50. Taylor Dayne: I'll Be Your Shelter
49. Heart: Who Will You Run To
48. ABBA: Take A Chance On Me
47. Starship: Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now
46. Amy Winehouse: Rehab
45. Bad English: Price of Love
44. Icona Pop: I Love It
43. Peter Cetera: Glory of Love
42. Melanie C: Northern Star
41. Debbie Gibson: Only In My Dreams
40. Martika: Toy Soldier
39. Nelson: (Can't Live Without Your) Love and Affection
38. Savage Garden: Truly Madly Deeply
37. Mariah Carey: Love Takes Time
36. Paloma Faith: Picking Up the Pieces
35. Ice Cube: No Vaseline
34. Enrique Iglesias Maybe
33. Sarina Paris: Look At Us
32. P!nk: Just Another Reason
31. Kelly Clarkson: Breakaway
30. Roxette: Fading Like A Flower
29. Stan Busch: The Touch
28. Amber: Can You Feel the Love
27. Patty Smyth and Don Henley: Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough
26. Michael W. Smith: Place In This World
25. David Foster: Love Theme From St. Elmo's Fire
24. Tina Cousins: Forever
23. Lady Gaga: Poker Face
22. Chicago: Hard Habit to Break
21. Vitamin C: Graduation (Friends Forever)
20. Lady Antebellum: Need You Now
19. Steps: One For Sorrow
18. Billy Vera and The Beaters: At This Moment
17. Primitive Radio Gods: Standing Outside a Phone Booth
16. Josh Groban: To Where You Are
15. Jason Mraz: I'm Yours
14. The Pussycat Dolls (feat. Nicole Scherzinger) and A.R Rahman: Jai Ho
13. Youmi Kimura: Always With Me (from the film Spirited Away)
12. Janet Jackson: Together Again
11. Expose: End of the World
10. Selena: Dreaming of You
09. Sophie B Hawkins: As I Lay Me Down
08. Wilson Phillips: Release Me
07. The Spice Girls: Viva Forever
06. Bette Midler: The Rose
05. Lauren Christy: Steep
04. David Cook: Come Back to Me
03. Air Supply: All Out Of Love
02. Vonda Shepard: Baby, Don't Break My Heart
01. Real McCoy: Sleeping With An Angel

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Albums and Playlists I Am Currently Listening to



Since the news of the upcoming Ayria show this past week, I have been listening to a lot of Ayria on Spotify at work. I am thrilled that she is finally headlining her own tour. I have seen her about 4 times and all as supporting act. For more information on the show, just go to Kilted Farmer's Facebook page. Her new album is fantastic. IMHO I like it a lot more than Plastic Makes Perfect which was only so-so.

Considering how much I love the new CHROM album Peak and Decay, I finally got around to listening to their first album. Unfortunately this album lacks the melodies of Synthetic Movement and Peak and Decay. In other words, it was a let down for me since I love that band but oh well. Their new album and previous album are fantastic. Go check them out.

Still on my Autumn kick since the Strap On Halo show. I hate waiting to find out when their next show is going to be.

My current favorite album is by the local band Promidal. Their next show is on 09/17 at Club Underground for the Twin Cities Electropunk Vol.8 release party. They are selling actual CDs  of their latest album at their shows. It is gnarly shit so there go to that show and grab yourself a copy of the latest Promidal album.  

Friday, August 26, 2016

Music to check out

Thursday, August 25, 2016

My Current Favorite Songs

Lots of synthpop goodness on this week's playlist of my favorite songs and the occasional oddball pop/rap song. lol

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Guilty Pleasure of The Week

Here are my top 10 favorite Guilty Pleasure songs for this week.

01. Expose: End of the World

02. Tina Cousins: Forever

03. Love Theme From St. Elmo's Fire

04. Mary J. Blige: No More Drama

05. Lauren Christy: Steep

06. P!nk: Bad Influence

07. Lenka: The Show

08. Josh Groban: To Where You Are

09. Vonda Shepherd: Baby, Don't You Break My Heart

10. Richard Marx: Turn Off the Night

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Album Of The Week: Return To The Breath by Autumn

Ever since the Strap On Halo show almost two weeks ago, I have been listening to Autumn's two albums The Hating Tree and Return To The Breath on Spotify. I have especially been listening to Return To The Breath. I had bought this album online after seeing the band open up for Faith and The Muse in 2009 (I believe). Both The Hating Tree and Return To The Breath are excellent but I am particularly a big fan of Return To The Breath. The songs on this album sticks out more to me than The Hating Tree does. And after all these years, the entire album still holds up well. Does not sound dated at all.  The band sounds fantastic live after seeing them for the first time in several years. Julie Plante definitely has one of the best set of pipes around. She is what attracted me to Autumn's music. I definitely recommend checking the band's music out on Spotify and if in the Twin Cities, live in concert.

