Friday, February 28, 2014

My Current Favorite Songs

Here is my latest Spotify playlist of My Current Favorite Songs.

01. X Song by Sarai Givaty [interesting singer/songwriter from Israel. Read about her on Buzzfeed this week.]
02. You Walk Away [Symphonic version] by Blutengel
03. Our Common Future by Psy'Aviah
04. Prophet by Zhala feat. Robyn
05. Is This True Love by Mordacious
06. False Face by God Module
07. Trauma Mansion by Ginger Snap5 feat. Cold In May
08. Dented Halos by Cylab
09. 666 On the Crucifix by Caustic
10. Jesus Was a Zombie by Zombie Girl

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Emilie Autumn at The Varsity Theatre

It's that time again...Throwback Thursday. This time I am posting pictures from my first Emilie Autumn concert I had attended. It was at The Varsity Theatre. It was the perfect setting for that type of show (unlike the former Station 4 and those annoying pillars). I wish I recorded video footage from the show as well but oh well, did get some terrific shots of Emilie Autumn and company. I believe the concert I took pictures of took place in 2009. I can't remember. I have been to a shit load of shows in the past several years. lol
goth_maven's Emilie Autumn at The Varsity Theater album on Photobucket

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A few albums I am looking forward to buying

01.Black Symphonies by Blutengel - Anyone who knows me personally knows what a Blutengel freak I am. Come next payday, I am so ordering this latest album by one of my favorite bands. I am tempted to order this version.

02. False Face by God Module - While the album is already available digitally, I want the album in CD form. It is really good. I have been streaming it on bandcamp while at work. I definitely think it is better than their previous album Seance which wasn't bad at all but the album just didn't really stand out with me.

03. Rave the Reqviem: Rave the Reqviem

Totally hooked on the few songs I have heard on this album.

04. Arizona Lights by Machinista

05. My Time Away by State of the Union - I have been listening to their older material online lately. I am really liking their brand of synthpop so needless to say I am excited about their upcoming album My Time Away.

06. Authority by Client

07. Freakshow by Aengeldust - As a fan of the more harsh EBM, I just had to check out Aengeldust on youtube and of course LOVED what I heard what I found.

I am definitely planning on getting Freakshow later this spring. If anything like the youtube clip I just posted, Nadine's upcoming album will be totally badass.

Monday, February 24, 2014

My not so guilty pleasures mix

Today at work, I decided to put on some Sophie B Hawkins via youtube, namely "As I Lay Me Down". I loved that song as a teenager and as an adult, I still love that song. When I got home tonight, I pulled out an old mixtape of mine with some of my favorite pop songs. I decided to create a playlist on Spotify (with a few adjustments here and there ;) ). Most of the songs are from my past but I also included some of my favorite mainstream songs (which are few and far between mind you). I am at point in my life where I can't be embarassed for liking some pop music (although a lot of it makes me cringe). So without further ado, here is my My Not So Guilty Pleasure mix.

01. Sophie B.Hawkins - As I Lay Me Down
02. Expose - End of the World
03. Debbie Gibson - Lost in Your Eyes
04. CoCo Lee - A Lost Before Time
05. Kylie Minogue - Bittersweet Goodbye
06. DJ Sammy - Heaven (Candlight Mix)
07. Cyndi Lauper - True Colors
08. Sarah McLachlan - The Rainbow Connection
09. Tori Amos - 1000 Oceans
10. Imagine Dragons - Demons
11. P!nk  - Just Give Me A Reason [feat. Nate Ruess]
12. Savage Garden - Truly, Madly Deeply
13. Lady Antebellum - Need You Know

Sunday, February 23, 2014

My latest finds on Bandcamp

My latest discoveries on Bandcamp. I am really fond of the self-titled debut album by Rave the Reqviem. The music is a mix of industrial, metal and electronica. Also love the female vocals by Carola Lonnqvist which is intertwined with Filip's harsh vocals. I am definitely digging what DWA has to offer lately. I definitely plan on buying Rave the Reqviem album when it comes out in April.

