Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My 5 current favorite bands

05. Phantogram

I just checked out this band from NY tonight. Really dig what I have heard. Of course I also learned that they are playing at First Avenue on April 13 which is a day after I see VNV Nation. Damn it! My concert schedule is looking pretty hectic especially April and May. At the moment, I am just mulling over whether to go the Phantogram show (or not).

04. The Melismatics

This Saturday night I will be attending the Heartbreakers Ball show at Cause. One of the bands playing there is The Melismatics. Because I will be writing a review of the show for my blog, I thought I would do my research on the bands, namely The Melismatics. Really love what I have heard. I can't wait to see them perform live on Saturday night.

03. Dum Dum Girls

Ever since I got the new Dum Dum Girls album Too True from the library, I have been listening to it non-stop. I need to get my own copy this weekend. Seriously. It is so good.

02. Sirus

Killer aggrotech band from Australia.

01. Baal

Love this band! Love their album Shurado. It's loud and heavy.

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