Sunday, August 21, 2016

Mixed Madness PT.3

Last night, I went to Club Underground for the Mixed Madness pt.3 show, a collaboration between Nxt Front Ent and Cerberus Ent. The line up included: Nemesissy, The Rabbit M Project, Genre Treason, Volsungasaga, and Promidal. Discord Curse was supposed to perform after Promidal but they bailed out when the show begin last night. I'll just say this about the situation, bailing on a show at the last second in favor of underage friends is not going to get you any more gigs. It was the band's responsibility to find out about the venue's policy on underage guests, not to mention read the Facebook event. I have no sympathy for this BS and from what I have heard, this band is not reliable. Not professional. I don't think this band will get far if they continue to behave irresponsibly. Asides from the drama, the show was a ton of fun. I definitely miss attending these smaller shows. I love the intimacy of these shows my good friend Tracy puts on. Of all the acts that played last night, Nemesissy seemed out of place the most. They are most likely more suited to open up for bands like Hippo Campus with their brand of geek rock. As for the rest of the acts, they were really good. I particularly liked EDM act The Rabbit M Project, the viking metal band Volsungasaga, and my personal fave Promidal.

goth_maven's Mixed Madness show at Club Underground album on Photobucket

I have seen The Rabbit M Project a few times thanks to my friend Tracy of Promidal. I have always enjoyed The Rabbit M's music whenever I got to see him on stage but last night I really enjoyed his music. His set was lit for sure. Genius Treason was a really entertaining rap duo. Lots of humor thrown into their music.Volsungasaga put on a great set with their brand of viking metal. Fucking heavy shit that's for sure. Without a shadow of a doubt, the night for me belonged to Promidal. They fucking killed it last night as you will see in my video from the show. Granted it lacked the meat throwing/fake murder antics I am so used to seeing at Promidal's shows however that era is over. Promidal is an adult and is here to make your ears bleed. That said there was still some fake blood during the set. Of course the music was bloody heavy as expected. I really loved the fusion of black metal with the synth beats.

I have watched Promidal evolve over the years which has been a joy for me to watch. I have always enjoyed watching Promidal live and grow despite the revolving door of members who have come and gone. Last night the line up I saw was 100% solid as a rock. This line up really looked and sound like a complete band which I believe was sorely needed for Promidal. While at the show, I picked up the new album Simul Iustus et Peccator (which is only available on CD at the moment). I can definitely hear a huge growth and maturity from Promidal's early days to now. This album fucking rocks. The blend of black metal and aggrotech is perfect. There is a huge improvement in the production. While I do love Promidal's previous albums, my main quibble with them is the production quality. They sounded more like demos than actual albums. I definitely recommend picking up the new album.

The next Promidal show is on September 17 at Club Underground for the Twin Cities Electropunk Vol. 8 release party. CDs are being sold for $10. If that event wasn't on the weekend I was going down to Chicago, I would totally go to it. I hope others will go to it. I have been to previous TC Electropunk release parties, it is always a lot of fun to see various local bands in the Twin Cities so please support the local music scene and go to the show.

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