Saturday, March 7, 2015

2:54 with Honeyblood at 7th Street Entry on 03.06.15

Last night I went to 7th Street Entry to see 2:54, a band from London, England featuring sisters Colette and Hannah Thurlow and the Scottish duo Honeyblood featuring Stina Marie Claire Tweeddale (guitar/vocals) and Cat Myers (drums/backing vocals). Because I had been plagued with a nagging cough and runny nose for the past several weeks, I have not been out to shows not since January for the Girl Germs show and did not want to spread the plague on to others. Last night felt like heaven being at a show for the first time in weeks. Prior to the show, I heard some of 2:54's music on their sound cloud page which quickly appealed to me but only one song by Honeyblood.

Honeyblood opened up the show with their straight forward, raw, energetic punk rock sound. They sounded really great. I really dug Cat Myers' drumming. She reminded me of Animal from The Muppets. You can hear their self-titled album on spotify. I haven't listened to it yet but I do have it saved on my spotify account.

While I did enjoy Honeyblood's set a lot, 2:54 was definitely the highlight of the evening for me. I liked that the band was not one of those bands that stood still on stage while performing. They moved all over the stage as well as were grooving along to the music. You can check out their album The Other I on Spotify. I bought a copy of the album last night. It is a great album. I did take pictures of both band's set lists last night. I also got a video from each band too.

goth_maven's TwoFiftyFour with Honeyblood album on Photobucket

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