Saturday, January 15, 2011

Synthpop artists worth checking out

Tonight I was perusing youtube when once again I "accidentally" found a really fabulous synthpop group called
Sero Overdose. Here is a really great song by them I have found a few minutes ago called Tears in Rain. They remind me of Code 64 with their former singer, Colony 5, and Minerve. Here is another great song by Sero Overose called Overdose.

So after listening to to some Sero Overdose, I thought I would list a few synthpop artists whom I think deserves some recognition. I will include a link to a video clip to one of their songs. 

01Minerve - I love Minerve. I just love the soaring lyrics and infectious melodies. I have yet to hear one song by the German synthpop group that I haven't liked. 

02. Blume - A friend of mine suggested Blume to me last year and I automatically fell in love with this talented band from Italy. Enrico's vocals is like butter for my ears.

03. Colony 5

04. Paradoxx - As I have stated before in past blog entries, Paradoxx was one of those happy "accidents".

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