Monday, July 31, 2017

Playlist of the week

I am back! I had to take a few days away from my blog because of the recent passing of my father last week. Considering the fact that I had just seen him two nights prior to his death, his passing knocked the wind out of me and I needed a bit of time to gather my thoughts. Music has been my savior in my darkest hours. Lately VNV Nation has really been helping me a lot for the past few days. I have added a few more songs to my VNV Nation playlist. Unfortunately because the memorial service is taking place next week, I won't be attending the VNV Nation show which is a bummer but my heart isn't into concerts or being around large groups of people at the moment.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Top 10 favorite electropop songs

Over the weekend, I had created a playlist of my favorite electropop songs. I have been listening to a lot of it this week at work. I thought I would pick out of ten tracks from it that stands out with me the most.

10. Gossip: Heavy Cross

I have to admit I became a fan of this song after it was used in a Christian Dior commercial with Charlize Theron in it. I had never heard a song like "Heavy Cross". It sounded so different. I just love the funky beats to this song.

09. Tiny Deaths: Ocean

Tiny Deaths is one of my favorite local acts in the Twin Cities. The song is off Tiny Deaths' self-titled EP, released in 2014. Former Lookbook member Grant Cutler is provides the music and you can hear his former band in Tiny Deaths' music. "Ocean" is the first song I had heard by Tiny Deaths and I was hooked.

08. Aby Wolf: Intentions

"Intentions" is the song that got my undivided attention while record shopping at the Electric Fetus. This song was playing in the shop. I loved it so much I asked one of the employees who was this artist and he took me over to where her album was located in the CD section. Of course I bought myself a copy. Grant Cutler's work can be heard on the Wolf Lords album. He does a great job at with production on this album and his work with Tiny Deaths.

07. Ladytron: Destroy Everything You Touch

This is hands down my favorite Ladytron song ever as is the Witching Hour is my favorite album by the band.

06. Ladyhawke: Magic

I forgot how I came across this song. It was a couple of years ago. I wouldn't be surprised if it was on tv show. Or maybe it just by accident on youtube. Despite my shitty memory, I adore this song. It got me to take another look at Ladyhawke's music again. The first time I heard it I wasn't all that impressed, but the second time I heard her first album I started getting into it.

I almost forgot about this song until I came across Zhala's album on Spotify. I adore this song. Can't really really put into words that could describe this song. I will just let the song speak for itself.

04. Marsheaux: Summer

This is the only song that isn't on my electropop playlist but I do have a Marsheaux track on it. This is my personal favorite Marsheaux song of all time. I found the Greek electropop/synthpop band via Facebook several years ago. The more I listened to their music online, the more I grew to love their music. "Summer" was the very first song I heard by the band. The perfect song to listen to during the summer.

03. Tegan and Sara: Boyfriend

One of my favorite songs off the duo's most recent release Love You to Death. Before the sisters went the electropop route, I really wasn't a fan of Tegan and Sara but when Heartthrob was released I immediately became a fan after hearing some of the songs on youtube.

02. Chvrches: The Mother We Share

This is my personal favorite Chvrches.

01. Robyn: Indestructible

There are so many great songs on Robyn's last album Body Talk (2010) but ultimately I chose "Indestructible" to be on my playlist. I love how bouncy and catchy the song is, that and the lyrics aren't so depressing like "Call Your Girlfriend" ( very favorite song by Robyn). 

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Earworm of the week

For this week's Earworm of the Week, I had to pick a song off the new Felix Marc album Alternative Facts, my current favorite album. It was a tough call between "Hysteria" and "Iceland" because I love both those songs equally. I ended up flipping a quarter and ended up going with "Iceland". If you haven't heard Alternative Facts, please check it out. I also posted the bandcamp link to the album. If anyone likes the futurepop sounds of  Frozen Plasma and NamNamBulu, I certainly think Felix Marc's new solo album is worth checking out. "Iceland" is one of my personal favorite songs off Alternative Facts. I will let the song speak for itself.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Playlist of the Week

Over the weekend, I had a conversation with one of my FB friends on the subject of electropop. She had developed a keen interest in the genre and wanted some musical suggestions. As a result of that conversation, I created this playlist of my favorite electropop tracks. Some are old and some are relatively new. I forgot to listen to it at work today but I did finally listen to it after work today. I liked what I heard but I threw in a few more songs I almost forgot like Uh Huh Her and Aby Wolf. 97% of the playlist consists of older material but I have included more recent music by the likes of Austra, Shura, Tegan and Sara, Purity Ring, Krewella, and Phantogram. If you haven't heard the new Purity Ring track "Asido", I certainly recommend checking it out. I also recommend checking out the new Krewella track "Be There". While I do love me some goth, industrial, and synthpop, I do enjoy listening to music that is more pop orientated with an electro edge.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Albums and playlists I am currently listening to

