Monday, August 29, 2011

10 albums that I could never part with

In the last few days, I have been posting cds on ebay for auction because to be honest, I don't listen to them any more. That and I feel like I need to unload a few after ordering a few cds online. I think I have been watching A&E's Hoarders too much lately. LOL!

While there are quite a few cds that I am willing to part with, there are just some that I can and will not part with. Here are the 10 cds I could never sell via ebay.

01. Sara Noxx - Exxtasy

I won this cd on ebay a couple of years ago. Huge fan of Sara Noxx so to find this rare gem and was able to beat a couple of other people for it, make this one highly desired treasure. Sara Noxx's music is pretty difficult to find online but if you can, it ain't cheap. Just great synthpop music IMHO.

02. Seelenkrank - Engelsschrei
I think it has been 4-5 years ago when I found this album by Blutengel/Terminal Choice's Chris Pohl in the used cd bins at The Electric Fetus for $4. I have to admit I keep this mostly because it is so rare and difficult to find. The copies that I have seen online ranges from $60 to $150. I'll be honest I wasn't too crazy about the music itself. I'll take Blutengel and Terminal Choice over Seelenkrank.

03. Unter Null - Sacrament EP
This is the very first Unter Null effort that I ever bought. It was about 4 years ago. This was one of 2 EPs that Erica Dunham released in 2007 (the other being Absolution). This is what got me hooked on to Unter Null's music and aggrotech in general. I did have Absolution at one point but I wasn't feeling the music so I sold it. I kinda wished that I didn't but too little, too late.

04. Ayria - Hearts for Bullets
I had Jennifer Parkin of Ayria sign my copy of Hearts for Bullets back in 2008 (I think) when she toured with The Cruxshadows and i:Scintilla. Not only do I love the music on the cd but I also love that she personally signed it for me at my request.

05. Aesthetic Perfection - A Violent Emotion
I had Daniel Graves autograph my copy of A Violent Emotion last year at the Combichrist show at The Cabooze.

06. Angels on Acid - Eyes Behind the Curtain
While the album is still available digitally, I believe CD-wise, they are out of print. This is a great album. Very melodic yet aggressive. I bought this album at the last Angels on Acid show in Minneapolis in 2009.

07 & 8 Ashbury Heights - Three Cheers for the Newlydead/Morningstar in a Black Car

I adore Ashbury Heights. Unfortunately their first 2 albums (in their original form) are out of print. Definitely don't plan on selling them in this life time. They have been released as a 2 cd compilation featuring some new tracks and remixes.

09. Anemonia - Moonlit Numina
Anemonia is this great little unsigned Canadian gothic metal band that I have been a fan since my Myspace days. They remind me of old Nightwish with Tarja but less polished. I think I was like the first person who bought the cd from the band the very second they announced the album's release. LOL! I was very happy and surprised when I saw that the entire band signed my cd. Not as big of a fan of gothic metal as I once was but I still enjoy listening to Anemonia's Moonlit Numina.

10. Combichrist - WTFIWWYP
I had most, if not all of the band members of Combichrist sign my favorite Combichrist album during the meet and greet session back in May.

Honorable mentions:
Unter Null - The Failure Epiphany
Kirlian Camera - Absentee EP
Bio - Secret Heroes
SynthetiXXX - Magia De Cuatro
Solitary Experiments - The Great Illusion
Psyborg Corp - The Mechanical Renaissance

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