Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"Control" - free track from VNV Nation off their new album Automatic

Before I had to go to work this morning, I saw on FB that VNV Nation had posted the song "Control" as a free download for their fans. I thought that was mighty generous of the group. Of course I had to post the song here on my blog (as I did on my FB page this morning).
Control - from the album "Automatic" by VNV Nation

Monday, August 29, 2011

10 albums that I could never part with

In the last few days, I have been posting cds on ebay for auction because to be honest, I don't listen to them any more. That and I feel like I need to unload a few after ordering a few cds online. I think I have been watching A&E's Hoarders too much lately. LOL!

While there are quite a few cds that I am willing to part with, there are just some that I can and will not part with. Here are the 10 cds I could never sell via ebay.

01. Sara Noxx - Exxtasy

I won this cd on ebay a couple of years ago. Huge fan of Sara Noxx so to find this rare gem and was able to beat a couple of other people for it, make this one highly desired treasure. Sara Noxx's music is pretty difficult to find online but if you can, it ain't cheap. Just great synthpop music IMHO.

02. Seelenkrank - Engelsschrei
I think it has been 4-5 years ago when I found this album by Blutengel/Terminal Choice's Chris Pohl in the used cd bins at The Electric Fetus for $4. I have to admit I keep this mostly because it is so rare and difficult to find. The copies that I have seen online ranges from $60 to $150. I'll be honest I wasn't too crazy about the music itself. I'll take Blutengel and Terminal Choice over Seelenkrank.

03. Unter Null - Sacrament EP
This is the very first Unter Null effort that I ever bought. It was about 4 years ago. This was one of 2 EPs that Erica Dunham released in 2007 (the other being Absolution). This is what got me hooked on to Unter Null's music and aggrotech in general. I did have Absolution at one point but I wasn't feeling the music so I sold it. I kinda wished that I didn't but too little, too late.

04. Ayria - Hearts for Bullets
I had Jennifer Parkin of Ayria sign my copy of Hearts for Bullets back in 2008 (I think) when she toured with The Cruxshadows and i:Scintilla. Not only do I love the music on the cd but I also love that she personally signed it for me at my request.

05. Aesthetic Perfection - A Violent Emotion
I had Daniel Graves autograph my copy of A Violent Emotion last year at the Combichrist show at The Cabooze.

06. Angels on Acid - Eyes Behind the Curtain
While the album is still available digitally, I believe CD-wise, they are out of print. This is a great album. Very melodic yet aggressive. I bought this album at the last Angels on Acid show in Minneapolis in 2009.

07 & 8 Ashbury Heights - Three Cheers for the Newlydead/Morningstar in a Black Car

I adore Ashbury Heights. Unfortunately their first 2 albums (in their original form) are out of print. Definitely don't plan on selling them in this life time. They have been released as a 2 cd compilation featuring some new tracks and remixes.

09. Anemonia - Moonlit Numina
Anemonia is this great little unsigned Canadian gothic metal band that I have been a fan since my Myspace days. They remind me of old Nightwish with Tarja but less polished. I think I was like the first person who bought the cd from the band the very second they announced the album's release. LOL! I was very happy and surprised when I saw that the entire band signed my cd. Not as big of a fan of gothic metal as I once was but I still enjoy listening to Anemonia's Moonlit Numina.

10. Combichrist - WTFIWWYP
I had most, if not all of the band members of Combichrist sign my favorite Combichrist album during the meet and greet session back in May.

Honorable mentions:
Unter Null - The Failure Epiphany
Kirlian Camera - Absentee EP
Bio - Secret Heroes
SynthetiXXX - Magia De Cuatro
Solitary Experiments - The Great Illusion
Psyborg Corp - The Mechanical Renaissance

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Snippets of VNV Nation's new album Automatic

Awhile back I posted 2 live clips of VNV Nation performing new songs. Well I found a video clip featuring snippets of the new album Automatic. I am really loving what I am hearing from VNV Nation. A couple of songs have already sent chills down my spine. I am getting really excited for their upcoming show in late November. I am assuming that the album is going to be released around the time of their first leg of their American tour. I'll post the information both here and on my FB page once I find out about the actual release date.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My version of how the soundtrack to Underworld:Awakening should look like.

I was inspired by the online campaign to pick which artists whose music should go on to the upcoming soundtrack for Underworld: Awakening. I decided to create my own "soundtrack". Here is where you can find the online campaign. Just post the artist on the wall, after liking the page. Obviously bands such as Lords of Acid, Android Lust, and Blue Stahli (WTF are they?!) have sent their fans to campaign for them. LOL! Me? Android Lust of course. I also threw in Blutengel ;).

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I decided to throw in a mix of both current and past music on MY soundtrack.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Some music news: Crunch Pod calling it quits, Angelspit touring and coming to Saint Paul

Some good news for Angelspit fans:
I first read about about it shortly after I got home from work this afternoon. Tickets can be purchased via Vital Tickets. Personally I am going to pass. Never heard of the other bands nor am I a fan of Angelspit but for those who dig their music, I thought I would share it on my blog :).

