Tuesday, March 31, 2015

5 Artists You Should Check Out

Invocation Array

Anyone who reads my blog regularly would know what a huge fan I am of The Luna Sequence. Well Kaia Young is at it again with a new project called Invocation Array. Earlier tonight I gave their song "Overdrive" from their upcoming album A Color For Fiction. It is fantastic. Imagine The Luna Sequence with vocals. Their debut album comes out on 4/24. I will definitely be pre-ordering it this Friday come pay day. Check them out.

Pegasus Asteroid

I don't know why this band have more followers on Facebook. I think it is a crime that their music isn't being heard far and wide. The Fog is really terrific synthpop. There is a definitely '80s vibe to their music. I really do want people to listen to their music.

Ari Mason

I came across Ari Mason a few weeks ago on YouTube by a happy accident. She is a Los Angeles resident who makes killer dark electro music. She released a super killer EP last year of some excellent cover songs called Wanted: Songs of Desire and an album of original material called Neuropathy. Check 'em out.

The Electric Witch

Awesome dance music from Duluth, MN band The Electric Witch.

Moon and Pollution

My favorite local band of 2015 for sure.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Speak in Storms tour: Seabound with Architect at Amsterdam Bar and Hall

Last night's concert in Saint Paul, MN was the first stop on the Speak in Storms tour featuring Seabound and Architect. Wisconsin trip hop band Endless Blue opened up for the two bands. It was an excellent show. It has been awhile since I last seen Endless Blue perform live. I think it was at the Assemblage 23 show in 2010 at The Varsity Theater. The band played a good mix of old and new material which I appreciated. Every now and then I will go to a show where the band performs mostly new material and very few older songs which annoys me. Architect was amazing. Daniel Myer got everyone dancing with his band of IDM, electronica, and ambient music. Check out his latest album, it is killer.

Seabound did not disappoint me at all. It has been six years since the band was in town (with De/Vision at the time). The audience really was into the band's set. From what I have gathered, it looked like a good crowd that showed up for the concert. Got in some good pictures and videos from the show.

goth_maven's Seabound with Architect  at Amsterdam Bar and Hall album on Photobucket

Off-topic rant: a few weeks ago on City Pages' website, someone wrote a rant about people taking pictures at concerts. As someone who is obviously guilty of this crime, I would like to defend myself for a moment. I take pictures and videos at most of the shows I go to because I do it for my blog and for the music scene (i.e giving bands some extra exposure).I have been told by many people in the scene that they appreciate what I do. I don't get paid for covering the local dark underground music scene. I got a full time job to pay my mortgage and bills. I do this because I want to provide a service to those who can't make it to these shows be able to have some access to them as well as help promote Kilted Farmer Koncerts who puts on shows like Speak in Storms as well as the upcoming Covenant and Voltaire/Ego Likeness shows (yes, shameless promotion ;)) so people would know about these types of shows. I have even been asked by friends in local bands to record video footage of their sets for them to review after the show which I am always happy to do. I don't get paid nor do I ask to be compensated for my job. Also it is not easy getting the perfect shot. It takes many pictures to get the one perfect shot. So yeah, I need to use my camera phone and digital camera to get the ideal photos for my blog as well as to live tweet via Twitter/Instagram.

 Of course I  make a point of giving my phone and digital camera a rest and enjoy the show on a personal level unlike the two morons at last year's Phantogram show at First Avenue who barged in front of me and another person and stood in front of the stage for the rest of the evening with their fucking phones up in the air. Not all people are like those two bimbos. I think it is unfair to assume that everyone who is taking pictures at shows and wasn't hired to take photographs is like the two women I had the unpleasant experience of dealing with. I do what I do to help the local dark underground scene. If you don't like it, then go move somewhere else in the venue but don't assume I am not taking pictures/videos to be annoying and there is no purpose for taking pictures.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Throwback Thursday: 1995

Throwback Thursday time folks! I decided to share some of my favorite albums from 1995.

