Saturday, June 30, 2012

100 Greatest Albums

I finally did it! I finally finished my 100 Greatest Albums list that I had started working on several weeks ago but got side tracked when my old friend Writer's Block decided to pay me a visit. Earlier this week, that spark of creative energy hit me like a 10 ton mack truck. So without further ado, here is my list :).

100. Slave to the Rhythm - Grace Jones
99. 7 - Apoptygma Berzerk
98. Empires - VNV Nation
97. Pictures From Eternity - Kirlian Camera
96. Closer - Joy Division
95. Back to Black - Amy Winehouse
94. Pretty in Pink Soundtrack
93. Haunted - Poe
92. Dawnseeker - Sleepthief
91. Barton Hallow - The Civil Wars
90. Ramones - Ramones
89. A Conscious State - Invisible Limits
88. Mutter -Rammstein
87. Three Cheers for the Newlydead - Ashbury Heights
86. Tidal - Fiona Apple
85. Friend or Foe - Adam and The Ants
84. Republica - Republica
83. Serpentine Gallery - Switchblade Symphony
82. Neverworld - The Divine Madness
81. Meat is Murder - The Smiths
80. Back to Black - AC/DC
79. Seelenschmerz - Blutengel
78. Vegas - The Crystal Method
77. The Dividing - Android Lust
76. Frenching the Bully - The Gits
75. In Utero - Nirvana
74. Fragments - Sensuous Enemy
73. Please - Minerve
72. Ghost Stories - Amanda Ghost
71. Oceanborn -Nightwish
70. Fontanelle - Babes in Toyland
69. Mantaray - Siouxsie Sioux
68. The Failure Epiphany - Unter Null
67. Peace - Anything Box
66. Solitude Standing - Suzanne Vega
65. Essence - Lucinda Williams
64. Copper Blue - Sugar
63. Beneath the Surface - Balligomingo
62. A Vulgar Display of Power - Pantera
61. Future Future Future Perfect - Freezepop
60. Implode - Front Line Assembly
59. Substance - New Order
58. Walking Wounded - Everything But the Girl
57. Escm - BT
56. Souvlaki - Slowdive
55. Chimaera at Heart - Javelynn
54. Glow - Innocence Mission
53. Leftism - Leftfield
52. Synthesis - The Break Up
51. Hounds of Love - Kate Bush
50. Trainspotting soundtrack
49. Toward the Within - Dead Can Dance
48. I Love Rock 'N Roll - Joan Jett and The Blackhearts
47. Zen Arcade - Husker Du
46. Protection - Massive Attack
45. Dummy - Portishead
44. Beauty and the Beat - The Go Go's
43. Your Arsenal - Morrissey
42. Reading Writing and Arithmetic - The Sundays
41. Nebraska - Bruce Springsteen
40. The Trinity Sessions - Cowboy Junkies
39. Everybody is Doing It So Why Can't We? - The Cranberries
38. Play - Moby
37. London Calling - The Clash
36. Optics - I:Scintilla
35. Violator - Depeche Mode
34. Serenity is the Devil - Icon of Coil
33. Darklands - The Jesus and Mary Chain
32. Pan's Labyrinth soundtrack
31. Creatures - Clan of Xymox
30. So - Peter Gabriel
29. So Tonight That I Might See Tonight - Mazzy Star
28. Very - Pet Shop Boys
27. Floodland - The Sisters of Mercy
26. Stones in the Road - Mary Chapin Carpenter
25. Ray of Light - Madonna
24. Rebel Yell - Billy Idol
23. Treasures - Cocteau Twins
22. Version 2.0 - Garbage
21. Ferment - Catherine Wheel
20. Passion's Price - Diva Destruction
19. Blonder and Blonder - The Muffs
18. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - Cyndi Lauper
17. Parallel Lines - Blondie
16. Conjure One - Conjure One
15. Nihil - KMFDM
14. Blood - This Mortal Coil
13. Felt Mountain - Goldfrapp
12. Bricks Are Heavy - L7
11. Innocents - Erasure
10. Bloodletting - Concrete Blonde
09. Murder Ballads - Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds
08. Mask and the Mirror - Loreena McKennitt
07. Poem - Delerium
06. Satellites - Cylab
05. Star - Belly
04. American IV: The Man Who  - Johnny Cash
03. Sunday 8pm - Faithless
02. Doppelganger - Curve
01. Tinderbox - Siouxsie and the Banshees