Systraskap: Let's Start a Revolution

Necropsyk: The Kings of Zion/The Queens of Gehenna

Rave the Reqviem: Rave the Reqviem

Mu: Mu

Cutoff Sky: Sinners Paradise

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Jam of the Week: Prophet by Zhala

For this week's Jam of the Week, I chose Zhala's "Prophet", namely the version with Robyn. The song is just so freaking catchy. This live performance from Sweden's Grammis reminds me so much of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" music video. It is not very often does a pop artist capture my heart and undivided attention like Zhala has with her brand of futuristic cosmic pop. I really love that the pace of the song continues to speed up, that and the performance itself is just a lot of fun to watch.

Friday, February 21, 2014

My top 50 musical influences

A couple of days ago, I was thinking about how much my taste in music has evolved since returning to Minnesota after spending a few years in Wisconsin (that was like over a decade ago). My musical tastes was so much different (and a whole lot shittier) then. I thought it would be fun to share my 50 musical influences which will include some recent discoveries. They really helped made me become the obsessive music fanatic/junkie that I am today ;). I won't be able to go into every single musical influence but I'll certainly try with as many as I can on my blog tonight.

50. The Current 89.3 - While not all the music they play is to my liking, the station still airs some kickass music especially when Jake Rudh and Jacquie Fuller [my two favorite on-air personalities] are on air with their programs Transmission and Teenage Kicks. The Current has given me hope that there still can be some good programming on traditional radio.

49. KFAI - Another cool radio station. I have to admit I am rather partial to Across the Board because of my good friend DJ SLT. I really love how DJ SLT covers every genre of music on his show effortlessly. Really cool guy with a kickass show. I usually listen to his show online since I am always asleep when he is live on air. lol

48. Zhala - I recently discovered Zhala via Facebook last week. She recently was signed to Robyn's Konichiwa record label. Her brand of pop music is nothing like I have heard before. Zhala is proof that pop music CAN be good and without being contrived and annoying. You can hear her new EP Prophet on Spotify.

47. The Luna Sequence - my first new discovery of the new year. I came across Kaia Young's project via Spotify and totally dug her take on electronic music. I'll be truthful with my readers, instrumental music usually isn't something I dig a lot of the time but after listening to all of Kaia's work online, I can honestly say her music bloody fucking rock.

46. Robyn - I couldn't mention Zhala without mentioning Robyn on this list. Honestly? I didn't care for her work when she first came out. It wasn't until Body Talk the full length album that convinced  this fussy music listener to give her music a chance.The music is really catchy. Didn't have that overt r&b sound that made me not like her the first time around. Her live show at First Ave a few years ago also helped me fall in love with Robyn as an artist.

45. Amduscia - my very first introduction to aggrotech. Initially I wasn't crazy about the music but over the years I have come to love that genre.

44. MergingMoon
43. Imperative Reaction
42. The Frozen Autumn

41. Tori Amos - okay I am not the Tori Amos fanatic I once was but albums like From the Choirgirl Hotel and Little Earthquakes still holds a special place in my heart. Some of my favorite concerts that I have ever seen was at a Tori Amos concert. The first time I saw her was a month after the terrorist attacks on 9/11. Emotions were still running raw at the time. Her gorgeous version of Leonard Cohen's "Famous Blue Raincoat" brought the emotions from the attack to the forefront and I actually shed a few tears.

40. Dum Dum Girls - my current favorite band. I am really digging their music lately. It's very raw, minimal yet very melodic.

38. Blume
37. Moonlight Cove
36. The Birthday Massacre
35. Colony 5
34. Code 64
33. De/Vision

32. Noblesse Oblige - my favorite band from 2013.They also made me realize that good music isn't strictly on Metropolis Records, Alfa Matrix, Out of Line and to start looking beyond those labels.

31. Hooverphonic
30. Nightwish
29. Android Lust
28. Ashbury Heights
27. Sara Noxx
26. Combichrist

25.  Ladytron - I didn't start getting into dance music until I heard their album Velocifero six years ago. After hearing that album, I started listening to their other albums. I have tried listening to electro-clash prior to Ladytron but it never really got into it until I started listening to Ladytron. Amazing how much one band can change a certain type of music for a person.

24. Sensuous Enemy - After moving back to Minnesota from Wisconsin, I didn't think there was much of a goth/industrial scene in the midwest. I eventually realized how wrong I was not long after joining the once popular Myspace and gotten a friend request from the Madison, WI band Sensuous Enemy. This was long before I started my blog, let alone started helping Trace promote his shows.