Yesterday I made a trip to the Electric Fetus for a little retail therapy. I have very successful trip to the record store. It was a soundtrack sort of day for me. I bought the soundtracks to Wonder Woman, Trainspotting (1996 film), and Crouching Tiger,  Hidden Dragon. Years ago I used to have the Trainspotting soundtrack but sold it for cash. I have been missing it for awhile and Spotify doesn't have the actual soundtrack on its website and for $2.99, I couldn't resist and grabbed it from the used cd bins. I also have been missing the Tan Dun's film score to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Movie was only okay but I absolutely love the music.

After falling in love with the Felix Marc new album Alternative Facts, I started listening to his other solo albums Pathways and Parallel Worlds this past week. They are pretty good but right now Alternative Facts is my favorite of the three albums. Nevertheless Felix's other two albums have some great synthpop songs such as the beautiful ballad "Sweet Dancer" off Pathways and "Parallel Worlds" from the album it shares its same namesake.

I am really digging the new Nordika album Ecstasy. Nordika reminds me so much of the synthpop band Carved Souls. My only gripe is that the music tends to sound the same. At least with Felix Marc's new album he tries to change up the sound. Also enjoying the soundtrack to War of the Planet of the Apes.



Saturday, July 22, 2017

My current favorite songs of the week

I am a day late on my playlist. Last night I had a horrible encounter on the bus going home from a trip to the MIA and then picking up some dinner from StormKing Barbecue. I just wasn't in the best frame of mind to blog.

For this week's playlist, I have a lot of synthpop going on. Got everything from De/Vision to Syrian. Right now I am currently obsessed with the new Felix Marc album Alternative Facts. That album is so good. It was hard picking which song to put on this week's playlist but ultimately I chose "Iceland" which I have been listening a lot to all week long. Got some oldies but goodies by the likes of Conjure One, The Frozen Autumn, Syrian, and Hocico.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Current favorite artists/bands

Here are this month's crop of my current favorite artists/bands. I don't think I need to explain Felix Marc or Mono Inc. since I have pretty much talked about them on previous blog posts. If you haven't heard their music especially their latest album, they are definitely worth checking out.

Thanks to a friend of mine on FB, I discovered the joyous sounds of Golden Gardens, this terrific dreampop/shoegaze/goth band from the Seattle, WA. I put together a playlist of their music and have been listening to it for most of this week.

I finally got around this week to check out the new Nordika album. I was certainly not disappointed. It is a really good synthpop album.

Earlier this week I came across Echo Image on youtube. I don't know why I never heard of them but I really like what I have heard. Makes me think of the days of when A Different Drum Records was still around putting really great synthpop albums. Miss that label.

Felix Marc

Mono Inc.

Echo Image


Golden Gardens

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Earworm of the week

This week I have been all about the new Felix Marc album Alternative Facts. It is such a well crafted synthpop album. I have been listening to the album twice a day at work. That is how good I think it is. There was no doubt I was going to pick a song off the new album for this week's Earworm of the Week. It was a tough call between "Hysteria" and "Icleand" (my two personal favorite tracks off the album) but ultimately I ended up choosing "Iceland". I have been listening to this song constant through out my work day today.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Album of the Week

I think this should come as to no surprise that I chose the new Felix Marc album Alternative Facts for my Album of the Week. I am more familiar with Felix's work with Frozen Plasma than Diorama (who I should really check out). I have been listening to his new solo album every day since last Friday. The album has been really addictive to me just as much as Borders by NamNamBulu.  The album has such great hooks and beats. The production value is excellent. I have to admit "Still Turn Me On" and "Fine Line" are the only two songs that took a little longer to grow on me. Considering the previous songs that came before them (which I absolutely adore), I suppose there was a need to turn things down a notch or two and change things up on the vocals. "Fine Line" itself as a song is good but I am rather meh on Boris May's contributions to the song. Personally I am not a fan of the rap/shouting style. I found his vocals distracting but I didn't think his vocals were terrible. Those two songs were the only two that I had any issues with but overall Alternative Facts is solid synthpop album. I have also started listening to Felix's other solo albums which I am liking so far. I definitely plan on checking out Diorama's albums this week at while at work.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Playlist of the week