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Upcoming releases

I thought tonight I would do a brief update on some upcoming releases. There isn't much that I haven't already posted back in May. What is new is listed for the month of September :).
Modulate - Robots (July 10)
Amphi Festival Compilation (July 20)
Suicide Commando - The Suicide Sessions vol.3 (July 24)
16 Volt - SuperCoolNothing (July 24)

Twitch the Ripper - Colorblind (August 14)
iVardensphere - Bloodwater (August 14) [Obviously a re-release. I bought a copy at the 2010 Combichrist show at The Cabooze.]
System Syn - Premeditated [remastered] (August 28)
Lords of Acid - Vampire Girl [single] (August 28)

Velvet Acid Christ - Maldire (September 11)
Skinny Puppy - Bootlegged, Broke, and In Solvent Seas [limited edition double LP] (September 11)
DE/VISION - Rockets & Swords (September 11)
Dismantled - Whole Wide World EP (September 11)
X-Marks the Pedwalk - The Sun, The Cold, and My Underwater Fear (September 25)
Ludovico Technique - Some Things Are Beyond Therapy (September 25)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Howard Jones at The Varsity 06.26.12

Howard Jones at The Varsity

Another concert courtesy of Kilted Farmer Koncerts has come and gone. It was a real treat to see eighties icon Howard Jones perform live in Minneapolis. His first live performance in the Twin Cities in years was particularly special because he performed Human's Lib and Dream Into Action in their entirety for the show. Some might have totally written off Howard Jones as a has-been but judging by the 400+ audience that attended the show, Howard Jones was anything but a has-been relic. Jake Rudh from Transmission at Clubhouse Jager and 89.3 The Current opened the show with his ever so excellent taste in music. Last night really felt like Transmission but with a lot of Howard Jones in between songs ;).

I'll be frank, I really didn't have much expectations but then again I had never seen Howard live. Much to my surprise, Howard turned out to be a lively and energetic performer. He actively sought out the audience's participation. I really loved the moment when the audience members sang along to Howard's hit song "No One is to Blame". I also enjoyed listening to Howard's little antecdotes, especially his loving tribute to his mother Thelma who has alzheimer's disease.

A lot of the songs were new to me but I did recognize a few like "No One is to Blame", "Life On One Day", and "What is Love". Yes there was no "Everlasting Love" but I really didn't think much about that song through out the whole night. I enjoyed hearing both albums but I really like Dream Into Action a bit more than Human's Lib IMHO.

As you can see I got some interesting shots from the upper level last night. While at the venue, I bought a copy of Very Best of Howard Jones (which was signed). I have been really enjoying the cd at work as well as at home. All in all last night was a very good night. Howard still sounds amazing as he did in the '80s. I would totally go see HoJo again if given the opportunity. He is truly a consumate musican.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Screaming Mechanical Brains at The Triple Rock on 06.23.12

I almost forgot about posting my photos from Saturday night's show at The Triple rock until today. It was a fairly good show but to be honest, metal isn't really my cup of tea. I just want there to really see GATA and SMB. Unfortunately that Saturday was the day that my old monthly friend came to visit. I left after a couple of songs by SMB due to some physical issues I was experiencing. I did though pick up the latest album by Dead Horse Trauma. I really liked their set so I decided to check out their music. I like what I have heard. It is good music to clean my condominium to on the weekends. I will have to pick up their other cd the next time they play in town.

Screaming Mechanical Brains at The Triple Rock on 06.23.12

Monday, June 25, 2012

Albums I am currently listening to

Conjure One

I used to own the first C1 album years ago but due to my financial mess I was in at the time, I had to sell it. Since then I missed listening to the album until recently when I won the auction for the limited edition 2 CD version of the self-titled Conjure One album. Ten years later, the album still sounds fresh and new especially this track "Sleep".

The Frozen Autumn: Emotional Screening Device

Ever since I got the latest album by the Italian darkwave band The Frozen Autumn, I have been hooked on their music. I was so excited when I found out not long ago that their album Emotional Screening Device was going to be re-released. Guess who got a copy? LOL. Emotional Screening Device is my 2nd favorite album by the band, the other being Chirality. If you haven't hear of the band, I definitely recommend checking out their music. I love them.