23. My old roommate Brian. Of all the people I lived with in Milwaukee, Brian was one of my favorite roomies. He had some awesome taste in music. He got me into Delerium, Moby, Leftfield, Juno Reactor, and Future Sound of London. I really give him a lot of credit for introducing me to Delerium and Moby in particular. That left a huge impact on me for sure. I still remember hearing Moby's Play blasting from his stereo 24/7. Talk about brainwashing me. lol

22. Ficshe - this is one of my personal favorite local artists in the underground music scene. For a long time I always thought the Twin Cities had a lame music scene sans Husker Du, The Replacements, Babes in Toyland, and Prince. That quickly changed once I started going to shows on a regular basis. I remember catching Ficshe's last song at Club Underground in 2008 or 2009 (when Sensuous Enemy played there) and just being totally wowed away by her voice. I was so pissed off I had missed her set but she definitely left a huge impression on me for sure.

21. Diva Destruction
20. Kirlian Camera
19. Assemblage 23
18. Front Line Assembly
17. Hanzel und Gretyl
16. In Strict Confidence
15.  Nena
14. Voltaire
13. Conjure One
12. Balligomingo
11. Voltaire

10. POP INC - I remember going to The Loft in downtown Minneapolis many, many,many moons ago for the C/A/T show which featured a few local acts including POP INC. Of all the local acts I saw there, POP INC left a huge impression on me. Loved their sound and how melodic their music was. Also became great friends with Brooke Aldridge  who also sings for the band Glean.

09. Ego Likeness - in the past couple of years, this band has become one of my personal favorite bands. Donna Lynch has such a distinctive voice from other female singers in the underground scene. Having seen the band perform live last year was a real treat and made me even a bigger fan.

08. Goldfrapp - I love how this duo doesn't stick to one particular sound with every album they put out, even if I don't particularly care for it. At least they are willing to take a huge risk for their music.

07. Ayria
06. Garbage
05. Blutengel

04. Unter Null - when I first listened to aggrotech for the first time, I honestly didn't care for the distorted vocals. It wasn't until I heard Unter Null on Myspace did that alter my view on the genre. Something about Erica's vocals and the catchy melodies coupled with aggressive dance beats had a profound effect on me and my taste in music. Sacrament was my first Unter Null purchase and from then on out, I have been buying her music regularly. Nowadays I am finding myself liking the harsher stuff like Unter Null, Suicide Commando, Hocico, etc...etc... over the more traditional EBM/industrial music.

03. Apoptygma Berzerk - This is the band that got me into EBM/Futurepop music. I remember looking for Apocalyptica music at Cheapo in the used CD bins. For some odd I reason, I confused Apop for Apocalytica. It ended up being a happy mistake. Totally forever changed my view on music.

02. Cylab - I first heard of Cylab's singer Severina Sol on the first Diva Destruction album Passion's Price. When I saw that she had a new project (at the time) in a magazine (I forget what magazine that was), I was immediately intrigued. The review was for their first album called Unparallel Universe. I really took to the band's blend of trip hop and industrial music and became a life long fan.

01. VNV Nation - I think the first time I heard VNV Nation was on a mixed CD a friend of mine made for me. She included the song "Standing" on it. Totally fell in love with the song and the band.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

My Current Favorite Songs of the Week

Here is my latest playlist of my current favorite songs at the moment.

01. False Face by God Module
02. Fall in Love by Phantogram
03. Lost in My Bedroom by Sky Ferreira
04. Dirty Bitch by Tragik
05. Slippin Around by Zhala
06. Deep Dark Desire by Psy'Aviah
07. Soul Sucker by The Melismatics
08. 500 by Lush
09. Send Me An Angel by Wynardtage
10. Somebody to Die For by Hurts

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Album of the week: False Face by God Module

I just finished listening to False Face by God Module a few minutes ago. Holy shit! My ears just melted. I loved the album from start to finish. I definitely enjoyed it a lot more than Seance which was okay but the music didn't really grab me by the ears like this album did. I thought False Face is better both lyrically and musically. Definitely had better hooks and Jasyn Bangert sounded better as well. I also enjoyed hearing Clint Carney sing on one track. I definitely plan on getting my own copy of False Face between now and May (when the band comes to Saint Paul).

Monday, February 17, 2014

My top 10 favorite concert footage

So tonight I was going through my youtube channel and watching my concert footage that I have recorded over the past 6 years. I thought I would share my ten favorite videos that I recorded.