Secondly, Crunch Pod is calling it quits later this year after 13 years. Judging by the article, Ben Arp wants to focus more on producing music and on his project Captive 6. Fortunately Crunch Pod won't be folding until later this year so it isn't right away but still, to see one indie label that caters to the industrial crowd is sad. So I salute you Ben Arp for the time and energy you have put into Crunch Pod. 13 years is a long time for any indie labels in this current market today.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

10 songs that makes my hair stand on end

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Last night my friend Renee tagged me in a post she had posted on Facebook. It was a 10 track list of songs that essentially gave her the chills/makes her hair stand on end. I decided to respond not with your typical post but rather a playlist. That is so much more fun if you ask me so here is the results. I chose an array of tracks from classical to synthpop.

Friday, August 19, 2011

My soundtrack to work

The last couple of days at the office has been atrocious. I work with some of the most petty, vindictive, moronic women on the face of the earth. Decided to create a playlist in their honor.

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As you can tell by the song, I hate the company I work for (don't mind the job itself).

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

10 albums that I am looking forward to this fall

With all the boat loads of albums set to be released this fall, I thought it would be fun to pick out the albums that I am personally looking forward to acquiring in the coming 1-3 months.

10. Sweetheart of the Sun - The Bangles

I found this track on youtube. The song definitely hearkens back to the band's early roots ala All Over the Place. While bassist Michael Steele has retired from music several years ago, the band still manages to maintain its great harmonies that they have become famous for as a band. I am also planning on attending their show at the Fine Line in October.

09. Gravity the Seducer - Ladytron
I found a really great track off the upcoming Ladytron album called "Mirage". I really love it.

The song is making me even more excited over the new album and getting to see the band live in October as well. I particularly love this track.

08. Synthesis - The Break Up

After seeing this music video for "My Machine", I am definitely hooked on The Break Up. I really like their sound which is reminiscent of fellow Canadian Ayria.

07. Noise In My Head - DriveDarkClinic

06. All Beauty Destroyed - Aesthetic Perfection

05. All Seasons Pass - System Syn

I had posted this video clip a couple of days ago but what the hell! Love the song.

04. Seance - God Module

From what I have heard off the Rituals single, the new God Module album is going to kick massive ass.

My top 3 albums that I am looking forward to the most this fall are the new VNV Nation,  Chimaera at Heart by Javelynn and Let Me Go by Stray are the 3 albums where the release dates haven't been announced. I can't remember the last time I got all excited over fall (asides from the temperature drop and changing of the leaves). These are the 10 albums I definitely plan on buying.

Honorable mentions includes:
Ego: X - Diary of Dreams
Imperative Reaction - Imperative Reaction
APOK - iVardensphere

One more thing...I heard the new Erasure single today before work. Wow. I didn't think it was possible for one of my favorit synthpop groups to write such a craptastic song. If that is what is to be expected on their new album, I am definitely going to pass.

Monday, August 15, 2011

System Syn - Good Night

Here is a little tasty morsel from the upcoming System Syn album All Seasons Pass.

I for one am looking forward to the new album.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Birthday Massacre - Imaginary Monsters

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After being disappointed in TBM's 2010 album Pins and Needles, the band makes a comeback to my heart with their new EP Imaginary Monsters. I am really enjoying the album. I DEFINITELY plan on buying a copy next weekend or sooner (if I can).  The remixes are pretty good considering the fact that I am not big on remixes a lot of the time. My favorite songs? "Forever" and "Burn Away".

Friday, August 12, 2011

Updated list of upcoming releases for August through November

It is that time again for me to update my list of upcoming releases :).

August Releases
Caustic - Deuche Ex Machina [digital only] (August 23)
Left Spine Down - Caution (August 23)
Bunnydrums - PKD (August 23)

September Releases
Apoptygma Berzerk - Black EP vol. 2 (September 13)
Download - FiXeR (September 13)
Diary of Dreams - Ego: X (September 13)
God Module - Seance (September 13)
Imperative Reaction - s/t (September 13)
UCNX - Generation Damaged (September 20)
Lords of Acid - Mighty Little Rabbit (September 27)
Melt - Emissions of Hypocrisy (September 27)
Download - Helicopter + Wookie Wall (September 27)
Tobias Lilja - Delerium Portraits (September 27)

October Releases
Shiv-r - This World Erase (October 11)
Angelspit - Hello My Name is (October 11)
Electric 6 - Heartbeats and Brainwaves (October 11)
Binary Park - The Deviated (October 11)
System Syn - All Seasons Pass (October 11)
Absolute Body Control - Wind[Re]Wind (October 11)
DarkDriveClinic - Noise in the Head (October 25)
De/Vision - Popgefahr-the Mix (October 25)
Straftanz - Mainstream Sellout Overground (October 25)

November Releases
Aesthetic Perfection - All Beauty Destroyed (November 8)
Absolute Body Control - Shattered Illusion (November 8)
iVardensphere - APOK (November 8)
Pop Will Eat Itself - New Noise Designed (November 8)
Skold - Tonight (November 22)
The Break Up - Synthesis (November 22)