01. Leftfield: Leftism

02. Garbage: Garbage

03. Bjork: Post

04. Elastica: Elastica


06. The Corrs: Forgiven, Not Forgotten

07. Annie Lennox: Medusa

08. Poe: Hello

09. Moby: Everything is Wrong

10. BT: IMA

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Old and New Favorite Songs of the Week

Old Favorite Songs:

Tears For Fears: Head Over Heels

Ever since I checked out a Tears For Fears cd from the library last weekend, I have been listening to "Head Over Heels" constantly. I have completely forgotten how good this song it is.

Cyndi Lauper: All Through The Night
Another blast from the past for me. "All Through the Night" is by far my favorite Cyndi Lauper song.

Katrina and The Waves: Going Down to Liverpool

I didn't realize until a couple of months ago that "Going Down to Liverpool" (a song The Bangles covered on All Over the Place was originally written by Katrina of Katrina and the Waves). This week I gave the original song a listen. I have to admit I do prefer The Bangles' version but I do like the original version.

New Favorite Songs:

Torul: The Balance

It has been awhile since Zhala released a new song but I found out a couple of days ago. The song is from her upcoming debut full length album Zhala. I really like her sound. I am definitely going to download her album when it comes out.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Upcoming Kilted Farmer Koncerts shows

With this week's Seabound concert coming up in three days, I thought I would do a last second push for the show as well as with the upcoming KCK shows by featuring music by many of the bands who will be performing in the coming days/weeks.

1) Seabound with Architect (Daniel Myer of Haujobb) in Saint Paul

I personally am not a fan of the latest Seabound album which is why I opted with one of their older albums but you can find it here on Spotify.

02. Covenant in Saint Paul

The new Covenant album is slowly growing on me. Not as good as their older stuff but it still has some really solid tunes.

03. Aurelio Voltaire/Ego Likeness/Bad September in Saint Paul

This was my first Voltaire album I bought and remains my personal favorite album. Many, many, many moons ago I had seen this album at Cheapo Discs and bought it on whim. The album cover intrigued me so I decided to buy it at the time.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Weekly Playlist For the Week of 3/23-3/29

For this week's playlist, it is all about Covenant in honor of next month's Covenant show at Amsterdam Bar and Hall. At one point I did create a Covenant mix but apparently I deleted it by mistake hence a new playlist. I like this mix more than the original.

I am also including some music by The Labrynth who is touring with Covenant. The band recently released an EP called Eternal this month.

You can find out more about the Covenant show by going to kiltedfarmer.com.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Album of the Week: Monument by Angels & Agony

After a near decade long absence from the music scene (try eight years), one of my personal favorite futurepop bands Angels and Agony finally returned with a new album earlier this year titled Monument. As a long time fan, I have been waiting for new music by this band for way too long so for me Monument was worth the long wait. When I first listened to the new album I couldn't help but compare them to another favorite band of mine Solitary Experiments. Both bands have a knack for creating really catchy futurepop songs that gets easily stuck in my head.

Monument is a great album but it isn't without its flaws. The instrumental "The Story So Far" for me was tedious to listen to as was "Journey". I suppose I could call "The Story So Far" an intermission in between songs. The album did start off with some super catchy, club-friendly EBM tracks but following "The Story So Far", the pace of the songs started to slow down. Of course I took to the first six tracks on the album like white on race but from 7-11, I needed to spend time listening to the songs. Eventually I grew to love songs like "Omen","Sinner", and "The Road Not Taken" after listening to them a dozen more times. I really wanted to like "Journey" but the lyrics came off cliched for me, not to mention gave me the impression they were trying to be the next VNV Nation.

Flaws aside, I love Monument enough to make it my album of the week. I have been a fan of the band for a decade now and to see them return with new music makes me happy. I definitely recommend to listen to this album especially the title track which is a killer opening track. I hate using the word "epic" but it definitely fits perfectly with the song. The first six tracks are absolutely fantastic in my book and worth hearing. I just wished that the band kept that momentum going through out the album instead of turning down the notch. That said, Monument is one of the few 2015 releases that I have heard this year so far that I enjoy listening to, so check it out.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Throwback Thursday: The Bellwether Syndicate with The Foreign Resort