10. Devil in the Bottle by The Genitorturers

09. Timekiller by Project Pitchfork [2010]

08. Analog Trash by Ayria

07. These Crimes by Espermachine

06. Shelter by Icon of Coil

05. Promidal at Club Underground on 11.27.13

04. Lost Soul by The Azoic

03. Sleep by Conjure One

02. Sirens and Satellites by Ego Likeness

01. Sick Fuck by Unter Null

I absolutely love the "Sick Fuck" footage because of the interaction between Erica Norris and the audience. Such a fucking good time. Best concert ever. To me that is ;).

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Heartbreakers Ball at Cause 02.15.14

Last night was the Heartbreakers Ball at Cause, a small concert venue in the Lyndale-Lake neighborhood in Minneapolis. On the bill was Glean (who was celebrating their release of their EP Echoes and Waves), The Beatifics, and The Melismatics, all local bands. I like the venue Cause. It is a small, intimate venue perfect for local bands but I honestly can't imagine going there for a big named, national act even in our tiny little goth scene especially if you want to mosh although I suppose it would have been a good place for The Bellwether Syndicate/The Foreign Resort and Ego Likeness shows (considering the small number of people that showed up for those shows). Definitely not appropriate for say God Module. I have no doubt people will be wanting to mosh to their music ;). Asides from the size of the venue, I do like the intimate setting. There were even some lit candles around the bar where I saw through out the night.

The evening started off with Mike Minehart who played the role as dj. He also dj'd inbetween bands throughout the night. The music was an eclectic mix of rock and electronica music, most of it unrecognizable to me because of my personal tastes in music. I did though recognized "Strangelove" by Depeche Mode ;). I liked Mike's set. He has some great taste in music. Glean didn't hit the stage until 10:30 but considering that their is about 5-6 songs, it was expected to be a short set. Glean's music is best described as chamber rock. They certainly have been influenced by a diverse selection of artists ranging from Brian Eno to Tears For Fears. I have been a fan of vocalist Brooke Aldridge for quite some time, and she really impressed me last night with her performance. I was often reminded of PJ Harvey with the way she wailed on a couple of the songs. The band as a whole worked nicely together. Rick McCollum from The Afghan Wigs handled lead guitar. Last night's show was my first time seeing Glean perform live (and 3rd/4th gig for the band). I definitely recommend checking out their EP Echo and Waves as well as the band themselves when they perform live on stage.

Up next on the bill was the power pop band The Beatifics. I admit power pop music really isn't my cup of tea given my penchant for music that is darker and heavier but they were a good band. They know how to create music with catchy pop hooks and how to harmonize as well. I couldn't help but think of The Beach Boys but with louder guitar riffs as I was watching the band perform. I enjoyed their set overall.

Finally was The Melismatics, the other band [next to Glean} that was I eagerly looking forward to seeing last night. The wait was definitely worth every second. The indie rock band sounds so much better live. The energy they showed on stage really doesn't come across on their albums (not that they aren't good, they are really good). I was really happy they played my favorite song "Soul Sucker" early into their set. That song is so damn catchy.

I definitely plan on trying to go the band's shows as often as possible. They were anything but boring to watch. I also plan on checking out their other albums as well.

I took some photos from their show last night. Not the greatest but sure beats the photos I posted on my Instagram account. All in all last night was a fun night. Up next Skinny Puppy :).

goth_maven's Heartbreakers Ball album on Photobucket

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Albums I am currently listening to

Aby Wolf: Wolf Lords

Yesterday I went to the Electric Fetus for their Valentine's Day sale. Their CDs were 20% off. One of the three CDs I bought was Wolf Lords by Aby Wolf. I bought it because the store was playing it on their stereo system and I just fell in love with the music. I asked one of the cashiers about the music they were playing and he showed me that it was Aby Wolf. I ended up going home with the album. I haven't been able to stop playing the album. Wolf Lords is really excellent electro-pop reminiscent of say Conjure One, Above and Beyond, Delerium, and Balligomingo. This is simply beautiful music. In fact I am listening to it right now as I am writing this blog entry :).

The Melismatics: Rising Tide

While at the Fetus, I also picked up a copy of Rising Tide by The Melismatics. Since I am going to review tonight's show at Cause, I felt like I really needed to get myself prepped for the show tonight. I really like it a lot and the indie rock band's sound in general. Really love the harmonies between Pony and and her husband Ryan. The whole album is really good but I am really excited to see them perform their music live.