Just for the heck of it, here are the slide shows from when Autumn opened up for Faith and The Muse in 2009, and Strap On Halo almost two weeks ago.

Monday, August 22, 2016

10 Albums of 2016 I Think Should Be Heard

I was going to do post my usual weekly playlist however I was inspired to share with my readers 10 albums released this year that people should listen to ASAP.

01. The Jezabels: Synthia

02. School of Seven Bells: SVIIB

03. CHROM: Peak and Decay

04. Kristin Kontrol: X-Communicate

05. Otep: Generation Doom

06. Tegan and Sara: We Love You To Death

07. Shura: Nothing's Real

08. Softwave: Together Alone

09. Kitten: Heaven or Somewhere In Between

10. Hydrah: Hold

2016 has been very good for music. 2015 was not so hot. What good music that came out didn't come out until in the second half of the year. 2016 has been very consistent from January and up until now. 

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Mixed Madness PT.3

Last night, I went to Club Underground for the Mixed Madness pt.3 show, a collaboration between Nxt Front Ent and Cerberus Ent. The line up included: Nemesissy, The Rabbit M Project, Genre Treason, Volsungasaga, and Promidal. Discord Curse was supposed to perform after Promidal but they bailed out when the show begin last night. I'll just say this about the situation, bailing on a show at the last second in favor of underage friends is not going to get you any more gigs. It was the band's responsibility to find out about the venue's policy on underage guests, not to mention read the Facebook event. I have no sympathy for this BS and from what I have heard, this band is not reliable. Not professional. I don't think this band will get far if they continue to behave irresponsibly. Asides from the drama, the show was a ton of fun. I definitely miss attending these smaller shows. I love the intimacy of these shows my good friend Tracy puts on. Of all the acts that played last night, Nemesissy seemed out of place the most. They are most likely more suited to open up for bands like Hippo Campus with their brand of geek rock. As for the rest of the acts, they were really good. I particularly liked EDM act The Rabbit M Project, the viking metal band Volsungasaga, and my personal fave Promidal.

goth_maven's Mixed Madness show at Club Underground album on Photobucket

I have seen The Rabbit M Project a few times thanks to my friend Tracy of Promidal. I have always enjoyed The Rabbit M's music whenever I got to see him on stage but last night I really enjoyed his music. His set was lit for sure. Genius Treason was a really entertaining rap duo. Lots of humor thrown into their music.Volsungasaga put on a great set with their brand of viking metal. Fucking heavy shit that's for sure. Without a shadow of a doubt, the night for me belonged to Promidal. They fucking killed it last night as you will see in my video from the show. Granted it lacked the meat throwing/fake murder antics I am so used to seeing at Promidal's shows however that era is over. Promidal is an adult and is here to make your ears bleed. That said there was still some fake blood during the set. Of course the music was bloody heavy as expected. I really loved the fusion of black metal with the synth beats.

I have watched Promidal evolve over the years which has been a joy for me to watch. I have always enjoyed watching Promidal live and grow despite the revolving door of members who have come and gone. Last night the line up I saw was 100% solid as a rock. This line up really looked and sound like a complete band which I believe was sorely needed for Promidal. While at the show, I picked up the new album Simul Iustus et Peccator (which is only available on CD at the moment). I can definitely hear a huge growth and maturity from Promidal's early days to now. This album fucking rocks. The blend of black metal and aggrotech is perfect. There is a huge improvement in the production. While I do love Promidal's previous albums, my main quibble with them is the production quality. They sounded more like demos than actual albums. I definitely recommend picking up the new album.