Tonight I decided for Throwback Thursday, I would share photos and video footage from 2012's Kilted Farmer Koncerts show featuring The Bellwether Syndicate and The Foreign Resort. Local band UZZA opened the show for the two bands. To help promote the show, I even conducted an interview with the band prior to the event. My interview with The Foreign Resort

goth_maven's TBS with The Foreign Resort and UZZA album on Photobucket

It was a really great show. I really dug both The Bellwether Syndicate and The Foreign Resort. I definitely recommend checking out their music. You can find their music on Spotify if you have an account with the streaming service or you can find some of their songs on  youtube. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Old and New Favorite Songs

Old Favorite Songs:
Delta Rae: Dance In The Graveyards

"Dance In The Graveyards" remains my favorite song by the North Carolina band Delta Rae. I absolutely love the video and song because it is so beautiful yet still manages to bring tears to my eyes.

L7: Can I Run?

This is one of my favorite songs off Hungry For Stink. Loved it when I was a teenager, still love it as an adult.

Stan Bush: The Touch

I recently came across the soundtrack to the 1986 film Transformers The Movie. I forgot how much I love this song. So cheesy but oh so catchy I freaking love the song (and the movie too). Reminds me so much of Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger".

New Favorite Songs:

My favorite song from Pegasus Asteroid. I really adore this band. I really more people would check out their music.

Harmjoy: My Tears Fall

I am a bit late with this band. I recently listened to their album on Spotify which is fantastic after I checked out their latest music video for "My Tears Fall". I am reminded quite a bit of fellow futurepop bands like Seabound, Covenant, and De/Vision.

Purity Ring: Begin Again

I am totally loving the new Purity Ring album right now. Here is my latest favorite song from their new album.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Weekly Playlist for 03/17-03/22

I finally figured out why I was having trouble with embedding my Spotify Playlists on my blog. Just had to change a word in the link. Now I can resume posting weekly playlists for my readers.

Here are my current favorite songs at the moment. I really do recommend checking out the new Angels and Agony, Purity Ring, and Harmjoy albums in particular. they are really good. I am particularly diggng the new Harmjoy album. If you love the sounds of Covenant and De/Vision, you would love Silver Lining of the Mushroom Cloud by Harmjoy.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Throwback Thursday: My Favorite '80s Soundtracks

Tonight for Throwback Thursday, I decided to share with my readers a few of  my favorite soundtracks from the '80s. Enjoy!

The Lost Boys Soundtrack

Pretty in Pink Soundtrack

Footloose Soundtrack (1984)

The Breakfast Club Soundtrack

The Terminator Soundtrack

Transformers: The Movie Soundtrack

Blade Runner Soundtrack

Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Old and New Favorite Songs of the Week

Old Favorite Songs:
Sleepthief: Just Say It (featuring Kyoko Baertson)

This song is by far my personal favorite Sleepthief song ever. Loved it when I first heard the album The Dawnseeker, still love it to this day.

L7: Fast And Frightening

I was on an L7 kick this afternoon at work. "Fast and Frightening" is one of my personal favorite L7 songs. Donita Sparks really shines on this song with the way she snarls through out this song. The album Smell the Magic that the song can be found on is one of my favorite albums by the band.

Lights of Euphoria: Nothing At All

I recently heard this song for the first time in 2-3 years. I almost forgot how good it is. I used to have the album that it was on but I wasn't too fond of the album which is a shame.

New Favorite Songs:
Mary Lambert: Jessie's Girl

I recently got to hear Mary Lambert's latest album Heart on My Sleeve. The song that really stood out for me was her cover of Rick Springfield's "Jessie's Girl" in which she turns into a melancholy ballad. Absolutely love this song.

Pegasus Asteroid: The Fog

I am so loving the synthpop band Pegasus Asteroid. Their EP The Fog is soooooo good. I especially love the title track.

Diversant13: Here Comes the Storm

Diversant:13 is my current favorite electro band. They also happen to be on SkyQode record label, my favorite record label right now. I definitely need to buy their album soon. It is really good

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Some Food For Thought: Why I support Viet Cong (the band)

If you haven't already heard the news by now about the post punk band Viet Cong and their controversial namesake, you have now. It all began when the band was scheduled to play a show at Oberlin College this month but was recently cancelled because of their name. Apparently that was just the start of the band's troubles. The band recently told The Guardian that they get hate mail at every show. Local rag City Pages ran an op'ed piece on the story yesterday. As someone who was born in Vietnam in 1974 and came to the US in 1975 which was at the tail of the Vietnam war, I figured if anyone should take on this controversial story it is I.