Dum Dum Girls: Too True

I am hopelessly addicted to the new Dum Dum Girls album. This was the reason why I went to the Electric Fetus yesterday. I wanted my own copy of Too True. The music reminds me of My Bloody Valentine, The Raveonettes, The Jesus and Mary Chain, and any given '60s girl group combined together. The music is super catchy and so enjoyable to listen to.

Sky Ferrira: Night Time, My Time

This morning I made a pit stop at the library. I had picked up the new Sky Ferriera album that I requested online and which it finally became available to me. I had already loved the song "24 Hours" prior to getting this album but I was totally impressed by just how good the entire album is as a whole. I think it is one of the better pop albums I have heard in the last few years and I don't say that very often. I like that the music isn't overtly polished. I will most likely buy my own copy of Night Time, My Time eventually.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day Mix

Well it is Valentine's Day today. Although I really couldn't give a crap about the day, I still thought it would be fun to put together a Valentine's Day Mix for my readers.

01. In Power We Trust the Love Advocate - Dead Can Dance
02. Strangelove - Depeche Mode
03. Bizarre Love Triangle - New Order
04. I Let Love In - Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds
05. Love Don't Live Here Anymore - Madonna
06. Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now - The Smiths
07. All is Full of Love - Bjork
08. Chains of Love - Erasure
09. Love Will Tear Us Apart - Joy Division
10. Only Love Can Break Your Heart - Saint Etienne

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Unter Null with Cynergy 67 and Albuterol

Since it is Throwback Thursday today, I thought I would go down memory lane and post some photos and video footage of one of my favorite concerts I have attended in the last few years. Enjoy!
goth_maven's Unter Null at Ground Zero album on Photobucket

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My 5 current favorite bands

05. Phantogram

I just checked out this band from NY tonight. Really dig what I have heard. Of course I also learned that they are playing at First Avenue on April 13 which is a day after I see VNV Nation. Damn it! My concert schedule is looking pretty hectic especially April and May. At the moment, I am just mulling over whether to go the Phantogram show (or not).

04. The Melismatics

This Saturday night I will be attending the Heartbreakers Ball show at Cause. One of the bands playing there is The Melismatics. Because I will be writing a review of the show for my blog, I thought I would do my research on the bands, namely The Melismatics. Really love what I have heard. I can't wait to see them perform live on Saturday night.

03. Dum Dum Girls

Ever since I got the new Dum Dum Girls album Too True from the library, I have been listening to it non-stop. I need to get my own copy this weekend. Seriously. It is so good.

02. Sirus

Killer aggrotech band from Australia.

01. Baal

Love this band! Love their album Shurado. It's loud and heavy.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Current list of upcoming shows in the Twin Cities

the Casket Girls at Triple Rock
 DJ SLT at Ground Zero: Heartless
Heartbreakers Ball: The Melismastics, The Beatifics, and Glean at Cause
Skinny Puppy at Mill City Nights
DJ SLT at Ground Zero: Dead Space
DSMN presents A Night in Hell

Hate Dept w/Project 44 and Absynthe of Faith
Chad Valley Fine Line Music Cafe
Transmission: 13 Years (a celebration in the First Avenue main room)
KPT at Cause
Warpaint at First Avenue
Gary Numan at Mill City Nights

Dum Dum Girls at The Triple Rock
Iced Earth at First Avenue
VNV Nation at Mill City Nights
Combichrist w/William Control, New Years Day, and Gabriel and the Apocalypse

God Module w/Die Sektor, Mordacious, F.T.C, and DJ SLT
DE/VISION, Architect, Thought Thieves in Saint Paul
Aesthetic Perfection at Ground Zero with Surgyn and Panic Lift

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds at The State Theatre

My concert schedule is insane this year. I love it! Just bought my ticket over the weekend for the Dum Dum Girls show because their new album is fabulous. Last week I bought the VIP package for God Module. That shit is going to be the bomb. Right now I am really stoked to see Skinny Puppy in less than two weeks and this week I am going to Cause for Heartbreakers Ball. I was listening to some of The Melismatics' music on youtube and I really dug what I have heard. 2014 is shaping up to be a great year for live music. I think you would have to be a fool to not go to any of these shows.

