Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A few albums I am looking forward to buying

01.Black Symphonies by Blutengel - Anyone who knows me personally knows what a Blutengel freak I am. Come next payday, I am so ordering this latest album by one of my favorite bands. I am tempted to order this version.

02. False Face by God Module - While the album is already available digitally, I want the album in CD form. It is really good. I have been streaming it on bandcamp while at work. I definitely think it is better than their previous album Seance which wasn't bad at all but the album just didn't really stand out with me.

03. Rave the Reqviem: Rave the Reqviem

Totally hooked on the few songs I have heard on this album.

04. Arizona Lights by Machinista

05. My Time Away by State of the Union - I have been listening to their older material online lately. I am really liking their brand of synthpop so needless to say I am excited about their upcoming album My Time Away.

06. Authority by Client

07. Freakshow by Aengeldust - As a fan of the more harsh EBM, I just had to check out Aengeldust on youtube and of course LOVED what I heard what I found.

I am definitely planning on getting Freakshow later this spring. If anything like the youtube clip I just posted, Nadine's upcoming album will be totally badass.

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