Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Howard Jones at The Varsity 06.26.12

Howard Jones at The Varsity

Another concert courtesy of Kilted Farmer Koncerts has come and gone. It was a real treat to see eighties icon Howard Jones perform live in Minneapolis. His first live performance in the Twin Cities in years was particularly special because he performed Human's Lib and Dream Into Action in their entirety for the show. Some might have totally written off Howard Jones as a has-been but judging by the 400+ audience that attended the show, Howard Jones was anything but a has-been relic. Jake Rudh from Transmission at Clubhouse Jager and 89.3 The Current opened the show with his ever so excellent taste in music. Last night really felt like Transmission but with a lot of Howard Jones in between songs ;).

I'll be frank, I really didn't have much expectations but then again I had never seen Howard live. Much to my surprise, Howard turned out to be a lively and energetic performer. He actively sought out the audience's participation. I really loved the moment when the audience members sang along to Howard's hit song "No One is to Blame". I also enjoyed listening to Howard's little antecdotes, especially his loving tribute to his mother Thelma who has alzheimer's disease.

A lot of the songs were new to me but I did recognize a few like "No One is to Blame", "Life On One Day", and "What is Love". Yes there was no "Everlasting Love" but I really didn't think much about that song through out the whole night. I enjoyed hearing both albums but I really like Dream Into Action a bit more than Human's Lib IMHO.

As you can see I got some interesting shots from the upper level last night. While at the venue, I bought a copy of Very Best of Howard Jones (which was signed). I have been really enjoying the cd at work as well as at home. All in all last night was a very good night. Howard still sounds amazing as he did in the '80s. I would totally go see HoJo again if given the opportunity. He is truly a consumate musican.

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