Tuesday, August 16, 2011

10 albums that I am looking forward to this fall

With all the boat loads of albums set to be released this fall, I thought it would be fun to pick out the albums that I am personally looking forward to acquiring in the coming 1-3 months.

10. Sweetheart of the Sun - The Bangles

I found this track on youtube. The song definitely hearkens back to the band's early roots ala All Over the Place. While bassist Michael Steele has retired from music several years ago, the band still manages to maintain its great harmonies that they have become famous for as a band. I am also planning on attending their show at the Fine Line in October.

09. Gravity the Seducer - Ladytron
I found a really great track off the upcoming Ladytron album called "Mirage". I really love it.

The song is making me even more excited over the new album and getting to see the band live in October as well. I particularly love this track.

08. Synthesis - The Break Up

After seeing this music video for "My Machine", I am definitely hooked on The Break Up. I really like their sound which is reminiscent of fellow Canadian Ayria.

07. Noise In My Head - DriveDarkClinic

06. All Beauty Destroyed - Aesthetic Perfection

05. All Seasons Pass - System Syn

I had posted this video clip a couple of days ago but what the hell! Love the song.

04. Seance - God Module

From what I have heard off the Rituals single, the new God Module album is going to kick massive ass.

My top 3 albums that I am looking forward to the most this fall are the new VNV Nation,  Chimaera at Heart by Javelynn and Let Me Go by Stray are the 3 albums where the release dates haven't been announced. I can't remember the last time I got all excited over fall (asides from the temperature drop and changing of the leaves). These are the 10 albums I definitely plan on buying.

Honorable mentions includes:
Ego: X - Diary of Dreams
Imperative Reaction - Imperative Reaction
APOK - iVardensphere

One more thing...I heard the new Erasure single today before work. Wow. I didn't think it was possible for one of my favorit synthpop groups to write such a craptastic song. If that is what is to be expected on their new album, I am definitely going to pass.

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