The next Promidal show is on September 17 at Club Underground for the Twin Cities Electropunk Vol. 8 release party. CDs are being sold for $10. If that event wasn't on the weekend I was going down to Chicago, I would totally go to it. I hope others will go to it. I have been to previous TC Electropunk release parties, it is always a lot of fun to see various local bands in the Twin Cities so please support the local music scene and go to the show.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Food for thought: Making a few changes

In the past couple of years, my taste in music has been evolving. I didn't think I would ever get into hip hop music but I did and I also find myself listening to less goth and industrial music. I don't know why but I am finding myself less excited about the latest releases from bands like Blutengel and Combichrist who I hate to say have disappointed me with their last few releases. My tastes have been veering more mainstream like The Jezabels, School of Seven Bells, Shura, Tegan and Sara, Lush, and Bat for Lashes.  Because of my evolving musical tastes, I decided to make a few tweaks to my blog so it encompasses all genres of music. While I definitely plan on continuing to cover the goth and underground scene especially in the Twin Cities, I certainly don't want to limit my blog to that segment of the music scene any more. I personally am ready to broaden my horizons with my blog.I have made a few slight changes to my Facebook and Twitter pages as well. After six years of blogging under the guise of Rivet Grrrl, it was inevitable for me to ditch that moniker and just be true to myself and cover the music that makes me happy.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

My Current Favorite Songs

Here is this week's collection of my current favorite songs. I have been on an Autumn kick since they opened up for Strap on Halo last Saturday night. Definitely recommend checking them out. I most certainly need to go to more of their shows here in the Twin Cities. Julie sounds amazing live.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Guilty Pleasure Of The Week: 1,000 Fires by Traci Lords

For this week's Guilty Pleasure Of The Week, I chose Traci Lords album 1,000 Fires. For me, the album hasn't really aged well especially the lyrics. Of course this is by the infamous former porn star so songwriting really wasn't her strong suit but I'll take Traci's lyrics over any given song written by some z-list star on VH1's Love and Hip Hop. Despite that the album has not aged well (to me at least), Control is still an enjoyable album.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Album of The Week: Nothing's Real by Shura

Today I have been listening to the heck out of Nothing's Real, the debut album by Shura,an electropop artist from London who I believe is touring this fall with Tegan and Sara. I came across Shura on Spotify and quickly was hooked on what I had heard. Her full length debut album recently came out this summer. It is particularly good. I am reminded of Tegan and Sara with a dash of '80s new wave like on "What Happened to Us?", the song that introduced me to Shura. So if you like the last two Tegan and Sara albums, I definitely recommend Nothing's Real by Shura. I'll chalk this up as one of the best releases of 2016 for sure.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Weekly Playlist for 08.15.16 - 08.22.16

With summer winding down, I just had to put together a playlist of my favorite tunes that I had been enjoying for the past few warm, often hot months. There is some super cheesy tunes (i.e Chicago, David Cook, Air Supply) but also some new tunes by the likes of Tegan and Sara, Bat for Lashes, Shura, and Black Violin. It is an interesting mix to say the very least but that is what I have been listening to this summer.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Strap On Halo with Autumn and Principality at Club Underground on 08.12.16

Last night I went to Club Underground (for the first time in many months) to see three bands: Strap On Halo, Autumn, and Principality. Autumn and Principality are two local post-punk bands in the Twin Cities music. Principality is new to me but I have been a fan of Autumn since I first saw them open up for Faith and the Muse at Ground Zero Nightclub many, many years ago. I think it was in 2009. I think. I enjoyed the two opening bands immensely, I particularly enjoyed Autumn's set. This was my first time I had seen Autumn since they had reformed this year. Julie sounded even better than the last time I had heard them. She has such a fantastic voice.Damn shame I didn't think of getting video footage from the show last night but I do still have footage from their Faith and The Muse show to show my readers just how great this band sounds.

The band was performing the song "Red". After seeing Autumn perform again last night, I definitely need to make it to their shows more often. Their new material sounds awesome.
Principality is a relatively new local band. They have been only around since 2014. Last year they put out an EP. Check it out. If you like The Rope, I think you will like Principality.

