Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New releases

Noistyle - Soman (January 11)
Uncut EP - Scandinavian Cock (January 11)
Electronic Body Matrix - Various Artists (January 14)
Lightbringer (feat. Necro Facility) - Covenant (January 25)

Tiempos de Furia - Hocico (February 08)
Modern Ruin - Covenant (February 08)
Stage Fright - Edge of Dawn (February 08)
Love Never Dies - Miss FD (February 11)
Untergrund - Armageddon Dildos (February 18)
Oil, Steel, & Rhythm - Kommor Kommando  (February 25)
Street Preacher - Malakwa (February 25)

Krank - KMFDM (March 08)
Shipwrecks - Ghost & Writer (March 08)
Words Collide - Binary Park (March 22)

For current releases you can check out Metropolis Records website and Alfa Matrix website.

I also know that Stray (Erica Dunham's other project) and Lords of Acid will be putting out new albums sometime this year. I haven't found any information yet on the LOA album which should be soon since the band is touring the US in March. It may be awhile for the Stray album. Erica is putting the finishing touches on it. I will post the information on both albums here when I get the information.

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