Moonlight Cove: Hearts of the World

If you haven't heard of this band or their music, you should now. I heard several tracks from their new album on youtube which compelled me to order my own copy (Take that Emily White!). This is probably going to be in my top 10 favorite (synthpop) albums of 2012.

VNV Nation: Burning Empires

A couple of weekends ago, I found a used copy of Burning Empires for $8 at Cheapo records. While I had a burned copy of the rare, out of print EP, I always wanted the actual product. Much to my delight, I found it. What a steal. $8. Fuck yes!

Grendel: Prescription Medicine

While at Cheapo, I also found this Grendel cd. As a new fan, I had to get it. I must say I really have been enjoying Grendel's music quite a bit lately since I first heard a preview of their latest album (prior to its release).

Lacuna Coil: Dark Adrenaline

Dark Adrenaline is the first LC album where I am not bored to tears with the music. The music has better melodies than on the band's' last few albums.

Metric: Synthetica

I just love the new Metric album Synthetica. I have been playing it constantly since I bought the album 2 weeks ago. My favorite track? "Breathing Underwater".

I can hardly wait to see the band this September.

Caustic: I Can't Believe We're Re-Releasing This Crap

I bought this album last Monday when Caustic performed at The Saloon for Hard Mondays. I was really impressed with his live performance as I was with this collection of his earlier music. I definitely plan on buying his next album when it comes out later this year. When Matt performed a couple of songs at the show last Monday, I was totally blown away by them. I also want to get his most recent album too.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mix of the Week: A tribute to Jamie Duffy

I decided for this week's Mix of the Week blog entry, I decided to make a mix of Acumen Nation songs, my farewell to the late Jamie Duffy.

MusicPlaylistView Profile
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I'll be brutally honest here, I wasn't really familiar with Jamie Duffy's work except for what I have heard online with Acumen Nation or seen live as DJ? Acucrack. From what I have gleened off the internet and seen live, he was a talented musician. For a life to end this soon always makes me sad regardless of his or her accomplishments. I really like what was said about Jamie Duffy by Jim Marcus of Die Warzau/Go Fight. If there is an after life, I sincerely hope that Jamie has found peace there. RIP and my condolescences goes out to his loved ones both family and friends.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Transmission 06.21.2012.

I just had to post this most recent playlist from DJ Jake Rudh's show Transmission on The Current. This definitely ranks as one of my top five favorite episodes he has aired on the radio. Of course he had to include a track from Howard Jones in honor of the upcoming show at The Varsity Theatre this Tuesday night.

I definitely will post more episodes here depending on how much I like them.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Samples of the new DE/VISION album Rockets and Swords

This morning I came across a sample of the upcoming DE/VISION album Swords and Rockets and then found a few more on their soundcloud page. The songs are unmastered for sure but to get an idea what to expect from the new album it is a real treat I think to hear a few of the songs.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Why I buy and own music

Tonight I came across 2 very compelling articles. The first is I Never Owned Any Music to Begin With by Emily White. The second article is Letter to Emily White at NPR All Songs Considered by Dave Lowery. I would recommend reading the article Emily White wrote before delving into the Dave Lowery article.

My take on the Emily White article? Well while I will concede that digital music is the present and future. To say that digital music shouldn't exist at all would be ridiculous and make me look silly, if not ignorant. Lets face it, pandora's box has been opened and it cannot be closed shut again. That said, what really got to me was Emily's attitude of self-entitlement. This quote says it all..."All I require is the ability to listen to what I want and how I want it. Is that too much to ask?". Not counting her internship with NPR, I doubt that young woman has worked a minimum wage job in her life, but if she has she certainly hasn't learned squat from it.

Emily mentions Spotify in her blog entry. I found this article on Spotify from last year. Just some food for thought about using Spotify. I don't. Never have.

This just absolutely blew me away..."As I've grown up, I've come to realize the gravity of what file-sharing means to the musicians I love. I can't support them with concert tickets and t-shirts alone. But I honestly don't think my peers and I will ever pay for albums. I do think we will pay for convenience". Can we say LAZY? That just reeks of pathetic. I pity Emily and her being willfully ignorant. If Emily really did "love" the artists that she listened via downloads she would at least download legally whether through, cdbaby, bandcamp, and/or itunes. Downloads aren't expensive.