A couple of days ago via Facebook, I discovered a band from Seattle, WA called Golden Gardens. If you like the Cranes and Cocteau Twins, I think Golden Gardens would be right up your alley.  I have put together a playlist of their albums (sans their remix album). I am really liking their sound a lot. Please do check them out.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Albums and playlist I am currently listening to

I think this week's worth of music I have been listening to is interesting between some Bonnie Tyler and a lot of synthpop. Been listening to some old faves by the likes of Autumn, KMFDM, and The Azoic. One can never go wrong with The Hating  Tree, Nihil, and Forward.

I recently found out about the new Felix Marc (of Frozen Plasma fame) album Alternative Facts just a couple of days ago. It is so good. I didn't realize Felix was a solo artist until now. Today I have been listening to his other two solo albums. I really like what I am hearing from Felix as a solo artist. I certainly recommend listening to Felix's solo albums. If you like Frozen Plasma, you really can not go wrong with his solo albums. Personally his latest album I would checkout first but that is just my opinion.

Next to Alternative Facts, I have been listening a lot to Together Till the End by the German goth band Mono Inc.. I found Mono Inc. on youtube when I saw their video for "Boatman" featuring Ronan Harris of VNV Nation. The music is definitely not what I normally listen to or have heard before but I love this album. I hope to get around to listening to their other albums sometime this weekend.

Another good synthpop album I am going to recommend is the new Nordika album Ecstasy. I have only listened to it a couple of times but it is wonderful. I personally think it is better than their first album (which I enjoy listening to).

I know it is totally un-goth of me but I can't help but like Bonnie Tyler. I love her voice and her music especially her greatest hits that I grew up on as a child.

This past week I have been editing all four of my Random Mixes. That has been my little pet project for me. I need to keep the music fresh on my Random Mixes so I don't get bored at work.



Friday, July 14, 2017

My current favorite songs of the week

Happy Friday to all! It is a three day weekend for me, took Monday off so I am in a great mood that I don't have to see my coworkers until Tuesday. Also I heard some new songs today which I have put on this week's playlist. Unfortunately I haven't gotten around to listening to the new songs by LIGHTS and Nine Inch Nails. They will most likely end up on next week's playlist.

If anyone who reads this blog on a regular basis knows I can't have a playlist without a song from my favorite (Minnesota) band Autumn. If you hadn't heard of their first album (which is my personal favorite) The Hating Tree, you should listen to it now (you can also listen to it on youtube, just type in Autumn The Hating Tree). I can always count on that album to brighten up my day at work. Easily one of my favorite albums of all time (mmmm...sounds like I need to put together a new list). Not one bad song on that album.

Threw in a few old favorites from the '90s (besides "A Waiting Time") like "Santiago" Loreena McKennitt, "Good Mother" by Jann Arden",  and "Sleeping With an Angel" by Real McCoy. Yes I threw a cheesy pop song but I love it. I have always loved that ballad by Real McCoy. I'm also particularly loving the Jann Arden song. "Good Mother" has always been a favorite song of mine by the Canadian singer/songwriter.

I have fallen back in love with the song "Lately" by Dave Gahan and Soulsavers. It is a gorgeous ballad. I think their collaboration on Angels and Ghostswas great. I don't know why so many people bagged on it. Oh well. Different strokes for different folks.

Right I am so into the new Felix Marc album Alternative Facts. It is such a great album. All of the songs have really solid, memorable pop hooks. I had a difficult time picking which song to feature on this week's playlist but I ended up with "Iceland". Any of the songs could have been on this week's playlist.

The new songs by Garbage, Aesthetic Perfection, and Arch Enemy are great. I will confess the Arch Enemy track took a little longer for it to grow on me. The new Garbage song "No Horses" on the other hand is vintage Garbage between their first two albums. I absolutely love the song. I can say the very same thing about the new Aesthetic Perfection track "Rhythm + Control". I have listened to the track a few times today. It is a super catchy song. Love all the guest appearances by Nyxx, William Control, and Jinxx.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

2017 releases that should be heard

I think 2017 has been a very good year for new music but there are a few releases I think should be heard ASAP. There are a lot more releases I have heard this year but these are the ones that really sticks out with me and should be heard. I say this since I have listen to most of these albums day in and day out at work and at home.

