Thursday, June 28, 2012

Upcoming releases

I thought tonight I would do a brief update on some upcoming releases. There isn't much that I haven't already posted back in May. What is new is listed for the month of September :).
Modulate - Robots (July 10)
Amphi Festival Compilation (July 20)
Suicide Commando - The Suicide Sessions vol.3 (July 24)
16 Volt - SuperCoolNothing (July 24)

Twitch the Ripper - Colorblind (August 14)
iVardensphere - Bloodwater (August 14) [Obviously a re-release. I bought a copy at the 2010 Combichrist show at The Cabooze.]
System Syn - Premeditated [remastered] (August 28)
Lords of Acid - Vampire Girl [single] (August 28)

Velvet Acid Christ - Maldire (September 11)
Skinny Puppy - Bootlegged, Broke, and In Solvent Seas [limited edition double LP] (September 11)
DE/VISION - Rockets & Swords (September 11)
Dismantled - Whole Wide World EP (September 11)
X-Marks the Pedwalk - The Sun, The Cold, and My Underwater Fear (September 25)
Ludovico Technique - Some Things Are Beyond Therapy (September 25)

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