I understand why people in the Asian/Vietnamese community is upset but that community does not speak for this Vietnamese immigrant. My personal feelings on this issue? Not crazy about the name but I despise bullying and harassment at a band for their namesake even  more so.  Let me just remind those in the community that no one is making you listen to the band's music first and foremost. Viet Cong is not the first nor last band with a name that is controversial. Can you say Gang of Four, Dayglo Abortions, or Dead Kennedys? Here in the Twin Cities there is a band named Gay Witch Abortion.

Secondly has it ever entered anyone's minds that by expressing your dislike for the band's name is just giving them more publicity? Apparently so because the band's appearance at 7th Street Entry this Thursday night is a sold out show. From all the chatter I see online, complaining about the band's namesake is just making people more interested in the band, not to mention pissing them off with your complaints.

As I have stated earlier, I understand why the community is upset but I just don't see the purpose of their complaints when we live in a country where people have freedom of speech. Sure those who are upset over the band's name has a right to express their feelings but harassing the band with hate mail is uncalled for. This makes them no better than the actual Viet Cong (sans violence). Making a band you know nothing about change their namesake is something I can't stand for. Like I said earlier, no one is making you listen to their music or attend their shows. Don't like them, don't listen to them. I completely agree with what Gang of Four's Andy Gill said about the whole controversy:

It’s a little ridiculous to ban bands for their name. We can all think of dozens of bands with really quite offensive names and as soon as you get into being the guardian of public morality, taking it upon yourself to decide what’s OK and what is not, you are acting in an illiberal, undemocratic, and anti-progressive way. People should be treated as grown ups, capable of making their own decisions. We should not be deciding for people what we think they are capable of understanding or not. Artists, film-makers, writers, musicians need to be un-censored so they can make their point, political or otherwise.

He was totally spot on when he said about the people complaining about Viet Cong's name. Censorship is wrong. Even the First Amendment covers the assholes in the Westboro Baptist Church/Cult. I don't like those idiots but they do have the right to speak without consequences (from any government agency).

I came to this country in 1975 as an infant as part of Operation Babylift. Truthfully I can't say claim to know anything about Viet Cong but from what I have read online, the acts they committed were atrocious. As an American and music junkie, I cannot stand for the harassment of a Canadian band all because a segment of the general public does not like their namesake. Viet Cong has every right to perform in this country without harassment in some form or another. This is America, the land of the free. I support Viet Cong the right to exist as a band because I support the freedom of speech. While I support the right to dissent, harassment is not acceptable behavior with me nor is trying to censor a band you know nothing about.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Music that needs to be heard

Today a friend of mine sent me a link to this northern Minnesota band called The Electric Witch which featured their latest album We See the Shapes.

I thought this was a really good album. I would recommend reading this article from the Duluth Reader to get a better idea of the music. Personally I would say the music is somewhere in the vein of Daft Punk and Air, with a hint of Goldfrapp during Black Cherry era.

Pegasus Asteroid

I just downloaded the new Pegasus Asteroid EP The Fog. It is fantastic. The music has a nice '80s vibe. What a great discovery in this new year.

Moon and Pollution

One of my new favorite local bands.

I absolutely love this tribute album to De/Vision. It is also a great place to discover some new synthpop artists to check out. I so recommend checking out this album. Also Skyqode is a record label worth checking out.

Orphan Mothers

Great little Canadian band. Their sound reminds me quite a bit of Tiny Deaths and Aby Wolf.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

International Women's day: Women who has influenced me

If you have been living under a rock or in a cave, today is International Women's Day. International Women's Day is defined as a global day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future. I thought in honor of today's holiday, I would share some of my favorite women in music both past and present who has heavily influenced me as a woman and my musical tastes as well.

Cyndi Lauper

I have always love Cyndi since I was a child. I always loved her quirky personality (not to mention her sense of fashion style), and fierce independent streak.

The Bangles

The Bangles showed me that gender has nothing to do with being able to play any instruments especially guitars and drums. They also knew how to write really catchy pop hooks and harmonize as a band.


