Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Apt - Energy, Light and Darkness

Late last year, I had discovered the electronic pop group Apt via Twitter. For good background description, you can read about Apt here. The article I just posted goes into great details about the group's background so check it out. Anyways to continue...I checked out their song "Night Train" from their upcoming album Energy, Light, and Darkness. I was immediately hooked on the duo's music. Apt recently unleashed their debut album which you can listen to on the media player below.

Track List:
01. At Night I Come Alive
02. Make Contract
03. Changing Lanes
04. Epiphany
05. Pendulum
06. The A to Z of Numbers
07. Inner City
08. Days On An Edge
09. Walking the Beast
10. The Night Train

The album is 40 minutes long and it just goes by so quickly. I am reminded of OMD, Pet Shop Boys, Erasure, Intuition, and Kraftwerk. As a fan of those bands, liking Apt's music wasn't very difficult for me to do. I love the lush beats provided by Jon Russell and Martyn Bailey's vocals who makes me think of PSB through out the album. While Energy, Light, and Darkness is not as upbeat as a lot of synthpop albums I listen to, the music is anything but boring. The tempo on the songs ranges from very laid back to upbeat. I really recommend listening to the album a few times before making a final judgement. That is what I did and found the music to be something special after listening to it for a third time.  All of the songs are great but I am particularly fond of "The Night Train" which is the first song by Apt I have ever heard so that song has a special place in my heart. I just really enjoy Martyn's vocals the most on this particular track as well as the melodies. I definitely recommend checking out the new Apt album.

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