Saturday, February 8, 2014

Albums I am currently listening to

Shurado by Ball
Well I finally got the debut album by the Japanese band Baal. I am totally digging it. While the electronic influences that had been heard on their two EPs have been limited on this album and the music on the album is more metal, I still find the album absolutely enjoyable to listen least to me. It is very heavy and aggressive. This is the album that Hanzel und Gretyl should have made back in 2012 with that dud Born to Be Heiled. If you like really heavy music, I definitely recommend Shurado. I will be headbanging to this music at work.

Rules of Third by Fate's Palette

Last week I discovered a local band called Fate's Palette via Facebook. As a fan of Rasputina and chamber rock in general, I really like this band. Too bad I missed their album released show at the Kitty Cat Klub before I knew about the band. Oh well. I definitely will try to go see them the next time they perform live.

Echoes and Waves by Glean

Glean is another local band. I admit I am a bit biased here since I am friends with their singer Brooke Aldrige who also sings in the local band Pop Inc. Glean is a total different beast compared to Pop Inc. Their sound is more rock-orientated. On 2/15, the band has a show at Cause in honor of the release of Echoes and Waves.

47 Ronin soundtrack - One of the CDs I recently picked up from the library the other day. This is your standard typical film score. Lovely music though. Totally loved the movie.

Wolf's Law by The Joy Formidable - also got from the library. Really dug what I heard.

Too True by Dum Dum Girls - Great album. Another CD I got from the library. I really enjoyed the album so much that I bought a ticket for their 4/1 show at The Triple Rock Social Club. Can't wait to see the band live.

In Utero - 20th Anniversary deluxe edition by Nirvana - This is on loan from the library. I always liked this album much more than Nevermind to be honest. I wasn't a huge Nirvana fan but I will always be forever grateful for them killing the popularity of hair metal scene. Gawd that was shit! This new version of In Utero is even better and noisier than the original version.

Traces of You by Anoushka Shankar - This is the latest album by the ever so talented Anoushka Shankar, the daughter of the late Ravi Shankar. Every now and then I need to take a breather from the noisier side of music and listen to something more relaxing and outside the western music scene.

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