Tuesday, March 31, 2015

5 Artists You Should Check Out

Invocation Array

Anyone who reads my blog regularly would know what a huge fan I am of The Luna Sequence. Well Kaia Young is at it again with a new project called Invocation Array. Earlier tonight I gave their song "Overdrive" from their upcoming album A Color For Fiction. It is fantastic. Imagine The Luna Sequence with vocals. Their debut album comes out on 4/24. I will definitely be pre-ordering it this Friday come pay day. Check them out.

Pegasus Asteroid

I don't know why this band have more followers on Facebook. I think it is a crime that their music isn't being heard far and wide. The Fog is really terrific synthpop. There is a definitely '80s vibe to their music. I really do want people to listen to their music.

Ari Mason

I came across Ari Mason a few weeks ago on YouTube by a happy accident. She is a Los Angeles resident who makes killer dark electro music. She released a super killer EP last year of some excellent cover songs called Wanted: Songs of Desire and an album of original material called Neuropathy. Check 'em out.

The Electric Witch

Awesome dance music from Duluth, MN band The Electric Witch.

Moon and Pollution

My favorite local band of 2015 for sure.

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