Monday, February 10, 2014

The Foreign Resort - Alone

Earlier tonight I saw on youtube that my friends in The Foreign Resort had released a new music video for the song "Alone". Enjoy!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

My current favorite songs

It has been awhile since I posted my last playlist of my favorite songs but here is a new playlist of my current favorite songs. A lot of them are some old favorites but there are some new favorites.

01. The Mother We Share by Chvrches
02. Fire In The Night by Feathers
03. Love is to Die by Warpaint
04. We Are the Sea by Marnie
05. Runaway (Electrosexual Remix) by Noblesse Oblige
06. Dark Clouds Over Vanity Fair by Ashbury Heights
07. Life is Unfair (And  Love is a Bitch) by Junksista
08. Daggers in My Heart by Third Realm
09. Are You Okay? by Dum Dum Girls
10. Full of Grace by Sarah McLachlan

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Albums I am currently listening to

Shurado by Ball
Well I finally got the debut album by the Japanese band Baal. I am totally digging it. While the electronic influences that had been heard on their two EPs have been limited on this album and the music on the album is more metal, I still find the album absolutely enjoyable to listen least to me. It is very heavy and aggressive. This is the album that Hanzel und Gretyl should have made back in 2012 with that dud Born to Be Heiled. If you like really heavy music, I definitely recommend Shurado. I will be headbanging to this music at work.

Rules of Third by Fate's Palette

Last week I discovered a local band called Fate's Palette via Facebook. As a fan of Rasputina and chamber rock in general, I really like this band. Too bad I missed their album released show at the Kitty Cat Klub before I knew about the band. Oh well. I definitely will try to go see them the next time they perform live.

Echoes and Waves by Glean

Glean is another local band. I admit I am a bit biased here since I am friends with their singer Brooke Aldrige who also sings in the local band Pop Inc. Glean is a total different beast compared to Pop Inc. Their sound is more rock-orientated. On 2/15, the band has a show at Cause in honor of the release of Echoes and Waves.

47 Ronin soundtrack - One of the CDs I recently picked up from the library the other day. This is your standard typical film score. Lovely music though. Totally loved the movie.

Wolf's Law by The Joy Formidable - also got from the library. Really dug what I heard.

Too True by Dum Dum Girls - Great album. Another CD I got from the library. I really enjoyed the album so much that I bought a ticket for their 4/1 show at The Triple Rock Social Club. Can't wait to see the band live.

In Utero - 20th Anniversary deluxe edition by Nirvana - This is on loan from the library. I always liked this album much more than Nevermind to be honest. I wasn't a huge Nirvana fan but I will always be forever grateful for them killing the popularity of hair metal scene. Gawd that was shit! This new version of In Utero is even better and noisier than the original version.

Traces of You by Anoushka Shankar - This is the latest album by the ever so talented Anoushka Shankar, the daughter of the late Ravi Shankar. Every now and then I need to take a breather from the noisier side of music and listen to something more relaxing and outside the western music scene.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Jam of the Week: Daggers in My Heart by Third Realm

So for this week's Jam of the Week, I have chosen the song "Daggers in My Heart" by Third Realm off Daydreams and Nightmares". It is one of the catchiest songs I have heard in recent weeks. The new Third Realm is fantastic and definitely would recommend giving it a listen.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Throwback Thursday: 4 albums that got me into goth/industrial music

Maybe it is the fact that I am turning 40 later this year or maybe it is the never ending frigid cold weather here in Minnesota that is having an effect on my brain but whatever the case may be I have been taking a trip down memory lane on youtube today at work in honor of #throwbackthursday. I thought I would share with my readers some of the music that has influenced me in my early years which has led me to be the music junkie/fanatic that I am today.

01. Psalm 69 by Ministry

Psalm 69 remains the biggest and baddest industrial album I have ever listened to. I first heard the title track on the now defunct alternative radio station Rev105. I was about 17 at the time. The album had come out in '92.