Last night I found out that Felix Marc of Frozen Plasma has a new solo album out called Alternative Facts. I must say this album is right up there with the latest NamNamBulu album Borders which I am constantly listening to through out the work week. I think for fans of EBM/Futurepop, you really can't go wrong with these albums. Both albums are well produced. The lyrics are well written. The melodies are out of this world and super catchy as hell.

While I am more of synthpop and industrial fan, I must say the new album by the darkwave/goth band The Eden House Songs of the Broken One is absolutely amazing. I love the numerous guest musicians and singers that contributed to the album. All the singers did an equally wonderful job on their tracks.

I wish that I was discovered the German goth band Mono Inc. sooner. I have been enjoying the hell out of their new album Together Till the End this week at work.

My new favorite discovery this year is Tashaki Miyaki. Not big on the fact that the band is using a Japanese name when the musicians themselves are anything but Asian, I hate saying this on my music blog but cultural appropriation really isn't cool, especially with this Asian-American. That said the band's first full length album on Metropolis Records is excellent. The band refers to their sound as noir pop and probably to avoid the shoegaze label but I am going with what I know so readers can get a better idea of their sound. Tashaki Miyaki reminds me of Lush, My Bloody Valentine, The Sundays, The Jesus and Mary Chain, and the Cocteau Twins combined. It is a really great pop album.

I have really been enjoying the hell out of the new PIG EP Prey and Obey. The vibe reminds me of KMFDM's earlier years. While I do like the new KMFDM EP Yeah! I have to say their current sound pales in comparison to what PIG puts out in their music.  Rarely do I enjoy the remixes as much as I do with the originals but I do on Prey and Obey.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Earworm of the Week

While I wait for new music by Kitten, an excellent electropop band from Los Angeles, CA, I have been listening to their most excellent EP Heaven or Somewhere In Between from 2016. It was one of my favorite releases from 2016. All the songs on the EP are fantastic. The melodies on every song is memorable and will easily get lodged in your head for a long time. And the production value on the EP is terrific. It is some of the best production I have ever heard. My personal favorite song off the EP is "Church". I will let the song speak for itself and why it is my Earworm of the Week pick.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Album of the Week

For the past couple of days, I have been listening a lot to the new album byGerman gothic rock band Mono Inc. called Together Till the End. I am absolutely new to the sounds of Mono Inc. . Over the weekend I finally listened to their song "Boatman" with Ronan Harris from VNV Nation and I was hooked right away. I don't know why I haven't been aware of this band but I am glad I found them now. Together Till the End is a great introduction to the band for me and I definitely will check out their other albums. I love music with melodies that sticks in my head and sing along anthems. I truly find it impossible to pick a favorite song on the entire album. Every song is great in their own right with their addictive melodies. The use of the harpsichord and accordion on the album really gave the album a lot more character. The same can be said for the backing female vocals. I will say that if there were any particular tracks to check out I will say "Boatman","Rome Wasn't Built in a Day", "This is My Life" and "Children of the Dark".  I will be honest though I do not know if there was a need to include all of those remixes. I would have personally kept "Forever and A Day"(Infinity Rmx by Solitary Experiments) and "This is My Life"(Kondensat remix by Blitzmaschine), the only two remixes that I enjoyed listening to. Really loved the live and unplugged "Potter's Field" and "Across the Waves" (performed by Palast). I may be late to the party when it comes to Mono Inc.'s music but I am glad I have joined the party. I definitely will either order a copy of the album via Amazon or buy a digital copy via google play so I can listen to it on my phone when running errands.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Playlist of the Week

Since the upcoming VNV Nation (and iVardensphere) show at 7th St Entry is less than a month away, I decided to update my VNV Nation playlist. I have added a few more songs from their classical album Resonance as well as their other albums. I believe this is my fifth time seeing VNV Nation live (definitely my third time seeing iVardensphere live).  I have never been disappointed in their live shows. I am particularly fond of their albums Empire and Automatic. It really should be interesting to see the band perform in a smaller setting for this tour.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Weekly Office Playlist

The weekend goes by way too quickly. Despite having Friday off, this weekend went by very quickly for me. I finally got my CD copy of The Eden House's Songs for the Broken Ones. I like being able to listen to the album on my stereo. Since I have been streaming my music, I have been a lot more pickier about buying CDs. I have been updating some of my playlists like my first Random Mix playlist. Not long ago I did update my futurepop playlist. I also have added a few more tracks to my VNV Nation playlist. I am getting super excited for their show next month at 7th St Entry so I wanted to extend the playlist for me to listen to at work..