As for Strap On Halo, they were fantastic. You can hear their new EP here. I have listened to it and it sounds really great but the band sounds even better live. If you like '80s goth/deathrock/post punk, you will definitely dig this band who is currently on tour. I really dug what I had heard from the band. Their live show was a lot of fun to watch. Overall just a fun night to be had last night.

goth_maven's Strap On Halo with Autumn and Principality album on Photobucket

Friday, August 12, 2016

Music to Check Out

It's Friday and you know what that means! A collection of music that I have found online that I think people should listen to.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

My Current Favorite Songs

Here is this week's collection of my favorite songs. I have included a few songs from the soundtrack to Suicide Squad which I saw last weekend and loved every minute of it. Hope everyone enjoys it!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Guilty Pleasure Of The Week: The Lion King soundtrack

Lately I have been listening to a lot of soundtracks on Spotify. One of my current favorite soundtracks to listen to is The Lion King soundtrack, this week's Guilty Pleasure Of The Week. The songs are so cute and catchy especially "The Morning Report". My favorite tracks though are Hans Zimmer's tracks as well as "Circle of Life" featuring Carmen Twilie and Lebo M. I like how the soundtrack can be both happy and somber. I will be honest, the Elton John songs don't do anything for me so I end the soundtrack before his songs comes on. The original versions on the soundtrack sounds better to this music listener. So this is my Guilty Pleasure Of The Week.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Album of The Week: Cranekiss by Tamaryn

A few days ago, the legendary shoegaze/dreampop band Lush posted a reminder of their upcoming fall tour. As part of their reminder, they announced that their opening act Tamaryn. I honestly had never heard of Tamaryn before so of course my curiosity was piqued and was very fortunate to find her music on Spotify. It didn't take me very long to figure out why Lush chose Tamaryn to open up for them. Her music is perfect for Lush fans. Hopefully Tamaryn will have music to sell at the show I am going to in September (i.e the sold out Chicago show at The Vic on 9/18).

Monday, August 8, 2016

Weekly Playlist for 08.08.16 - 08.14.16

I recently had this idea to create a playlist of my favorite tracks off various my personal favorite film scores. I started putting it together on my afternoon commute from work and just finished it tonight. Enjoy!

Saturday, August 6, 2016

My 100 Favorite Songs From the Past Decade

I think the title of the blog is pretty self-explainatory :). And like the last list, I had a lot of fun working on this list. It wasn't an easy feat since it is just 100 songs from the past decade. Choosing one particular song from my favorite artists/bands made compiling this list very challenging but I got through it. I have included a few local artists (i.e Dessa, Aby Wolf, Gabriel and the Apocalypse, Tiny Deaths, P.O.S).