02. Siouxsie and The Banshees: Twice Upon a Time/The singles
I was 19 years old when I first heard this compilation of Siouxsie and The Banshees. 1993/1994 was not a good year for me. I was not happy at the school I was attending. I bought a cassette version of this compilation from BMG. I was totally blown away by Siouxsie Sioux's voice. Her voice was nothing like I had never heard of before. I don't know why I had bought the tape but I am glad I did. I played that tape to death. I remember having to take a pencil and rewinding the ribbon back into the tape. LOL! The song that really stood out with me on this album has to be "Cities in Dust". Still my favorite Siouxsie and The Banshees song of all time. Just love Siouxsie Sioux's vocals on this track.

03. Nine Inch Nails - Broken

Along with the Siouxsie and The Banshees' album, Broken was another album that literally saved me from my own misery in my freshman year in college. I could really relate to the angst and nihilism of Trent Reznor's lyrics. The song "Wish" was what got me to buy the EP. I swear to gawd I was ready to slit my wrists when I was 19. Thank heavens for Trent and Siouxsie.


NIHIL is the album that really pushed me to listen to industrial music on a more serious level. I was living in Milwaukee at the time, I believe I was 21 at the time. I first heard the song "Juke Joint Jezebel" at a house party. It wasn't until after the party did I go out and buy the remixes for "Juke Joint Jezebel" from the now closed Atomic records. What drew me to the song was the female vocals and the beats. I knew right then and there this is the kind of music I could listen to for a very long time (unlike europop/trance/house music which was what I listened to at the time in my college years). When I first moved back  to Minnesota, one of the first albums I bought was Retro by KMFDM and then I got NIHIL. That was like 14-15 years ago.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Apt - Energy, Light and Darkness

Late last year, I had discovered the electronic pop group Apt via Twitter. For good background description, you can read about Apt here. The article I just posted goes into great details about the group's background so check it out. Anyways to continue...I checked out their song "Night Train" from their upcoming album Energy, Light, and Darkness. I was immediately hooked on the duo's music. Apt recently unleashed their debut album which you can listen to on the media player below.

Track List:
01. At Night I Come Alive
02. Make Contract
03. Changing Lanes
04. Epiphany
05. Pendulum
06. The A to Z of Numbers
07. Inner City
08. Days On An Edge
09. Walking the Beast
10. The Night Train

The album is 40 minutes long and it just goes by so quickly. I am reminded of OMD, Pet Shop Boys, Erasure, Intuition, and Kraftwerk. As a fan of those bands, liking Apt's music wasn't very difficult for me to do. I love the lush beats provided by Jon Russell and Martyn Bailey's vocals who makes me think of PSB through out the album. While Energy, Light, and Darkness is not as upbeat as a lot of synthpop albums I listen to, the music is anything but boring. The tempo on the songs ranges from very laid back to upbeat. I really recommend listening to the album a few times before making a final judgement. That is what I did and found the music to be something special after listening to it for a third time.  All of the songs are great but I am particularly fond of "The Night Train" which is the first song by Apt I have ever heard so that song has a special place in my heart. I just really enjoy Martyn's vocals the most on this particular track as well as the melodies. I definitely recommend checking out the new Apt album.

Monday, February 3, 2014

My top 10 favorite albums of the week

10. Daydreams and Nightmares by Third Realm

09. Love On Demand by Foretaste

08. Aura by BrunuhVille

07. If All Now Here by Feathers

06. Embrionyc - Not Quite Forgotten by Dark.Descent

05. The New Gloom by Ice Crystals

04. Breedless by Ego Likeness

03. Snapped By You by Ginger Snap5

02. Many Faces of War by Army On The Dance Floor

01. Broken Hearts Corporate Minds by Sirus

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Office Playlist of the Week

Another work week is just right around the corner. I'm trying to listen to some of my music that I haven't listened to some time to break the monotony. It's kinda hard to when I am hooked on certain albums.

If All Now Here by Feathers - Got my copy of the album on Friday. It truly is one of the best [synthpop] albums from 2013. I am usually wary of comparisons to other bands but the comparison to Depeche Mode is pretty spot on in this case with Feathers music sans Dave Gahan as the singer.

Noise In My Head by DarkDriveClinic

Black Summer Choirs by Kirlian Camera

Utopia by In Strict Confidence

Universal Blood by Inertia

State of Decay by Parralox

Unparallel Universe by Cylab

Dragonfly by Ego Likeness

Georgy #11811 by Mari Chrome

Synthetic Movement by CHROM

The Human Animal by Android Lust

Tactical Neural Implant by Front Line Assembly

Protection by Massive Attack

Supernature by Goldfrapp