Sunday, January 2, 2011

My favorite live performances of 2010

For my first blog entry for 2011, I thought I would just list my favorite live performances that I had seen live in 2010.

Anything Box performing "Soldier and Child".

This has quickly become my favorite ABox song (along with "Living in Oblivion" and "Carmen"). I didn't shoot this footage. I made the mistake of deleting it off my memory card. Oops! XD

Autumn performing "Red"

This is my favorite Autumn song. Thankfully the idiots that were fighting during their set wasn't during this song. Same with moronic douchebags that were moshing during Faith and the Muse's set.

The Spiritual Bat performing at The Bedlam Theater.

This is one of my personal favorite live performances and easily the most overlooked concert of 2010. I guess people in the goth/industrial scene weren't up to seeing old school goth/deathrock bands. What a shame. They missed out on a terrific set by Sullen Serenade and The Spiritual Bats.

Project Pitchfork performing "Timekiller"

Do I really need to explain myself on this awesome live performance of my favorite PP song? ;)

Ayria performing "My Revenge on the World"

This is definitely much better footage than the footage I shot at Station 4 in 2009 when Ayria toured with VNV Nation and War Tapes.

Genitorturers performing "Devil in a Bottle" at Station 4

My favorite Genitorturers song. Enough said. LOL!

Aesthetic Perfection performing a new song at The Cabooze

Unter Null performing "Sick Fuck" at Ground Zero.

This has to be my favorite footage. As you can see I got really up close to the stage. That was just one of my favorite concerts I attended last year. The fact that I got to meet Erica Dunham was icing on the cake.

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