Sunday, February 2, 2014

Office Playlist of the Week

Another work week is just right around the corner. I'm trying to listen to some of my music that I haven't listened to some time to break the monotony. It's kinda hard to when I am hooked on certain albums.

If All Now Here by Feathers - Got my copy of the album on Friday. It truly is one of the best [synthpop] albums from 2013. I am usually wary of comparisons to other bands but the comparison to Depeche Mode is pretty spot on in this case with Feathers music sans Dave Gahan as the singer.

Noise In My Head by DarkDriveClinic

Black Summer Choirs by Kirlian Camera

Utopia by In Strict Confidence

Universal Blood by Inertia

State of Decay by Parralox

Unparallel Universe by Cylab

Dragonfly by Ego Likeness

Georgy #11811 by Mari Chrome

Synthetic Movement by CHROM

The Human Animal by Android Lust

Tactical Neural Implant by Front Line Assembly

Protection by Massive Attack

Supernature by Goldfrapp

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