Autumn: The Hating Tree

Autumn: Return to the Breath

The Azoic: Forward

Battle Beast: Bringer of Pain

The Birthday Massacre: Under Your Spell

Bonnie Tyler: From the Heart - Greatest Hits

Cellmod: Graveyard of Empires

Cesium 137: Science and Sound

CHROM: Peak and Decay

Concrete Blonde: Recollection - The Best of

Drain STH: Freaks of Nature

The Eden House: Songs for the Broken Ones

Erasure: Loveboat

The Frozen Autumn: Pale Awakening

Hanzel und Gretyl: Scheissmessiah

Helalyn Flowers: Sonic Foundation

Hexheart: Midnight On a Moonless Night

Jed Kurzel: Alien Covenant soundtrack


Lords of Acid: Lust

Luna Mortis: The Absence

Metric: Fantasies

Nordika: Ecstasy

PIG: The Gospel

Shiny Toy Guns: Girls Le Disko

Steve Jablonsky: Transformers - The Last Knight

The Tear Garden: Eye Spy, Vol.2

A Tribe Called Red: A Tribe Called Red

Zeraphine: Years in Black (Best of)

Futurepop Playlist

Empires: My Favorite VNV Nation Songs

The Eden House

Gothic rock/darkwave Playlist

Random Mix

Random Mix II

My Favorite Songs of 2017

Friday, July 7, 2017

My current favorite songs of the week

It is Friday night. Time to share with my readers my favorite songs of the week. I got a few local Minnesota bands on the playlist (Graveyard Club, Autumn and The Rope), some new songs (The Eden Tree, PIG, Battle Beast) but for the most part some older tracks. I have been really obsessed with PIG and The Eden House for the past few weeks. Prey and Obey and Songs of the Broken Ones have been receiving lots of play at home as well as at the office.

If you haven't heard of the Russian synthpop band Pegasus Asteroid, you should now. I have included my favorite track by the band "The Fog" on this playlist. It was one of my favorite songs in 2015. The I love the smooth vocals of Anastasia Sokolova and the chill vibe of the music. Just a fantastic song by a band that should be heard by more people into synthpop.

Speaking of synthpop I have been listening a lot to Colony 5. I miss this band. They put out some really good, quality synthpop music.

One of my new favorite songs is by the power metal band Battle Beast.  I recently got their latest album from the library. Their song "Beyond the Burning Skies" has been stuck in my head. It is a beautiful yet aggressive song.

Dark Insights has been getting lots of play from me this past week. I haven't listened to their album Tranformation in awhile. When I was going through my albums on Spotify, I came across Transformation and started listening to it. I definitely can recommend checking out this album for fans of Pride and Fall, VNV Nation, Rotersand, and other futurepop/EBM bands.

I have to admit I am not a big fan of Lorde or her new album however I do like the song "Sober" off her new album Melodrama. It is a catchy pop song.

Fantasies by Metric remains to this very day my favorite album by the band. It was the album that made me a fan. I absolutely love the song "Blindness". It is such a catchy song. I also love the lyrics too.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Earworm of the Week

Ever since the PIG show on Saturday night, I had been listening to my favorite KMFDM album NIHIL on a daily basis. "Juke Joint Jezebel" was the very first KMFDM song I ever heard. It was in the early '90s, and I was living in Milwaukee. I believe I heard the song at my friends' Jason and Dave's house. I was hooked. As influential as Ministry was for me in my introduction to industrial music, KMFDM was the turning point that lead me to get into the genre more seriously. "Juke Joint Jezebel" remains my favorite KMFDM song to this very day (next to "Brute" and "Anarchy").

Here is the concert footage of PIG performing my favorite KMFDM song I recorded. I was sweating bullets because I was afraid the batteries in my camera would die on me. Fortunately it did not. LOL!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Album of the Week

I thought about posting the new PIG EP as my pick for last week's Album of the Week but ultimately I went with a different album. After seeing PIG on Saturday night, I certainly knew I would have to mention it on my blog. Prior to the concert, I already have been listening to Prey and Obey a lot. This is the sort of industrial music I fell in love with back in the '90s and in my personal opinion music that KMFDM should still be making (but aren't,just my $0.02). The music is very aggressive yet melodic especially the title track. The remixes are excellent.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Playlist of the week

I confess...I just put together this week's playlist just now but I had been thinking about creating this particular playlist for the past few days. It is a collection of my favorite cover songs. Enjoy! I know I am enjoying it as I have it playing on Spotify via my tablet.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

PIG with Julien-K and Ghostfeeder at Amsterdam Bar and Hall on 07.01.17

Last night I was at Amsterdam Bar and Hall for another Kilted Farmers Koncert. PIG with Julien-K and Ghostfeeder were on tour together for the Prey and Obey tour. Prey and Obey is the title of the latest PIG EP. I can honestly say it is one of my top 10 favorite releases of 2017. It is so fucking good.