When I was in my pre-teen years I was a big Blondie fan, Debbie Harry of Blondie really epitomized cool. At the time, I didn't know Blondie was my first taste of punk music. To this day Debbie Harry and Blondie is badass in my book.

Siouxsie and The Banshees

I didn't discover Siouxsie and The Banshees until I was 19 years old (which was 21 years ago :P) but man! Did she leave a huge impression on me.

Hanzel und Gretyl

Vas Kallas of Hanzel und Gretyl was the first female artist I had ever heard whose vocals was anything but clean and polished. I was completely blown away by how ferocious her vocals were when I first heard them. Vas Kallas has shown me that women don't have to

Unter Null

As far as current artists, Unter Null still remains my biggest musical influence. Unter Null is what really got me into the whole aggrotech sound.


I have always liked Garbage for some time now but it has only been for the last few years have I truly come to appreciate the band and especially Shirley Manson's outspoken personality. When Shirley speaks her mind, she really speaks her mind unapologetically and I love her for that.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

2:54 with Honeyblood at 7th Street Entry on 03.06.15

Last night I went to 7th Street Entry to see 2:54, a band from London, England featuring sisters Colette and Hannah Thurlow and the Scottish duo Honeyblood featuring Stina Marie Claire Tweeddale (guitar/vocals) and Cat Myers (drums/backing vocals). Because I had been plagued with a nagging cough and runny nose for the past several weeks, I have not been out to shows not since January for the Girl Germs show and did not want to spread the plague on to others. Last night felt like heaven being at a show for the first time in weeks. Prior to the show, I heard some of 2:54's music on their sound cloud page which quickly appealed to me but only one song by Honeyblood.

Honeyblood opened up the show with their straight forward, raw, energetic punk rock sound. They sounded really great. I really dug Cat Myers' drumming. She reminded me of Animal from The Muppets. You can hear their self-titled album on spotify. I haven't listened to it yet but I do have it saved on my spotify account.

While I did enjoy Honeyblood's set a lot, 2:54 was definitely the highlight of the evening for me. I liked that the band was not one of those bands that stood still on stage while performing. They moved all over the stage as well as were grooving along to the music. You can check out their album The Other I on Spotify. I bought a copy of the album last night. It is a great album. I did take pictures of both band's set lists last night. I also got a video from each band too.

goth_maven's TwoFiftyFour with Honeyblood album on Photobucket

Friday, March 6, 2015

Releases from SkyQode worth checking out

I decided to take a break tonight from my end of the week lists to mention a few releases from the Russian label skyQode, an up and coming label that specializes in synthpop,industrial, and electronic dance. Today I listened to three releases from the label that I think needs to be heard.

01. Diversant: 13 New World Disorder

This is kickass aggrotech. The band is from Minsk, Belarus. Their album New World Disorder came out last year but who cares?! The album is excellent. They so remind me of another favorite aggrotech band Nitro/noise. Music is both aggressive and catchy. So if you like Nitro/noise, I definitely recommend Diversant: 13. They fucking rock!

02. Re/Vision: The SkyQode Tribute to De/Vision

Tribute albums are a hit or miss with me but this tribute album to De/Vision hit a home run with me. Excellent interpretations of a dozen De/Vision songs. I think each band did a great job at covering De/Vision's music.

03. Pegasus Asteroid: The Fog

I have to admit I kinda forgot about the Russian duo's new EP until I visited SkyQode's bandcamp page at work. I had heard samples of  The Fog not long ago and really liked their brand of synthpop. If you like female fronted synthpop like The Azoic, I definitely recommend Pegasus Asteroid.

After listening to these releases today, I definitely will be throwing my money towards SkyQode on a regular basis. I really love what I had heard so far from this label. They definitely deserve my support as well as support from others in the scene. 

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Throwback Thursday: My Favorite Albums From 1998

I thought for this week's Throwback Thursday feature, I would share with my readers my readers 10 of my favorite albums from 1998. I was inspired by some of the music I was listening today at the office.