100. Little Dark Star by Invocation Array
99. Tiempos De Furia by Hocico
98. Haunting Memories by Frozen Plasma
97. Leia by Army On the Dance Floor
96. Living At The End of the World by A-HA
95. You Loved Me by Joy Williams (ex-The Civil Wars)
94. Ablaze by School of Seven Bells
93. We Fly by Future Perfect
92. Electroheart by Amaranthe
91. Elan by Nightwish
90. Lately by Dave Gahan and Soulsavers
89. Before the Sunshine by Helalyn Flowers
88. Back For a Day by Sixth June
87. Silent War by Gabriel and The Apocalypse
86. New Life by Mondtraume
85. When Heart Forgives by Nadina
84. Fjogur Piano by Sigur Ros
83. Chirality by The Frozen Autumn
82. My Love is My Disease by The Jezabels
81. Sleep by Ari Mason
80. I'll Be Your Girl by Kitten
79. Remedy by Adele
78. Lies by Anette Olzon (ex-Nightwish)
77. I Stand Alone by Carved Souls
76. Requiem by Tristania
75. Consuming Guilt by Youth Code
74. Cut and Coil by Cylab
73. Running With the Boys by LIGHTS
72. My Heart Bleeds Melody by Emika
71. Ray of Sun by SPC ECO
70. Synchronized Beat Fuck by Nitro/Noise
69. Lock, Picks, Knives, Bricks, and Bats by P.O.S
68. Sunshine in the Rain by Balligomingo
67. Frostbite by Avarice in Audio
66. Monument by Angels and Agony
65. Refuge by Client
64. Ignorance and Bliss by Covenant
63. Amnesia by
62. Waiting to be Born by Rotersand
61. Ocean by Tiny Deaths
60. Not Your Kind of People by Garbage
59. Take a Walk by The Foreign resort
58. Nightglory by Kirlian Camera
57. Slut by Velvet Acid Christ
56. Devil in a Bottle by Genitorturers
55. Balloon Girl by Hungry Lucy
54. I Come Undone by Elis
53. Vivaldi - Spring by Black Violin
52. Arising Hero by Funker Vogt
51. Anything Could Happen by Ellie Goulding
50. Blue Sea by The Crystalline Effect
49. Dreamcatcher by Blue Stone
48. Paradise (What About Us?) by Within Temptation feat. Tarja Turunen
47. Intentions by Aby Wolf and Grant Cutler (aka Wolf Lords)
46. Something Evil by Psy'Aviah
45. Drift Away by Gold Zebra
44. Magic by Ladyhawke
43. Blood by System Syn
42. Summer by Marsheaux
41. Poison and Wine by The Civil Wars
40. Melancholy Sky by Goldfrapp
39. Water Me by FKA Twigs
38. Dangerous Days by Zola Jesus
37. Ghost Dance by Emmon
36. Get Your Body Beat by Combichrist
37. Sea of Stars by Code 64
36. Break of Dawn by Goapele
35. Annabelle by Dessa
36. Dog Days Are Over by Florence and The Machine
35. Nightmusic by Grimes
34. Deep Blue by De/Vision
33. Die Motherfucker Die by Suicide Commando
32. Broken Heart Cliche by Unter Null
31. Stiff Kittens by Blaqk Audio
30. Daniel by Bat for Lashes
29. Just Give Me a Reason by P!nk
28. Come With Me by Xandria
27. Morpheus by In Strict Confidence
26. Intentions by Sensuous Enemy
25. Epiphany by Solitary Experiments
24. The Mother We Share by Chvrches
23. Weekend by The Birthday Massacre
22. Blood by System Syn
21. Mouthful of Diamonds by Phantogram
20. Intentions by Aby Wolf
19. Sirens and Satellites by Ego Likeness
18. Eurydice by Sleepthief
17. Space and Time by VNV Nation
16. Push Pull by Purity Ring
15. They'll Clap When You're Gone by Chelsea Wolfe
14. Bedroom Eyes by Dum Dum Girls
13. Morphine by Javelynn
12. Spiders by Ashbury Heights
11. Caravanserai by Loreena Mckennitt
10. Save by Moonlight Cove
09. War Eternal by Arch Enemy
08. Bad List by Ayria
07. Battle Cry by Angel Haze feat. Sia
06. Back to Black by Amy Winehouse
05. Fukken Uber Dance Party by Hanzel und Gretyl
04.  Loneliness by CHROM
03. Runaway by Noblesse Oblige
02. Uber Den Horizont by Blutengel
01. Dance in the Graveyard by Delta Rae

Friday, August 5, 2016

Music to check out

Thursday, August 4, 2016

My Current Favorite Songs

I can't say this week's collection of my current favorite songs is boring. Definitely a very eclectic mix. I am particularly digging the new tracks by P.O.S and Massive Attack with Hope Sandoval. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Guilty Pleasure of the Week

On my hourlong bus ride to work in south Minneapolis, I compiled a new playlist of my favorite Europop/eurotrance songs from the '90s and early '00s. That was well before I got seriously into goth and industrial music. So this is my guilty pleasure of the week.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Album Of The Week: Peak and Decay by CHROM

I haven't been listening to a lot of EBM/futurepop music lately. I find myself rediscovering some of the music I listened to in the late '90s/early '00s (which consists of a lot of techno and cheesy pop) but since this past weekend I have been listening to the new CHROM album Peak and Decay. Interesting fact: CHR is taken from vocalist Chris' name and OM is from Tom's name.

Anyhoo their last album Synthetic Movement was in the top five of my 2012 best of list. Being a huge fan of that album, I was ready for some new CHROM to drop. The four years between Synthetic Movement and Peak and Decay was so worth the wait. While there were about two - three tracks on the last album I wasn't particularly crazy about, on the  new album I loved all the songs from start to finish. If you haven't heard of this album or of CHROM in general, go check out both the band and the new album.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Weekly Playlist for 08.01.16 - 08.07.16

This week's playlist is a collection of my favorite futurepop songs. Nothing new. All of the songs are my personal favorite songs. Enjoy!