I think of all the albums I have listed here on my blog that I am most excited about (at the moment) is the albums by DarkDriveClinic, The Break Up, Aesthetic Perfection, God Module, Diary of Dreams, iVardenspere, System Syn, and Imperative Reaction. I am also excited for the upcoming Javelynn and Stray albums too but I haven't heard much information about them. Will post it here as well as on my FB page.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

New music videos by Dismantled and Project Pitchfork

I think of the two new music videos, "Lament" by Project Pitchfork is my favorite. The song has stronger melodies IMO but I still dig "Insecthead" by Dismantled.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

CD reviews of the week

Awake the Machines Vol.7

I am starting to really love Out of Line records. Some of the stuff that I have been listening to heavily as of lately are artists signed to the label like Kirlian Camera and Javelynn. I recently acquired the seventh volume in the Awake the Machines series. This is my first Awake the Machines album and I am sure it won't be the last. I will admit that the reason I bought the album was for the Javelynn track "Wannabe", my current favorite song at the moment.

Awake the Machines vol.7 is a 3 disc collection of today's hottest acts in the underground electro scene but it also consists of metal and punk.  Most of the bands featured on the compilation I am very familiar with like Blutengel, Javelynn, God Module, and Solitary Experiments but there are plenty of bands that are new to me such as Marsheaux, F.O.D, and Silenzium. Personally I think discs 1 & 3 are the strongest. The material just stuck to me like white on rice. It isn't to say that disco 2 wasn't any good. There are some solid tracks on it like Solitary Experiment's "Rise and Fall" (P24 Remix), Ashbury Heights' "Dancer's Nocturne", and Kirlian Camera's "After Winter 2011".  I  felt the flow of the music was uneven, plus some of the songs didn't do anything for me while the tracks on disc 1 & 3 made me want to get up and dance.

Despite its flaws, Awake the Machines vol.7 is definitely a compilation I think is worth checking out. I definitely plan on checking out music by Mina Harker, Miss Construction, Chrom, Silenzium just to name a few.

DoublePlusTen: Hourglass

Last night I went out to Club Underground to check out some local live music by Kether, As\Of and DoublePlusTen. I was really looking most forward to seeing DoublePlusTen because I have been a fan of Andrew Davies' work since his days in Helisophere. Earlier this spring, I had caught the debut live performance of DoublePlusTen at Ground Zero for the Thought Thieves EP release party. I really dug what I heard from DoublePlusTen so when I was at Club Underground last night, I picked up a copy of Hourglass.

In comparison to the harsh sounds of Andrew's previous group Heliosphere, Hourglass is more techno than industrial. The cd kicks off with the epic trance tune "The Debut". This is my personal favorite song off the album. I am reminded of my college days of spending my weekend nights dancing to techno music at my favorite nightclub in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. "I'm Real [You Sure Are Honey]"  moves into breakbeat territory completed with sensuous, breathey female vocals here and there. One of my first thoughts comes to my mind when I listen to this track is early Crystal Method but with beats that weren't so in your face. Track #4 "x=e" with its drum & bass beats sounded like that it would fit perfectly right into the techno soundtrack to the '90s cult film Hackers.

I really enjoy listening to Hourglass. For me, the music has a '90s retro vibe when techno ruled my stereo and life. I will say this the music sounds even better live. I definitely recommend catching DoublePlusTen live whenever Andrew has a show. 

Thursday, August 4, 2011

New music video for "Negaverse'" by Miss FD

I just discovered via Facebook that Miss FD (formerly Frightdoll) has a new music video out ;). Enjoy!

And here is her other video for "Enter the Void".

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New VNV Nation songs

Lookee here! New songs from VNV Nation! :)

The sound may not be the best but these tracks are a tasty appetizer to what to expect from the group in the fall. I can hardly wait.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Happy Birthday MTV...or maybe not

I know this is a day late but oh well, better late than never. Yesterday was MTV's 30th Birthday. Unlike MTV itself, CBS's Early Morning Show acknowledged MTV's 30th birthday. Since the stupid channel is too busy airing crap promoting teen pregnancies and promsicuity among stupid Italian stereotypes, I thought the MTV that I once knew deserves some homage. I was six years old when MTV hit the airwaves. I only got to watch the channel at friends' houses because my parents couldn't afford cable. Just watching these video clips brings back fond memories ;).

And yes, I was a big Culture Club fan as a kid. LOL!

I was also a big Cyndi Lauper fan too, still am to this very day and not ashamed of it either.

As silly as this song and video was, I will take it over the current pop music nowadays.

I believe this was my first David Bowie song that I have ever heard of. Or it might have been "Modern Love". I can't remember. I'm getting old. lol

I could go on and on about the MTV I grew up on but I would end up with one long blog entry. There were too many awesome songs from the '80s. Of course it goes without saying there was some terrible crap but I rather remember the good stuff. I really do miss the old MTV. I hate what the cable channel has become (ditto with VH1). I only get basic cable so I can't get MTV2 or VH1 classic. I guess I'll have to settle for youtube :P. I would wish MTV a happy birthday but considering what the channel has become, I think I won't and wish it nothing but ill will.