10. Tori Amos: From the Choirgirl Hotel

09. Smashing Pumpkins: Ava Adore

08. Hole: Celebrity Skin

07. Air: Moon Safari

06. Nightwish: Oceanborn

05. Hooverphonic: Blue Wonder Power Milk

04. Garbage: Version 2.0

03. Madonna: Ray of Light

02. Massive Attack: Mezzanine

01. Faithless: Sunday 8pm

1998 definitely was a wonderful year for music especially in the electronica genre. Sunday 8pm by Faithless was hands down my favorite album from that year, as is Massive Attack's Mezzanine and Madonna's Ray of Light. I remember buying Ray of Light on the very day it came out in record stores which was 17 years ago. Someone recommended me the second Hooverphonic album at a temp job I was at for an ad agency when I mentioned that I had their first album. Blue Wonder Power Milk ended up being my all time favorite Hooverphonic album.

I know Hole got slagged for Celebrity Skin which was quite polished and more accessible than Live Through This but I liked the album a lot. It is quite catchy to say the very least. I never really was big on The Smashing Pumpkins but I did like Ava Adore. Of all of Tori Amos' albums, From the Choirgirl Hotel is my favorite Tori Amos album (next to Little Earthquakes).

Of all the albums Nightwish put out with Tarja, Oceanborn is my personal favorite album.I think that was the next album I bought by the band after buying Wishmaster.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Old and New Favorite Songs

Old Favorite Songs:
Prodigy: Smack My Bitch Up

Luce Drayton: To Be Loved [Disco Citizens R+D Edit]

Paul Van Dyk: We Are Alive

Still in my '90s phase this week ;).

New Favorite Songs:
2:54: Now (Paramore cover)

Grimstatic: Alone

This week I came across a couple of new artists 2:54 and Grimstatic. 2:54 has an upcoming show at the 7th St Entry which I am going to this Friday night. Grimstatic is a one man electronica/industrial artist, kinda reminds me of Endif which the music often gets glitchy. Good stuff I say. And finally "Cold Day in Heaven" is a new song from Delta Rae who has a new album coming out this spring, this is my favorite song from the band that I have heard. 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

March Events in the Twin Cities

Are You Local?  - Both First Avenue Mainroom and 7th St Entry. I am only mentioning this show because two of my favorite local bands Tiny Deaths and Moon and Pollution will be performing in the Mainroom (Tiny Deaths) and 7th St Entry (Moon and Pollution). Those two acts puts out some excellent dreampop/electropop worth checking out.

2:54 and Honeyblood at 7th Street Entry - After being side-lined for the past several weeks with a nagging cold, I am so going to this show on Friday night featuring bands 2:54 and Honeyblood. I was just recommended this band from my friend Renee. I am listening to 2:54's music on their soundcloud page. I am really liking their sound so far.

Nightosaur with L'assassins an Rabbit Holes at The Triple Rock

Zoo Animal with Fort Wilson Riot at Amsterdam Bar and Hall

Das Fauna at Hexagon

The Juliana Hatfield Three Become What You Are 21st Anniversary at The Turf Club

89.3 The Current and Electric Fetus Presents Gang of Four

Helmet at Mill City Nights

Enslaved with YOB, Ecstatic Vision, and Vulgaari at Mill City Nights

Govinda at 7th Street Entry

Sun Gods to Gamma Rays, Plume Varia, and Warehouse Eyes at Kitty Kat Club

Transmission Celebrates 14 Years featuring DJ Jake Rudh with Andy Rourke of The Smiths at First Avenue Mainroom

Coal Chamber with Filter, Combichrist, American Head Charge, and Saint Ridley at First Avenue Mainroom

Kitten Forever with B.O.Y.F and Catbath at The Triple Rock

Seabound w/Architect at Amsterdam Bar and Hall

Monday, March 2, 2015

My 10 Favorite '90s Techno Songs

Being that I am on a '90s kick (especially techno), tonight I would share my ten favorite songs from that decade.

01. Luce Drayton: To Be Loved [Disco Citizens R+D Edit]

02. Thunderdome: Messiah

03. Underworld: Born Slippy

04. Leftfield: Open Up

05. Prodigy: Firestarter (Empirion Mix)

06. Orbital: The Box

07. BT: Remember

08. Moby: God Moving Over the Face of Waters

09. The Crystal Method: Busy Child

10. The Chemical Brothers: Setting Sun