Ghostfeeder started the evening off with their brand of electro/synthrock. I have been listening to their most recent album World Fameless this past week. It is excellent. Ghostfeeder is from Tampa, Florida whose influences include IAMX, Sneaker Pimps, The Birthday Massacre, and Mindless Self Indulgence to just name a few. Some of their musical influences can be heard in their music. I tried to record some video footage from their set but my batteries died towards the end, and my other videos I recorded last night took longer to upload so I decided to scrap it. Instead I have posted their latest album to check out.

Up next was Julien-K,the Long Beach electro-rock band featuring former Orgy members Ryan and Amir. This was the first time I had seen Julien-K live. I really liked what I saw last night. They had a lot of energy and their music to me sounded much better live than recorded. Don't get me wrong, I do like their recorded music but they are one of those bands I think sounds better live. As for new music, they are crowdfunding a new album. Not sure when it comes out. I certainly will most likely check it out. At the end of their set, I snagged a copy of their set list. Here is what the band played:

Death to Analog
Strange Invisible
Systeme de Sexe
Deep Beat Overground
Dark Cadence
Kick the Bass
Futura (DTA Mix)
Mannequin Eyes
Flashpoint Riot
Blue Monday

The band closed out their set with a cover of New Order's "Blue Monday" which I fortunately recorded on my camera and uploaded onto YouTube.

Finally was PIG. Earlier in the evening I was part of the VIP meet and greet event. That was so well worth the $60 I shelled out. I was just besides myself that I finally got to meet Raymond Watts who is responsible for my favorite KMFDM album NIHIL. That was so gnarly. Of course I had to wear my KMFDM t-shirt with the NIHIL album cover on it.

I got a few goodies from the meet and greet which included a tote bag, stickers, lanyard, posterand EP just for those who participated in the meet and greet. I had not done a meet and greet since 2012 for the Icon of Coil show.

As for the show itself, I loved that En Esch and Guenther Schulz were part of PIG's touring band. It was like a quasi-KMFDM reunion but even better. I like that the show started out with the band (sans Raymond) wearing PIG masks. The band even played a couple of songs from Nihil "Brute" and "Juke Joint Jezebel". I got "Juke Joint Jezebel" recorded for my youtube page.

Thank heavens my batteries did NOT die for this footage. I thought it would but fortunately it did not. To finally hear one of my favorite KMFDM songs live and sung by Raymond Watts was definitely a dream come true for me. PIG's set was incredible. Their sound is I wish KMFDM sounded like. There was a good mix of old and new songs which satisfied everyone in the audience. Fun night overall.

As much as I want to go, I probably won't attend the 3Teeth show because I am a bit tight on money and plus, I really want to continue stashing $$$ for my trip to Chicago in March to see Nightwish, and maybe one more tattoo for the season. I  will however be at the VNV Nation in August.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Albums and playlists I am currently listening to

Since I will be at the PIG concert tonight, I figured that now I should post my latest blog when I have the time. I definitely will be posting photos from the concert tonight. I didn't post all the albums I am currently listening to but this is the majority. I am really loving the new PIG EP Prey and Obey as well as the latest Ghostfeeder album. I don't know why but I have been on a weird Bonnie Tyler kick. I can't help myself. Sometimes I am in the mood for the weirdest music outside of what I normally listen to and this week it is Bonnie Tyler. Go figure. That said I have made up for it by binging on a lot of synthpop goodness by The Azoic and Bow Ever Down. I have been particularly enjoying Bow Ever Down's music lately. I hope their hiatus will end soon. Their music is fantastic. Go check out their music (and The Azoic too). I finally listened to the debut album by Hexheartd this week. That is really fucking good!  Still listening to the hell out of Songs of the Broken Ones by The Eden House on Spotify. Still waiting for my CD copy of the wonderful album. This week definitely has been very good for new music despite a somewhat shitty work week for me.