Saturday, March 28, 2015

Speak in Storms tour: Seabound with Architect at Amsterdam Bar and Hall

Last night's concert in Saint Paul, MN was the first stop on the Speak in Storms tour featuring Seabound and Architect. Wisconsin trip hop band Endless Blue opened up for the two bands. It was an excellent show. It has been awhile since I last seen Endless Blue perform live. I think it was at the Assemblage 23 show in 2010 at The Varsity Theater. The band played a good mix of old and new material which I appreciated. Every now and then I will go to a show where the band performs mostly new material and very few older songs which annoys me. Architect was amazing. Daniel Myer got everyone dancing with his band of IDM, electronica, and ambient music. Check out his latest album, it is killer.

Seabound did not disappoint me at all. It has been six years since the band was in town (with De/Vision at the time). The audience really was into the band's set. From what I have gathered, it looked like a good crowd that showed up for the concert. Got in some good pictures and videos from the show.

goth_maven's Seabound with Architect  at Amsterdam Bar and Hall album on Photobucket

Off-topic rant: a few weeks ago on City Pages' website, someone wrote a rant about people taking pictures at concerts. As someone who is obviously guilty of this crime, I would like to defend myself for a moment. I take pictures and videos at most of the shows I go to because I do it for my blog and for the music scene (i.e giving bands some extra exposure).I have been told by many people in the scene that they appreciate what I do. I don't get paid for covering the local dark underground music scene. I got a full time job to pay my mortgage and bills. I do this because I want to provide a service to those who can't make it to these shows be able to have some access to them as well as help promote Kilted Farmer Koncerts who puts on shows like Speak in Storms as well as the upcoming Covenant and Voltaire/Ego Likeness shows (yes, shameless promotion ;)) so people would know about these types of shows. I have even been asked by friends in local bands to record video footage of their sets for them to review after the show which I am always happy to do. I don't get paid nor do I ask to be compensated for my job. Also it is not easy getting the perfect shot. It takes many pictures to get the one perfect shot. So yeah, I need to use my camera phone and digital camera to get the ideal photos for my blog as well as to live tweet via Twitter/Instagram.

 Of course I  make a point of giving my phone and digital camera a rest and enjoy the show on a personal level unlike the two morons at last year's Phantogram show at First Avenue who barged in front of me and another person and stood in front of the stage for the rest of the evening with their fucking phones up in the air. Not all people are like those two bimbos. I think it is unfair to assume that everyone who is taking pictures at shows and wasn't hired to take photographs is like the two women I had the unpleasant experience of dealing with. I do what I do to help the local dark underground scene. If you don't like it, then go move somewhere else in the venue but don't assume I am not taking pictures/videos to be annoying and there is no purpose for taking pictures.

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