I really love Dave Lowery's response to Emily White's blog entry. He really goes into depth and dissects a lot of her statements in the most articulate and professional manner one could ever hope.

For me, I love music. I have friends in the Twin Cities who are musicians, djs, promoters, podcasters, and bloggers. I have absorbed a lot of information from them about the local music scene here in Minnesota. After learning enough information about the small yet tight goth/industrial scene here in the Twin Cities, I knew the best way to show my support is to go to as many shows as I can and to buy their music. The same can be applied to those artists who makes an effort to perform in Minneapolis.

This past weekend I made an unplanned trip to Cheapo Records. What did I find there? A copy of the rare and out of print Burning Empires limited edition cd for $8 (as opposed to $75 on ebay). It was used of course but the fact that I found this gem makes the twenty minute ride to uptown on the 6E all the worth the time and energy. Sure the EP is on iTunes and I could have downloaded it but finding a physical copy of the album was like finding the Holy Grail for me. I also found Grendel's 2004 album Prescription Medicine and Lacuna Coil's Dark Adrenaline. For me, to own a rare, out of print copy of Burning Empires is truly priceless. With digital, I just can't get that same feeling, that and I am not crazy about the sound quality of MP3s but that is my personal take on it.

I suppose if you live in a city or town where record stores are non-existent, it would be a lot easier to download. Of course you could always just order online :\. For me though, I love making trips to the Electric Fetus and Cheapo Records. There is a pure job that I get out of rummaging through the cd racks looking for that diamond in the rough. Sadly people like Emily White are why record stores have become non-existent in recent years. Why go to a record store when one can just download? Laziness is not an attractive trait nor is that self-entitled attitude that Emily had when she wrote that article on NPR's website. One can only hope that someday Emily will find enlightenment and realized what a selfish little girl she was when she wrote that article.

EDIT: Last night I went to see Caustic live at The Saloon. I ended up buying a copy of  I Can't Believe We're Re-Releasing This Crap from Matt Fanale (i.e Caustic). I briefly chatted with him. He was clearly appreciative that I was buying one of his albums. This for me makes it all the more worth buying (and owning) music directly from the artists at shows.  Emily White says she loves the artists that she listens to. Really by participating in the act of pirating other people's work through file sharing? In the past year or 2, I have seen the site bandcamp become used by many artists. There is a minium price set by the artist but it is pretty dirt cheap. I have bought a couple of cds via bandcamp from Erica Dunham of Unter Null/Stray. Being a huge fan of her work, I have thrown in a few extra bucks her way. I didn't have to but I did. Why? Because I wanted to show my support for the work she puts into making music.

Another popular trend I have noticed in the past year is kickstarter campaigns. A lot of bands have been creating campaigns via Kickstarter to help fund their musical projects. Artists like Amanda Palmer and Matt Fanale of Caustic had created campaigns that proved to be immensely popular with their loyal fans. Not only do fans are rewarded for supporting the likes of Caustic, Amanda Palmer, Ego Likeness, etc...ect... with an array of cool swag but the money they donate goes directly to the artist to help fund the project. I like this approach. Not only does this mean that the artist has control of his or her work as opposed to a record label but you know that where the money is going to. Memo to major record labels: your days are numbered.

 Music is not a commodity nor should it be. It is the results of the time and energy that artists invest in to give music fans like myself music. I don't know which I loathe more...the [major] record labels that enslaves artists or music listeners who treats music like a commodity and thinks more about themselves than their so-called "favorite" artists.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Albums I have bought in 2012 [so far]

With the year half way over, I thought I would post an update of albums I have bought so far. I have sold a few since my last post on this topic.

A.Wolf and Her Claws - self-titled
Alien Skin - Ghost in the rain
Alpha Point - High Like the Angels
Assemblage 23 - Bruise

Belly - Star
Belly - King
Brute Heart - Lonely Hunter
Buddha Bar VII

Celtic Woman - Believe
Chrom - Synthetic Movement
Cecile Corbel - The Secret World of Arrietty
Claps - Wreck
Curve - The Way of Curve
Cwn Annwn - The Alpha and Omega

Decoded Feedback - DisKonnekt
Die Braut - Psychotherapy

Eurythmics - Ultimate Eurythmics
Everything But the Girl - Walking Wounded

Florence and The  Machine - Ceremonial

Garbage - self-titled
Garbage - Not Your Kind of People
Goldfrapp - The Singles
Grendel - Prescription Medicine
Grendel - Harsh Generation
Grendel - Timewave Zero

