Friday, June 8, 2012

Albums I am currently listening to

Earlier this week, my order from Alfa Matrix arrived in the mail. I had ordered cds by Sero.Overdose, Helalyn Flowers, and Hungry Lucy.

Sero.Overdose: Heading For Tomorrow:

Rarely am I unimpressed with a synthpop album that I buy but here is one of those rare more moments. I was so disappointed in Heading For Tomorrow. The melodies and vocals just didn't do anything for me. The only song I liked on it was "Tears in Rain".

Thankfully the other two cds I bought from Alfa Matrix records weren't a total waste of money.
Hungry Lucy: Glo

After hearing their most recent album Pulse of the Earth and becoming hooked on it, I knew I had to get another HL album. I opted for Glo on whim. I was not disappointed. The music is a little more upbeat than what I am used to hearing from Hungry Lucy but I say that as a good thing. "Her Song" is one of my personal favorite tracks off the album.

I think this song is so beautiful.

Helalyn Flowers: Stitches Of Eden

I have been a Helalyn Flowers fan for some time now. I finally got around to adding one of their albums to my cd collection. I immediately was hooked on the duo's brand of industrial/rock.

After I got home today from seeing Prometheus (which I absolutely loved), my latest order from Metropolis Records arrived in the mail.

Assemblage 23: Bruise

After listening to most of the tracks on youtube last night, I finally heard the actual album through my portable stereo. There is no comparison in the sound quality between youtube clips and the cd. Tom Shears once again put out a terrific album.

Decoded Feedback: Diskonnekt

Love,love, love the new Decoded Feedback album.

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