Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Conjure One @ Ground Zero on 3/16

Kilted Farmer Koncerts and Ground Zero present:

CONJURE ONE (w/ Rhys Fulber, formerly Delerium and Frontline Assembly)

Also: Little Tin Box, Vosho (debut) and Pyro Plastic flow.

Weds., March 16th , 2011

7pm doors, 7:30 show, 18+

Ground Zero
15 4th St. NE

Advance tickets $12 at
$15 door
241s first hour after doors

Sunday, January 23, 2011

New releases (updated)

Lightbringer EP - Covenant (25th)
Malitia Angelica (digital only) - Heimataerde (28th)
Modern Ruin - Covenant (08)
Stage Fright - Edge of Dawn (08)
Tiempos de Furia - Hocico (08)
Krank - KMFDM (08)
Shipwrecks - Ghost & Writer (08)
Words Collide - Binary Park(22) 
Zerstorer - And One (12th)
The Golden Vagina of Fame and Profit - Caustic (12th)
WTF?! - KMFDM (26th)
Recent releases
Reich mir die Hand - Blutengel (Jan.21)
Slave Nation - Vomito Negro (Jan. 21)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Legends of Synthpop tour at Ground Zero in Minneapolis.

I just got some great news today. The Legends of Synthpop tour featuring De/Vision, Iris, and Mesh have been confirmed at Ground Zero for March 31. Doors opens up at 7:30pm, show at 8pm. 18+. Tickets can be bought in advance for $15 through Brown Paper Tickets, $20 at the door. 2-4-1s during first hour.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Synthpop artists worth checking out

Tonight I was perusing youtube when once again I "accidentally" found a really fabulous synthpop group called
Sero Overdose. Here is a really great song by them I have found a few minutes ago called Tears in Rain. They remind me of Code 64 with their former singer, Colony 5, and Minerve. Here is another great song by Sero Overose called Overdose.

So after listening to to some Sero Overdose, I thought I would list a few synthpop artists whom I think deserves some recognition. I will include a link to a video clip to one of their songs. 

01Minerve - I love Minerve. I just love the soaring lyrics and infectious melodies. I have yet to hear one song by the German synthpop group that I haven't liked. 

02. Blume - A friend of mine suggested Blume to me last year and I automatically fell in love with this talented band from Italy. Enrico's vocals is like butter for my ears.

03. Colony 5

04. Paradoxx - As I have stated before in past blog entries, Paradoxx was one of those happy "accidents".

Sunday, January 9, 2011

5 artists/bands that are worth checking out part II

Earlier last month, I posted a blog on 5 artists/bands that I thought people should check out. I thought I would post 5 more. As much as I love to support all the artists that Metropolis and Alfa-Matrix records releases, there is so many more artists and bands who don't get the kind of recognition that bands like Funker Vogt, KMFDM, Ayria, and Unter Null receives.

05. Paradoxx - here is an excellent synthpop band from Australia. I discovered them late last year on youtube by accident. I was looking for some Parralox but misspelled the name and voila! I came across the video for Radium Lover. I bought a copy of their greatest hits cd Decades and the rest is history.

04. Javelynn - Javelynn is ex-Ashbury Height singer Yaz's newest musical project. Here is a video clip of her song Beat You. Her new band's sound has an electro-clash/new wave sound. I dig it. It isn't Ashbury Heights but that's fine with me.

03. Anemonia - I used to be a huge fan of gothic metal but not any more, especially after the dismissal of Tarja Turunen by her former bandmates in Nightwish. Both Tarja and Nightwish's music have suffered in the process. Anemonia is personal favorite goth/metal band. Their singer Cassiope reminds me quite a bit of Tarja in terms of vocals. Ironically Cassiope did try out with Nightwish who clearly wanted to go with a more generic, bland sound ala Within Temptation. Their loss. 2009 was the year the Canadian band released their debut album Moonlit Numina (self-released) which I personally thought was excellent.

02. Angels on Acid - AoA is a really killer industrial band that mixes aggrotech, techno, and goa trance. I have seen them live twice and they put in a lot of energy into their live shows. Here is a video clip for their song Haunt Me.

01. Sapphire Solace - This is a really excellent goth band I had discovered via Myspace 2-3 years ago. Their self-titled EP can be downloaded off itunes. It is definitely worth spending a few bucks.

I think starting this month, I will post a monthly/weekly blog entry on 5 artists/bands that I think people should check out. You can also check out the links on the right hand side of my blog that features a bunch of my favorite artists and bands.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Lords of Acid with Angelspit, Radical G! and Thought Thieves at Ground Zero on 3/12

Tickets can be bought at Brown Paper Tickets. I have posted a link that will take you directly to the actual event.

Doors 6pm, Show 7pm. 

$20 adv, $25 door 

People purchasing tickets to the show will be allowed entry into club night FREE!!! 

241s for first hour after doors
NOTE: No one under 18 years old will be admitted.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New releases

Noistyle - Soman (January 11)
Uncut EP - Scandinavian Cock (January 11)
Electronic Body Matrix - Various Artists (January 14)
Lightbringer (feat. Necro Facility) - Covenant (January 25)

Tiempos de Furia - Hocico (February 08)
Modern Ruin - Covenant (February 08)
Stage Fright - Edge of Dawn (February 08)
Love Never Dies - Miss FD (February 11)
Untergrund - Armageddon Dildos (February 18)
Oil, Steel, & Rhythm - Kommor Kommando  (February 25)
Street Preacher - Malakwa (February 25)

Krank - KMFDM (March 08)
Shipwrecks - Ghost & Writer (March 08)
Words Collide - Binary Park (March 22)

For current releases you can check out Metropolis Records website and Alfa Matrix website.

I also know that Stray (Erica Dunham's other project) and Lords of Acid will be putting out new albums sometime this year. I haven't found any information yet on the LOA album which should be soon since the band is touring the US in March. It may be awhile for the Stray album. Erica is putting the finishing touches on it. I will post the information on both albums here when I get the information.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

My favorite live performances of 2010

For my first blog entry for 2011, I thought I would just list my favorite live performances that I had seen live in 2010.

Anything Box performing "Soldier and Child".

This has quickly become my favorite ABox song (along with "Living in Oblivion" and "Carmen"). I didn't shoot this footage. I made the mistake of deleting it off my memory card. Oops! XD

Autumn performing "Red"

This is my favorite Autumn song. Thankfully the idiots that were fighting during their set wasn't during this song. Same with moronic douchebags that were moshing during Faith and the Muse's set.

The Spiritual Bat performing at The Bedlam Theater.

This is one of my personal favorite live performances and easily the most overlooked concert of 2010. I guess people in the goth/industrial scene weren't up to seeing old school goth/deathrock bands. What a shame. They missed out on a terrific set by Sullen Serenade and The Spiritual Bats.

Project Pitchfork performing "Timekiller"

Do I really need to explain myself on this awesome live performance of my favorite PP song? ;)

Ayria performing "My Revenge on the World"

This is definitely much better footage than the footage I shot at Station 4 in 2009 when Ayria toured with VNV Nation and War Tapes.

Genitorturers performing "Devil in a Bottle" at Station 4

My favorite Genitorturers song. Enough said. LOL!

Aesthetic Perfection performing a new song at The Cabooze

Unter Null performing "Sick Fuck" at Ground Zero.

This has to be my favorite footage. As you can see I got really up close to the stage. That was just one of my favorite concerts I attended last year. The fact that I got to meet Erica Dunham was icing on the cake.