Helalyn Flowers - Stitches of Eden
Hungry Lucy - Glo

Invisible Limits - A Conscious State
I:Scintilla - Dying and Falling
Is/Is - This Happening
Is/Is - III

Lacuna Coil - Dark Adrenaline
Lisa Gerrard/Patrick Cassidy - Immortal Memory

Madonna - Ray of Light
Mankind is Obsolete - Trapped Inside
Mari Chrome - Georgy #11811
Metric - Synthetica
Moby - Destroyed

9th Evolution - Retro Americana
Nightwish - Imaginaerum [this version includes a bonus disc of instrumental versions]

Omega Lithium - Kinetik

Polica - Give You the Ghost
Preemptive Strike 0.1 - T.A.L.O.S

Rammstein - Made in Germany

Sapphire Solace - Shadow Stories
Sero Overdose - Heading for Tomorrow
Siouxsie and The Banshees
SITD - Icon Koru
Solar Fake - Frontiers
Stray - Letting Go [2 copies - the second I was an autographed copy which I just couldn't resist to get for myself]
System Syn - All Seasons Pass

The Frozen Autumn - Fragments of Memories
The Frozen Autumn - Chirality
The Jesus and Mary Chain - 21 Singles
This Mortal Coil - Filigree and Shadow
Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross -The Girl w/The Dragon Tattoo

Unter Null - Moving On [yeah, I already had a copy but this time I got an autographed copy]

VNV Nation - Burning Empires Limited Edition
Voltaire - Hate Lives in a Small Town

Friday, June 15, 2012

Ayria - Hunger

Well it is finally out today...the new Ayria song "Hunger". I just finished listening to the song in its entirety. I think it is fantastic. Pure classic Ayria in my honest opinion. The song is bouncy and catchy. I am excited to hear her new album whenever it comes out.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Albums I am currently listening to

Preemptive Strike 0.1 - T.A.L.O.S

Excellent aggrotech album from the Greek band Preemptive Strike 0.1. If you are into the sounds of Suicide Commando, I think you'll dig Preemptive Strike. Good stuff.

Light Asylum: Light Asylum

Light Asylum is probably one of the most original bands I have heard in the last few years. Their sound is nothing like I have ever heard. Their self-titled album took awhile to grow on me but now I love it. I think they are definitely a band worth checking out.

Siouxsie and the Banshees: The Best of Siouxsie and the Banshees

One can never listen to Siouxsie and The Banshees enough times. I know I can't ;).

Howard Jones: The Best of Howard Jones

I have been getting really pumped over the upcoming Howard Jones show this month so I got his best of cd from the library. I almost forgot how much I love his song "Life in One Day".

What a great pop song.

Metric: Synthetica

Yesterday I bought the new Metric album. I absolutely love it. My personal favorite song off the album is "Breathing Underwater".

Florence and The Machine: Unplugged

I picked this album up from the library. It's pretty good. I would much rather have new music though ;). This clip is totally different but it is unplugged and sounds similar to the one on the live acoustic album.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ayria - Hunger promo clip

This Friday Ayria will make her first single "Hunger" off her new album Plastic Makes Perfect.

I am so excited. It has been awhile since Ayria released new music. Judging by what I have heard on her website, it is going to be awesome.

Monday, June 11, 2012

5 things I am currently excited about [June edition]

01. Metric: Synthetica

I really excited not only for the new Metric album but also for their upcoming show in September at the State Theater. I have heard a few tracks off their new album Synthetica and I LOVE what I have heard.

02. Caustic LIVE at Hard Mondays - what an awesome way to start off Pride week next week. Free show too :).

03. The new Assemblage 23 album Bruise

Totally loving the new A23 album.

04. The Rope/Claps/Blood and Sun/The Night - I have been dying to see The Rope live again. First and last time I saw them was in early 2011 at Ground Zero. It will be good to see them live again as well as The Night. Can't wait to see Claps and Blood and Sun too.

05. Howard Jones, Human's Lib and Dream Into Action - I picked up Howard Jones' greatest hits cd today from the library. I listened to it right after work. I am now really excited for the upcoming show.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Albums I am currently listening to

Earlier this week, my order from Alfa Matrix arrived in the mail. I had ordered cds by Sero.Overdose, Helalyn Flowers, and Hungry Lucy.

Sero.Overdose: Heading For Tomorrow:

Rarely am I unimpressed with a synthpop album that I buy but here is one of those rare more moments. I was so disappointed in Heading For Tomorrow. The melodies and vocals just didn't do anything for me. The only song I liked on it was "Tears in Rain".

Thankfully the other two cds I bought from Alfa Matrix records weren't a total waste of money.
Hungry Lucy: Glo

After hearing their most recent album Pulse of the Earth and becoming hooked on it, I knew I had to get another HL album. I opted for Glo on whim. I was not disappointed. The music is a little more upbeat than what I am used to hearing from Hungry Lucy but I say that as a good thing. "Her Song" is one of my personal favorite tracks off the album.

I think this song is so beautiful.

Helalyn Flowers: Stitches Of Eden

I have been a Helalyn Flowers fan for some time now. I finally got around to adding one of their albums to my cd collection. I immediately was hooked on the duo's brand of industrial/rock.

After I got home today from seeing Prometheus (which I absolutely loved), my latest order from Metropolis Records arrived in the mail.

Assemblage 23: Bruise

After listening to most of the tracks on youtube last night, I finally heard the actual album through my portable stereo. There is no comparison in the sound quality between youtube clips and the cd. Tom Shears once again put out a terrific album.

Decoded Feedback: Diskonnekt

Love,love, love the new Decoded Feedback album.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Assemblage 23 - Bruise

Today after work, I found out that a few clips of the new Assemblage 23 album Bruise was uploaded on to youtube. I have been listening to the clips and I really like what I have heard. I can hardly wait to receive my copy of Bruise from Metropolis Records which was shipped out today (along with my copy of the new Decoded Feedback album). I thought I would post the clips here on my blog to share. Enjoy! Oh and buy the album! :)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My earliest musical memories

This morning before work I was goofing around on FB. I came across a photo of an old Fisher Price record player similar to this record player.

This totally brought back fond memories of my youth. While it was a toy, the record player would definitely influence me and who I am as a music fan. The picture of my past youth is what inspired tonight's blog entry.

My parents used to have stereo system which included a record player and a built in eight track player. I had two eight track tapes that I absolutely adored: Sesame Street and Frosty the Snowman.

I really loved the Sesame Street eight track. I think I played that thing to death. LOL! Hey! I was just a kid. The only I loved more than those two eight track tapes was Michael Jackson's Thriller.

That album was the shiznit. It made up for the stupid Captain and Tennille album my clueless aunt and uncle gave to me for one birthday. I was like 8 or 9 years old and so not amused. I think my parents had an inkling that Captain and Tennille was not my cup of tea. I think they were the ones who gave me Thriller. I think. Too bad I don't have my copy of Thriller on vinyl any more. I bet it is worth something.
Around 7 or 8, I graduated to a Panasonic cassette player, and this is the particular model that I had as a child.

I loved that thing. I listened to Culture Club's Colour By Numbers on it incessantly, especially "Karma Chameleon".

I was all about Culture Club when I was eight years old. I also listened a lot to Cyndi Lauper too.

For me, Cyndi resonated with me more so than Madonna in the '80s. I loved Cyndi's quirkyness.

Eventually I graduated from that dinky little cassette player to a full-fledged boombox.

This was still in the '80s and I was still listening to a lot of new wave music. At that time I also started making mix tapes by taping songs off the radio. Boy! That was a tedious task of waiting to find the song I want to record.

I kinda miss those days. Yeah it was tedious and frustrating but I look back at those days of making mixed tapes very fondly.

As the years went on, my taste in music as well as boomboxes changed. Looking back, it seems so surreal that I went from playing with that toy record player from Fisher Price to listening to music on my ipod. I feel so old :P.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Howard Jones at The Varsity Theatre on 6/26

This is just quick reminder ;)

Howard Jones tickets
Howard Jones FB event

EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT! After much persuasion, Howard Jones has agreed to play his first two US platinum albums 'Human's Lib' and 'Dream into Action' in their entirety. This means that he will now be on stage at 8.00pm with 'Human's Lib' and... then following an intermission will perform 'Dream Into Action' so please arrive early. Jones will not be performing these albums again in the US after 2012 so this will be a once in a lifetime opportunity.